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OK, one more, while it’s still topical. Then we’re off.

Hat tip to The Freethinker for the story.

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A Friday Resurrection – from 2005! We’ve come a long way together, you and I.

Thank you so much to all the readers who used the “help pay for J&M’s hosting” form in the sidebar over the past couple of days. The response has been amazing. J&M readers are the best!

Thanks are due to Phil at Frumph.NET for (I hope) sorting out the RSS image issue. Nearly…

UPDATE: Yes! I believe the RSS problem is solved once and for all. If you follow via Google Reader or some other RSS reader, please could you confirm? Thanks!


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The winner of this month’s raffle prize in Andrea from WI. Congratulations, Andrea!

Oh, and I’m proud to say my boys feature in this week’s Atheist Pig!

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Based on this report.

Thanks and welcome to all the new Patrons of Jesus & Mo. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. Every new Patron stimulates that part of my brain that makes we want to keep posting these poorly drawn vignettes of religious satire on the internet.