You score more points for Dawkins.

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  1. Occam's Machete says:

    I love the tone. 🙂

  2. RW Millam says:

    Alternative ending — Jesus says “You missed him! But don’t worry — I got him with the tire iron.”

  3. Maggs says:

    My sentiments, exactly. Just head-scarves can be as bad, they are so often worn to obscure peripheral vision. Never mind knocking the wrong/right person off her/his bike.

  4. steve oberski says:

    The real problem is that they are driving on the wrong side of the road.

  5. Thanks for inducing me to check out A.C. Grayling. It always surprises me that there are scholars at his level of accomplishment with whom I am unfamiliar. Probably because A. I don’t live in Britain or read The Guardian and B. I agree with Stephen Hawking that philosophy is dead, thus don’t tend to read a lot of it.
    Oh yes, and thanks for another very funny strip.

  6. jean-françois gauthier says:

    i wonder if shiite zealots in iran remove the seats from their cars.

  7. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    i dont think it wery safe to drive a car with niqab. Hope Mo dont hurt the kid to much.

  8. […] The Jesus and Mo artist has Anthony Grayling take a hit.  It’s curious, isn’t it, that Grayling, who is as vociferous as atheist as Hitchens or Dawkins, seems immune to the criticisms of accommodationists? […]

  9. kiyaroru says:

    I just attempted to read one of Grayling’s essays.
    Mo should back up and hit him again.

  10. I love the Karl Giberson endorsement!

  11. wright1 says:

    I take it Dawkins is more athletic? Or just more accomplished dodging fundamentalist attacks? Probably both.

  12. Diane G. says:

    @ Darwin Harmless–
    Stephen Hawking said that? Where? I’d love to read it!

  13. Diane G. says:

    @ jean-françois gauthier…
    Not sure exactly what you’re referring to, but reminds of something that’s been bothering me–what do Muslims have against furniture? (And siverware?)

  14. Stephen Turner says:

    Now we know why women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia.

    Surely there must be a risk of entanglement in the pedals too. As always with religion, it’s pure self-indulgence.

  15. steved beck says:

    As official spokesman of Crossdressers Forever United, I must object to your cavalier and insensitive portrayal of crossdressing. To depict as a crossdresser–when in all probability he was not even one of us–a murderous and fictitious founder of one of the world’s greatest superstitions is an intolerable insult to all self-respecting crossdressers everywhere.

  16. sofie says:

    why is Jesus car-crah-o-phobic? Isn’t he already dead? And Mo as well? Living in London is affecting him and Mo seriously…. forgetting basic facts about their existance. (not uncommon among religious leaders, though)

  17. kennypo65 says:

    I freaking love this strip. Please continue lampooning the superstition and ignorance that will either go the way of the dodo, or we will.

  18. yokohamamama says:

    Mr. Giberson’s quote up there–thanks. That explains a lot:))

  19. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    An atheist, by the name of Dick
    On a bicycle wasn’t too quick
    Took a bit of a Slam
    From Mo of Islam.
    Bounced on head bone, saved him cus it’s thick.

  20. Jock says:

    Author, well done for the obscure reference to the film “Death Race 2000”.

  21. Atheismo says:

    NBH is a poet and we didn’t know it! Makes about as much sense as his other posts, though.

  22. YHWH says:

    Thanks, Ophelia. I hadn’t noticed this Karl Giberson chap. What a bore.

  23. Haha, nice insult from Giberson. That’s as good as an endorsement as one could hope to get.

  24. Dick M says:

    The Hawking reference to “philosphy is dead” is in his latest book, early pages.

  25. F. Thalweg says:

    Are they still buzzed in these panels, or is this later? :0

  26. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! 🙂

    & Yes, the Uncle Karl endorsement is something to cherish, I tell you what.

  27. Unruly Simian says:

    @NBH – Islam does not rhyme with slam. More ignorance……………

  28. Daz says:

    @Unruly Simian

    It does when I say it. Mind you, the metre sucks after line three, so it’s still a fail.

    A chap, by the name of Dick
    On a bicycle wasn’t too quick
    Mo hit his head-bone, but his cranial dome
    Saved him by being so thick.

    There ya go NBH

  29. spoing says:

    I noted Karl Giberson’s comment “…humor is humor and this cartoonist doesn’t have it.” That would seem PARTICULARLY rich coming from him.

    Humor or anything resembling it seems to be in very short supply on his BioLogos website.

    (Though in fairness it must be said that much of what Mr Giberson and others at the BioLogos site have to say is indeed utterly laughable).

  30. spoing says:

    @miranda celeste – i hope you won’t mind me introducing the jesus and mo acolytes to “The Rabbit”.

  31. daoloth says:

    @Spoing & Miranda
    I have seen the light (at the end of the burrow?) I want to worship the rabbit. Where do I sign up? NBH will be joining me just as soon as he (?) reads your argument and I am sure I can get others.

  32. It’s funny to me how Mo likes it both ways, he has the right to wear a woman’s garment, but that woman wouldn’t have the right to wear male clothes.

    plus “car-crash-ophobe” is very funny

  33. Stephen Turner says:

    @Miranda: very nice essay.

    Rabbit is G-d and Chas&Dave are his prophets.
    (It’s really about Cockney rhyming slang “rabbit and pork”=”talk”.)

  34. Benjamin Langlois says:

    I found this strip on the RDF feed and it’s great. I’ve subscribed!

  35. @Diane G. It’s definitely in “The Grand Design” Chapter 1 “The Myth of Being” Page 15 of the ebook copy I read. “”Traditionally these are questions for philosophy, but philosophy is dead. Philosophy has not kept up with modern developments in science, particularly physics. Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge.” – Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow.

  36. @spoing The Rabbit simply must go viral, like the FSM. Brilliant. Thanks.

  37. Karen Armstrong, linked from The Rabbit, is sure a piece of work. Blaming the victims for suicide bombers. Denying the coercion of Islam, which calls for death in cases of apostase. Armstrong was honoured by the New York Open Center in 2004 for her “profound understanding of religious traditions and their relation to the divine.” Shakes my faith in the TED prize committe that they gave her a hundred grand. Another apologist with a good heart and a muddled brain.

  38. Karen Armstrong, linked from The Rabbit, seems to be another apologist with a good heart and muddled brain. Denying the coercion of Islam, which calls for the death penalty for apostasy. Honoured for her “profound understanding of religious traditions and their relation to the divine.” while blaming the victims for the London suicide bombings and given a hundred grand by the TED prize committee. Shakes my faith in TED.

  39. jerry w says:

    Holy Rabbit? The FSM eats those for lunch. But there will always be more of them since they breed like, eh, rabbits. With no indication of any sort of birth control to be found, they might as well be catholics. Who also breed like, eh, rabbits.


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