OK, someone suggested doing an “anniversary comics” thing to promote the archive, so I shall give it a shot. Every time a new comic shares a date with an old one, I’ll make a note of it.

On this day two years ago, J&M did this.

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  1. Oh wow. Great punchline again. You just keep doing it.

  2. Neuseline says:

    Merry Winter Solstice to you, Author.

  3. Bodach says:

    I wonder what she really meant by that…

  4. Cygnia says:

    @Bodach “Now where’s my tip?”

  5. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Happy holidays or seasons greetings
    Politically correct holiday bleating
    The west, insipid and weak
    Islam, not the meek
    Inherit the earth, secularism unseating.

  6. Justin says:

    Nice, I lol’d 🙂

  7. Buford says:

    NBH- You seem to be conflating the meaning of ‘inherit’ with the meaning of ‘conquer’.

  8. Submoron says:

    NBH. Is Islam the natural heir to the whole earth?

  9. kikainonakanoyuurei says:

    Too funny!!~ I love it !!!

  10. Submoron says:

    NBH…. or the legitimate heir?

  11. Peter Harris says:

    Chirpy Spamhats!

    Or…crappy hamshits?

  12. kennypo65 says:

    Happy Saturnalia, y’all.

  13. @Nassar Ben Joudja you are sounding increasingly like the caricature of Islam we all try to deny exists. If you think the west is insipid and weak, perhaps you should visit Afghanistan when one of those killer drones is flying over. Not that I support that kind of thing, but it doesn’t seem very insipid or weak to me. Making noise doesn’t indicate strength, and a desire to inherit the world for your particular blood soaked primitive tribe isn’t going to win any friends. You continue to disappoint me, Nassar. I asked you to get educated, but you don’t seem to be interested. Instead you continue to make noises like an ignorant fool, and I wonder why you hang around here among people who so obviously have total contempt for you. Do you need attention this badly?

  14. On a lighter note: Happy Christmas everybody. You too NBH. May your stockins be hung.

  15. Alexander the Good Enough says:

    A Merry Saturnalia and a Happy Winter Solstice, one and all! Except, I guess, for those unreasoned Xtians… *Sigh* Now where’s the party!

  16. kiyaroru says:

    I don’t remember the date of The Great Art Change. Author?
    Also you may want to shut down comments on the older strips.

  17. gk4ca says:

    Winter solstice Day to all! The victorious day for Sol-Invictus, Ra – Sun God of the Sky — since the day actually, physically, climatically (in northern hemisphere!) will start to become brighter after 25 Dec. Actually I wonder how on earth the scientists millenia ago calculate this date accurately without the help of anything like Google-earth? .. 😀

  18. gk4ca says:

    One other thing, I think the party most sinister to the idea of ‘merry xmas’ is Mo&his gang. So, this pane about Mo saying it to the barmaid is a bit unreal … (some imams even goes as far as saying salaam to kafirun – read Xians included – is totally haraam)

  19. Aztek says:

    I laughed out out loud.

  20. Stonyground says:

    So, Nassar Ben Houdja, once Islam has inherited or conquered the miniscule speck that we call Earth, then what? Even you must be aware that the Islamic world produces almost nothing. Exports consist of carpets, cashew nuts, oil and murderous fanatics. Where are you going to get your cars, motorcycles and hi-tech toys from, once you have succeeded in returning the entire planet to your particular brand of seventh century barbarism? You are faced here with a dilemma, a thriving culture that produces everything that is required to enable its citizens to live the good life requires that a significant proportion of those citizens are educated and knowledgeable. The problem being that educated and knowledgeable people either don’t believe in your imaginary god or sort of vaguely believe but live as if he didn’t exist. In order for Islam to become universal, everyone would have to become as ignorant as you are. Bye bye technology, bye bye civilisation. Why do you think that such an outcome is desirable?

  21. gk4ca says:

    @stony: when we read the history and evolution of all religions – especially the big three:judaism, Xians and islam – we see a somewhat logical progression of ideas. From social discipline in judaism, a better structure than one-man god-king is the law above all. To humanistic touch in jesus (not as much as modern humanism of course). To Muhammad’s idea of learning and dialogues (all stopped at 13th century). These are progress compared to tribalism god-king, which are the norm in most of humankind up to first millenium. Compared to current modern humanism all are outdated. very outdated, like 3-4 centuries behind. Now is the time of recognition. Now is the period where some people understand the real progress, and some others still clinging to the old tradition. I think another 50-100 years, jesus mo and moses are all in the same bin as jupiter and thor… clearly understood as archaic. What amuses me is to think what will common people consider as ‘cultural belief’ (as is religions now) looks like 100 years from now? The genesis have big-bang, TOE, evolution, psychology and democracy in it, the moral code has UN’s Human Right in it. How all of those tied into a compelling story for layman? That’s what modern ‘theology’ should after, and it will be fascinating.

  22. so, when we wanted to use “marriage” to be inclusive of gays and lesbians, xtians say that it’s their word

    but when we celebrate the season differently and use different words than Christmas to describe the season, xtians get mad and demand we continue to call the holiday christmas, even though it’s a secular and commerical celebration of family rather than being at all religious for many people.

  23. fenchurch says:

    @random ntrygg: I’m sure you’ve heard of the Christian Privilege – Special Pleading Principle some atheists refer to as “god can’t lose”.

  24. Tinkling Think says:

    It is, as I sit, bloody hot and July in UKland, so Merry Christmas, everybody.

    Either I’m late or I’m early, either way have a truly lovely Christmas, a wonderful New Year and many, many of each.

    And Happy Holidays if you do the non-Christian ones, too.

    And Happy Apool-11 Day, too.


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