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  1. Herm says:

    Oh my dog. Inner proofreader rage RISING.

  2. jack13 says:

    Love your strip. Always brings me a smile. Keep up the good work. Its nice to start the morning with a lagh.

  3. Ken says:

    I love your strip too but Mohammed should learn to spell – ‘definitley’

  4. fontor says:

    I don’t here anything wrong with they’re conversation atoll.

  5. Donald says:

    Theirs allot of truth in what you say.

  6. Dave says:


    But if Mohammed (and Jesus) learned to spell, where would that leave their religious beliefs?

  7. gobbycoot says:

    Augghhhh!!! Today’s strip is having a very bad EFFECT on me…I’ll have no choice but to leave you, Author, if this keeps up. I have no COMPLIMENTS for you today.

  8. Niels says:

    About language skills: it’s “its”, not “it’s”.

  9. Jon B says:

    All these mistakes and yet somehow The Grauniad remains free of errors!

  10. gobbycoot says:

    Oh, hang on…i get it now…duh. lol @ me…

  11. MartinDH says:

    If you’ve ever had an exchange of posts with a fundagelical (portmanteau…not misspelling) then you’d know that the misuse of “it’s” and the misspelling of “definately” are small beer compared to their more egregious offenses against the English language. It can gets worse…a lot, lot worse *sigh*.

  12. Slater says:

    I’m disappointed they didn’t say “athiests”.

  13. carolsf says:

    Anywon who dosnt find todays strip funy must be speling impared. Closet fundamentalists?

  14. Mark D says:

    Can you post a link to the study?

  15. RavenBlack says:

    I feel like I must be missing some misspellings in Mo’s frame 2 and 3? I was expecting denegrate and athiests, but I can’t find any errors.

  16. nina says:

    every silver lining has a dark cloud around it

  17. Anthony G says:

    I don’t see any faults with Mo’s speech in Frame 3 but in Frame 2 he says “thats” when there should be an apostrophe before the ‘s’.

    I liked this cartoon a lot.

  18. Jon B says:

    @RavenBlack and Anthony G – Would I be flaunting my superiority if I said that I have found Mo’s error in frame 3?

    As a confirmed pedant I also liked this cartoon a lot.

  19. John M says:

    Well, Anthony G, he puts quotes around a non-quote. Even if it is a quote, it’s prefixed by two, non-included adjectives. I’m not too sure if that counts or not.

  20. Oddtwang says:

    John M: That’s not it. There’s a hint in Jon B’s post.

  21. Flea says:

    lol comments!

  22. Neuseline says:

    May I suggest that the spelling mistakes and the flout instead of flaunt are deliberate? I go even further by being wondrous that Mo can think “their” correctly when so many people get it wrong.
    Don’t change anything, Author.

  23. Neuseline says:

    And by the way, I am German. Am I the only one with a sense of humour?

  24. Toast in the machine says:

    @Neuseline – no, but your mastery of a second language puts most native English-speakers to shame.

    @Ravenblack – yes, ‘athiests’ – an enduring classic. ‘I’m athier than you!’ etc.

  25. thegasman says:

    Does atheist belief have a negative effect on spelling?

    cf. complement vs compliment; definately vs definitely

    Apologies for pedantry. Excellent strip.

  26. Ian says:

    Does no-one recognise irony when they see it?

  27. grouchy-one says:

    Here here! No mistakes found in frame 3!!!

  28. John M says:

    Neuseline wrote: “And by the way, I am German. Am I the only one with a sense of humour?”

    I believe there was probably one other – back in the 19th Century perhaps ;-))

  29. Diane G says:

    Shame on anyone who thought the Author made all those mistakes intentionally! Where is your, uh, faith…?
    Mark D.: Did you notice the hotlink under the ‘toon? Interesting study, that.

  30. thegasman says:

    Pedantry: it’s just never funny, is it?

    Note to self – do not send smart alec comments at the end of a very long and tiring day on the basis of superficial scanning. Arse.

  31. Jim says:

    Just for fun. I counted seven mistakes (counting “here” twice): affect, thats, its, here, here, complement, definately. Anyone else find any others? lol

  32. Neuseline says:

    @at John M. Are you referring to my great-grandfather, a well-known wit, or to the only Englishman who ever had a sense of humour, Jonathan Swift? Oh, pardon, he was 18th century and Irish.☻☺☻☺

  33. David B says:

    Dave above asked ‘But if Mohammed (and Jesus) learned to spell, where would that leave their religious beliefs?’

    It would leave them in the realm of magic, little change there:)

    David B

  34. Zep says:

    wot about speling and punktuashun of corse gramar will need a luk i think it needs 2be cheked for sintax and

  35. fee says:

    Re Frame 3: did no one look at Jesus’ response? It should be “hear hear”.

  36. Nyuk nyuk! says:

    Vary cleaver!

  37. John M says:

    @Jim. “Flout” is mistaken usage so that makes 8.

    Interestingly Wiktionary cross-references it with the correct word – flaunt – as being a common error, so kudos to the writer of this strip for knowing it.

  38. Chiral says:

    Im sure yule loose allot of readers with this appauling abuse of the language.

  39. Norman says:

    Oooh, the subtlety. The comments have set my irony meter quivering.

  40. Jerry w says:


    I regret trading my irony meter for an iPad more every day.

  41. nina says:


    doesn’t iPad sound like something that Kotex would sell?

  42. DonR says:

    LoL, to those several commenters in the first half of the above posts, I say, “Duuuhh!”.

    An atheistic view doesn’t necessarily equate to critical thinking, or deductive reasoning skills. The comments are funnier than the strip. Classic.

    And the best part is there’s a 5 min (from memory) edit facility to go back and think, “hang on a second…”

  43. Vincent says:

    The (deliberate) mistakes: ‘affect’ should be ‘effect’, ‘thats’ is missing an apostrophe, ‘it’s’ should drop the apostrophe, ‘here here’ should be ‘hear hear’, ‘complement’ should be ‘compliment’, and ‘definately’ should be ‘definitely’.

    Any others I’ve missed?

  44. Vincent says:

    Oops, and ‘flout’ should be ‘flaunt’ too.

  45. Ander says:

    These comments are making me larf

  46. Lugubert says:

    @ nina:
    iPad is an existing TM for a bra padding, but the first time I saw the package on the ‘net a couple of days ago, I had your thought. BTW, they have sued for trademark infringement.

  47. leon says:

    this post wins teh enternet

  48. Submoron says:

    Neuseline: As a half German I think that the point is that most English people think that we’re being serious! Maybe a good start would be a good English translation of Der Hauptmann von Köpenick.

  49. Jerry w says:

    @Vincent asks:
    “Any others I’ve missed?”
    Well, the basic point of it all comes to mind.

  50. Heehee – is there an extra level of irony in the fact that the only real mistake is ‘flout’? On account of how all the others are mistakes only if written, and of course Jesus and Mo are talking, not writing…

    I’m a week late, so my clever insight will be thrown away to waste its sweetness on the desert air. Ah well.

  51. feynmanfan says:

    Didn’t anyone notice the error in frame 1?

  52. EA says:

    all of the frames have errors

  53. Tamfang says:

    Every *balloon* has an error.

    Is there any hope of reigning in such sloppiness?

  54. Pappy mcfae says:

    Oh fuck, I said, “shit!” Oh shit, I said “fuck!”

  55. Ken Ham says:

    @Herm and everyone else: thatsthejoke.jpg

  56. yelinna says:

    I don’t can find nothing wrong with J and Mo spelling.

  57. […] review of my paper on scientific literacy that it looks like something concocted by Mo Jones for Jesus and Mo. So saith the distinguished […]

  58. Satya Venugopal says:

    I think this study (at least whatever I can glean about it from the article you’ve linked here) suffers from “post hoc ergo propter hoc”. Correlation does not equal causation. But yes… the correlation could be suggestive of some sort of causal link. We’d just need more study to establish it.

  59. Swapster says:

    Someone seriously needs to proofread this stuff before publishing it. The comics are funny but the spelling mistakes….GOD!! :-p

  60. fenchurch says:

    Nice too see this comic makes sense irregardless of you’re native tongue, that’s true even with less deliberate typo’s.

  61. smartalek says:

    “As a half German I think that the point is that most English people think that we’re being serious!”

    Yes, that Mein Kampf was a real riot.

  62. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Holy crap! I’m glad the commentariat has improved somewhat here in the future. Now we get mostly people who don’t need every joke signposting to understand it – though we do still get the occasional numpty..
    And all of you self-professed pedants bring shame on the word.
    Pedantry 101: don’t criticise a joke about poor language skills among fundamentalists by correcting the poor language skills of the fundamentalists.

    Smartalek; Hitler was Austrian. And I don’t think he ever self-identified as a comedian.
    What was I saying about the occasional numpty here in the future?


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