War is hell.

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  1. jean-françois gauthier says:

    happy everything—or nothing if you’re a nihilist or a jehova’s witness! and a happy birthday to jesus.

  2. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Before the season comes to pass
    To every one “Merry Christmas”
    Thanks for the fun of controversy
    And occasional lapse of mercy
    Even the bar maid showed some… class.

  3. spencermills says:

    Funny – the people who go on about peace on earth are usually the first ones to want to blow up other people.

    And a happy birthday to me.

  4. Daz says:

    Thank you Author, and merry Christmas, or whatever you want to call it, to all.

  5. Jesus finds his inner warrior! How sweet.

  6. Gwenny says:

    Happy Winter Solstice . . .the Earth’s tilt, the REAL reason for the season.

  7. James says:

    In a recently discovered gosel, the Letters of the Acolytes, Jesus really means to say, “Peace on Earth for all My believers and Good Will toward all Men who believe in Me.” ;>P

  8. bigjohn756 says:

    Should be: “Peace on Earth to men of Good Will”. Otherwise, you are wasting your blessing on the a-holes who have no intention of doing anything but evil.

  9. Unruly Simian says:

    @ Spencermills – When was the last time your heard of Christian’s blowing up people for religions’ sake? Seems like you got your religions mixed up…..

  10. @Unruly Simian – too right! Christians got most of their wars in *long* before the invention of quality explosives!

  11. Warren says:

    @Unruly Simian:

    I hear about some Xtian whackjob gunning down or blowing up something every six months or so. It’s hardly news any more, but the news still covers it.

  12. Intelligent Designer says:

    @Unruly Simian:

    You want some reminders of Christians blowing up people for religions’ sake? OK, let’s see… post-dating the introduction of gunpowder we have: the French Wars of Religion, the English Gunpowder Plot, the Thirty Years War, the Taiping Rebellion, the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, the disintegration of Yugoslavia, oh, and Christian nut-jobs in the US who bomb medical facilities:

  13. Sach says:

    @Unruly Simian
    Muslims blow up other people as well as themselves. Christians blow up only the other people. Therein lies the difference.

  14. WJH says:

    Kind of shallow to blame Christians for blowing up people for religions’ sake or for past wars. Such behavior seems to involved people way beyond the members of Christianity. In fact, atheists blow people up and have started a few wars over the centuries. So the common denominator for blowing people up seems to be “members of the human race.” Instead of limiting the sarcasm to people who believe in a supreme being, why aren’t we condemning the human race for these faults? Guess it wouldn’t be as edgy or humorous.

  15. Nibien says:

    Thank you, WJH, for pointing out you don’t understand basic logic.

    X causes Y.

    You proclaim that Y happens even without X. Okay, that’s great, that’s not a refutation of X causing Y.

    Rain causes the ground to get wet.

    My sprinklers cause the ground to get wet.

    Therefore rain doesn’t get the ground wet.

    See how utterly incoherent you are?

  16. ShaunOTD says:

    “In fact, atheists [..] have started a few wars over the centuries”

    Name one.

  17. Alverant says:

    @Unruly Simian
    A few years ago on 9/11 a christian tried to car bomb a women’s clinic in my home town because he THOUGHT it was performing abortions (they weren’t). It hardly got any news coverage because it was a conservative christian doing it and the nation was still in muslim-hysteria and no one wanted to admit christians were just as capable of terrorism. Only the local paper covered it and the guy had support from other conservative christians. It was disgusting.

  18. jerry w says:

    Is it time to bring back that ’60s era bumper sticker, “Kill a commie for christ”?

  19. Necessary Evil says:

    Happy Newton Mass everyone, celebrating the birthday of Isaac Newton on 25 December 1642, for a man who many people would agree to be one of the most influential in human history.

  20. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Do atheists have holidays where they are nice, or are they the sour introspective self loathing creatures that dwell in a selected past that they seem to prefer portraying themselves as? Suppose it’s natural for them to live in the past as they have no future, according to their faith. Merry Christmas.

  21. A Liberal in Lakeview says:

    Jesus, you weren’t a Christian, you dummy.

  22. ShaunOTD says:

    NBH: Strictly speaking, no, I suppose not, since we don’t consider any particular day holy. On the other hand I did have a few friends round the other night for dinner & sloe gin, and a good time was had by all, as far as I could tell. Why should we need an excuse to be nice?

    I don’t recall any sour, introspective self-loathing – I gave that up when I discarded religion.

    Merry Xmas, Happy Solstice, and a Joyous New Year.

  23. Nibien says:

    “I don’t recall any sour, introspective self-loathing – I gave that up when I discarded religion.”

    The number one export of the religion is projection, so we know what it says about him when he declares atheists the self-loathing ones. Since we beg for forgiveness constantly from sky-daddy for being terrible sinners, and all.

  24. keeyop says:

    Will the real NBH please stand up? One of them has given us all another big steaming pile of irony; He declares that it is atheists who “dwell in a selected past” [thanks for a new DEFINITION of religiousity], and “have no future, according to their faith”. WOW.
    I’ll leave the whole “future prediction” thing to the delusional, thanks.

    While I assume the latter quote is Nassar’s feeble grasp of nonbelief in a magical afterlife, I feel the need to point out to the troll that “faith” has no place in rational thought, or atheism.

    And furthermore [<- stentorian] I don't need a special occasion to be nice. It occurs naturally. I DO appreciate being treated respectfully, and respond in kind…
    How sad, calling us "sour creatures". You've probably never even tasted an atheist. Chump.

  25. fenchurch says:

    I’ve noticed the crazed love-for-jeebus look in xians’ eyes that I suppose is the effect of their special club snowballing godswill (the blood o’ christ wine?).

    What do mooselims have that would equate to this kind of woo? I don’t see a lot of blissed-out mooselims.

    Maybe for NBH “sour” is a compliment, a contrast to the crazed, vindictive, vicious righteous anger that seems to be riled up when an allah slave sees anything he or she was brainwashed into believe was haram or immortal or filthy or an abomination… like wisps of hair showing on a woman’s forehead.

  26. dysamoria says:

    December 24, 2010 at 4:00 am Nibien said:
    “The number one export of the religion is projection, …”

    Wow, that’s a brilliant comment. I should have already noted this about religion ages ago. I guess I kind of did, just not so succinctly. Thanks! 🙂


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