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  1. Daniel says:

    Take it easy, Mo. You have lots of followers to help you with that.

  2. IdahoEv says:

    “… and I will not be provoked!” Brilliant.

  3. louis says:

    @daniel: *excellent*

  4. Alan says:

    “Religion doesn’t stand up well to satire.”

    Quote of the week! Well done.


  5. Poor Richard says:

    Religion is a magnet for satire, as Poor Rich says.

  6. odd says:

    The torching of cars and buildings is in no small measurement related to police conducting random strip searches on young men who just so happen not to look particularly danish. Of course this is done because those men are considered extraordinarly prone to violence.

    If I was funny like author I might be able to link this acting on stereotypes and reinforcing conflict to the comic in a humorous way. But that is a big if.

  7. Neil Hoskins says:

    @Max… Hey! Great discovery! I vote we see something of Mo’s cat. How difficult are cats to draw?

  8. Poor Richard says:

    All you need for a cat cartoon is its tail or its ears sticking up. Compare Barmaid’s tap handle. A cat is, of course, a walking, talking, stalking satirist. One turn of her (yes, the females are quicker; tomcats are usually pussies) back and you are fried.

    And, of course, cats already have deity status, no?

    As Poor Richard says, “Meow.”

  9. DS says:

    Yes Odd, I am rather sure that this happens every day.

    That’s why riots are done against cartoons, and not random, constant strip searches.

    That’s why there are plots to kill cartoonists, and not proof being shown of constant strip searching of non-danes.

  10. prozacville says:

    All I can say is, for a fundamentalist fool, Mo sure has a nifty taste in American gadgetry.

  11. odd says:

    that is some tricky anti-cartoonist fundamentalists. I thought it was about the strip searches because the rioters say so when asked:


    (the article is written in danish as the rioters are in Denmark)

    Good thing you were here to set me straight. Your sensus cartoonisatis seams to be working.

  12. Hobbes says:

    Mo does have a cat. Its name is Fitz.

  13. DS says:

    odd Really? Is that why they are calling for someone’s death as part of the riots? That they riots just ‘happen’ to match up with the publication of the cartoons? That you’re going on ‘because they say so’ as your ‘proof’? Nevermind. Why did I bother to try…

  14. odd says:

    It is not a coincidence.

    One of the cartoons has been reprinted as an assassin plot was discovered. Two of the alleged cartoonist-assissins were deported to Tunisia without any trial. In Tunisia they can expect to be tortured. This deportation without trial was one of the factors behind the riots.

    Coincidence is not casualisation, and in this case there was a common cause.

  15. Jack´n Jones says:

    Cats are very god at illustrating human imbecility. Good examples are Catbert(Dilbert) or Fat Freddy´s cat (Fabolous furry freak brothers)…
    Maybe it comes out of cats being extremely lovable and independent creatures.

  16. Paper Hand says:

    I just noticed … “nudity”, “naked ladies”, and “sex” in the tags? Am I missing something here?

    (Also, why is every strip tagged “Jesus and Mo”? Isn’t it redundant to tag all the strips with the same tag, a tag that is identical to the strip’s name?)

  17. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    “Religion doesn’t stand up to satire”….or scientific inquiry, common sense, or indeed anything approaching the logic of your average 5-year old.


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