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  1. dogscratcher says:

    Great stuff: call me a mo-ron, but it took me about four cartoons to figure out who “Mo” is.

  2. Raoul says:

    I stumbled upon a brilliant page on “Creation science” the other day (http://www.teachinghearts.org/dre09creationnotes.html). It’s amazing how much effort this guy’s put in proving his specious logic. Kind of reminded me of the “atheist’s nightmare”.

  3. blader says:

    LOL!! Raoul, you have fallen into their trap, and have become specious, too!

    I’m presently in the middle of some calculations designed to determine the number of man hours consumed by scientists everywhere for all time to discover everything we know, from the beginning of history to the present time.

    Like I said, I haven’t completed my work, but I’m confident the number will prove to be a very large one….


  4. ono says:

    Blader, LOVE your calculations! But when you finish and publish, please don’t make it as long as the aforementioned site. Wow. Now THAT’s a waste of time!!
    Oh, and great Jesus and Mo. Keep ’em coming.

  5. postblogger says:

    God my side hurts. As Jesus would say.
    I don’t know which comic I like most.
    Allah these are funny. As Mo etc. etc.

  6. Scott Haley says:

    I don’t think that bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics is evolution. I read that bacteria have a mechanism in them that makes them able to develop a resistance to something that poisons them. When bacteria become resistant to an antibiotic, this is not a genetic change. I do believe in evolution, and I believe that bacteria evolved this mechanism.

  7. Aristotle says:

    Hey Scott,

    What you are talking about is the F Factor that is expressed in some bacteria allowing them to exchange genetic information with each other – such as anti-biotic resistance genes. However not all disease causing bacteria have this ability. It is a very complex mechanism but also one that takes place with little awareness of the situation the bacteria is in – it is rarely successful outside of controlled environments in the case of antibiotic resistance.

    The best example of small scale evolution is cancer and chemotherapy: at first chemotherapy is very effective however the cancer cells mutate rapidly and develop resistances to the chemotherapy thus the cancer becomes more aggressive and destructive over time. This is why we can’t win the war against cancer with chemotherapy.

  8. Marty H says:



  9. Tim says:

    Blader… I’m pretty sure I recognise your calculations as solving simultaneous equations with two variables by calculating the values in matricies and computing a product from quadratic formula – which appears to have produced an imaginary number from a square root of a negative number.

    After that it starts turning into trigonometry functions, so either vectors come into it or it is formulae carried over from a previous question and answer. Either way it is math way above my university classes so far, but doesn’t seem like calculations regarding ‘number of man hours consumed by scientists everywhere for all time to discover everything we know, from the beginning of history to the present time.’

    Such a calculation would contain a lot more unknown, undefined and roughly estimated variables.

  10. Doc says:

    if human was evolved from monkey, why monkeys still exist? or its explain by SUDDEN mutation? how many animal mutants, caused by, say, radiation, live to mature and give born to next generation?

  11. Teralek says:

    I dig evolution. However, contrary to theory, evolution happens by a “lot of changes” on “short periods of time”!
    Evolution happens in hiccups!

  12. Daz says:

    Doc: “if human was evolved from monkey, why monkeys still exist? ”

    Are you serious? If so:

    Modern apes (not monkeys – we’re a kind of chimp, not a monkey) have evolved from the same species of ape that we evolved from. We’d call it a man-like ape — they’d probably call it an ape-like man. To think of it another way, consider that you and your cousin both have the same grandfather.

  13. fenchurch says:

    “If North American English evolved from British English, why does British English still exist?”

  14. boris says:

    There are FAR stronger points than bacterial resistance. Hundreds of actual speciation events have been observed, from viruses through plants and insects to stickleback trout.
    Macroevolution of species is an observed fact, not an inference from microevolution.
    (Otherwise, keep up the great work!)

  15. Schadenfreude says:

    Both Jesus and Mo’s faiths evolved out of Judaism, yet Judaism still exists – and Judaism, like all religions, evolved out of some Archaïc Home sapiens smoking some good stuff while painting their cave – proof that religion in evolving itself actually supports evolution, and that it only makes sense when you’re stoned out of your tree.

  16. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Nearly 6 years later and we’re still having the same discussion.
    Stubborn buggers, these religious types 🙂

  17. 1- Your cartoon is hilarious
    2- I’m a Muslim who believes in evolution. I know plenty of others, they teach evolution in Islamic schools btw. Although it’s more of a “God made the big bang & science” kind of evolution. However, most people refuse to accept the we evolved from homo erectus, etc or “from monkeys.”
    Anyways, hilarious cartoon. Please don’t send me hate mail or post how I’m an idiot…. can we just, like, be cool to disagree on the religion thing since I have no problem with atheists or religious cartoons. Super.-thanks.

  18. Chaos says:

    @opinionated hijabi : No we can not be “cool”. Your utter failure to completely agree with each and every thing I say or think or do makes me want to cuddle you to death!! But srsly, ya, yer kool we’re kool, everythings kool, but hopefully not too cool cuz I don’t want another frelling ice age thanks. I hate winter enuf as it is.

  19. Tinkling Think says:

    Schadenfreude, to counter your argument: Judaism itself is said by evolutionistic anthropology apologists to have evolved from earlier religions and cults but no trace of those remain today!

    Similarly, while the lovely, powerful and fun English language is said to have a distant ancestor who also spawned German, no speakers of that old tongue remain!

    Nor, indeed, do any of the many Chimp-Men live on.

    Evolution, nil, spontaneous generation of Truth and True Tongues by way of divine command maybe 2!

    See? It doesn’t always go your way, Atheists!

  20. tinkling think says:

    Fenchurch, USAlien English did not really “evolve” from the One True Language. It is a bit more accurate to say that the USAliens preserved some 16th and 17th Century English-English forms while The One True Language evolved a little to become its modern, pure, wonderful self that is so magical as a communications tool.

    USAlien did not completely stand still, of course, it, too has been influenced by immigrants, new technologies and modes of thinking and other factors but in some ways it is closer to the original than is British or modern “International” English.

    It is a weird thing to say but it is in some ways the Yankees who talk proper.

    Though it is possibly a nice thought that the One True Tongue is now “more evolved” than theirs.


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