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  1. eMOtional says:

    Brilliant! Keep ’em coming.

  2. Allan Shariff says:

    As you mention it is not only in Afghanistan or Saudiarabia they have problems with education but also in Russia, USA etc.

  3. Z says:

    I don’t see where he mentions problems only in Afghanistan or Saudiarabia. do you have barmaids in Saudi or Afghanistan?

  4. anti-santa says:

    It’s all a question of belief, if you can imagine it, you can believe it, you might not want to but someone will try and make you. The White Queen talked to Alice of being made to believe 3 impossible things before breakfast every day, so that figures!

  5. melior says:

    Yes, and how do you explain PYGMIES + DWARFS?!

  6. Allan Shariff says:

    Dear Z
    Exactly. The writer blames the education system in general – all over the World, which includes Afghanistan and Saudiarabia. I’m sure there have been barmaids in Afghanistan and probably is again.

  7. Hobbes says:

    I love it when a anti-evolutionist makes this sort of argument. It tells me immediately that he/she has done no objective study of evolution.

    For anti-evolutionists accessing this site: no evolutionary scientist would ever claim that humans evolved from monkeys.

    I’ve also heard the reply to this argument (why are there still monkeys–or apes) as “some had a choice.”

  8. Cruzadr says:

    How can they hold such large vessels with such tiny tiny hands…bizarre, monkeys are the realm of tooth fairies and third world debt, none exist.

  9. Ironwolf » Blog Archive » Jesus and Mo says:

    […] […]

  10. JohnnieCanuck says:

    My response is, “If Mormons are descended from Protestants, who are descended from Catholics, then why are there still Protestants and Catholics?”.

  11. redjoker says:

    directed at hobbes: of course they would never claim that humans are decendent from apes, because they evolved together… however they would and still do claim that we are partt of the same evolutionary family tree, which is true…. just making it clear so that any misunderstanding is averted…

  12. Allan Shariff, I don’t think the writer is blaming any educational system here.
    He is taking a very subtle hint at blind-faith. At all the so called hard-core religionists…

  13. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Actually, it would be that anyone displaying that level of ignorance of evolution is evidence of a failure of the education system they slipped through.

    Not that the teachers or the curriculum are necessarily the cause of the problem, just that they weren’t up to the task in any such person’s case.

    Its a wilful kind of ignorance, in many cases. So many times now, I’ve seen someone present that flawed interpretation and hold to it even after several people have tried repeatedly to teach them how it really works.

  14. fenchurch says:

    “If all humans are descended from Africans, why are there still Africans?”


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