OK, one more, while it’s still topical. Then we’re off.

Hat tip to The Freethinker for the story.

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  1. David says:

    Actually…saw the women’s volleyball last night. Nothing but a load of pretty, slim women getting sandy bottoms. I’d much rather watch lawn bowls.

  2. kafirgirl says:

    All that devilish nudity….it’s enough to make a man stick his wiener in his Tivo.

  3. Bodach says:

    I read somewhere on the interwebs that Mo instituted the burka for all Muslim women after his 12 year old wife had an affair with someone closer to her own age (Mo was in his fifties at the time).
    If this is true then it must be that one of the main tenants of the Muslim faith is that us guys just can’t help it when we see the female form and must fornicate immediately. Can anyone not currently fornicating confirm this?

  4. Poor Richard says:

    Author, you certainly deserve a break. But as you know, it is sometimes difficult to restart (like for teachers when school re-opens in the fall). So eat a good breakfast every day, don’t stay too long in the sun, wear your helmet, and be careful crossing the railroad tracks. You obviously keep up on the more promising subjects out there in the news, so pack that notebook with you. We’ll try to survive and will certainly be here when you get back.

  5. JoJo says:

    Bodach. Would answer that but can’t type one handed..

  6. Aramael Musitello says:

    Here’s the thing. I’ve known a few men in my time, and what I’ve learned is that they will eroticise almost anything. That’s not a criticism, it’s an observation. And call me a shill of the post-feminist backlash, but I fucking like being eroticised.

    Ahem. Anyway, you make women wear a burkha, and burkhas will be hot. Put everybody in a bikini (not me, obviously, I’ve seen Friesian cows that are more perky than I am) (with better legs to boot) and you’ll see guys checking out that weird chick in the ankle length skirt.

    Human nature. Get the fuck over it. Mind you, beach volleyball is pretty stupid. Men’s swimming on the other hand, that’s hot.

    Here endeth the lesson.


  7. Brian says:

    Following links:

    After an 8-year-old girl was gang-raped by five men at a market in Montego Bay, Steve McGregor blamed rapes this summer partly on girls wearing short shorts and tiny bathing suits. (Montego Bay, Jamaica)

    People all over the world are retarded. Not just Muslims, but Christians and Jews as well. And I thought that Isreal was a civilized nation (apart from it’s dismal foreign relations)! I’m sorry, but if an 8 year old girl walks by me completely naked, I don’t even get stiff, let alone think to my self, “oh well, nothing to do but rape her.”

    Any society that blames rape for any reason whatsoever on the female, is just admitting that their men are weak and retarded. If a woman is dressed immodestly, then I’m going to look (not my fault), but any action beyond that is firmly in my control.

  8. BJ says:

    More support to Brian – thanks for that. Just read the freethinker article. I note that they say women are prostituting themselves if they wear short skirts – and threrefore the rape is somehow expected. But surely prostitutes get paid?

  9. gilraen says:

    Whores don’t. “Prostitution” is the wrong term.

    Author, please don’t stay away too long. We NEED you.

  10. Trevor says:

    Aramel is right. Spend a week on a beach with ladies in bikinis and its hot at first, but by day 6 you don’t even notice. That’s when I started eroticising them in their sleep. Discreetly…

  11. Spørsmål says:

    Much more fun than running in Smurf clothes 😉

    Have a good break and come back with loads of new entertainment.

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  13. Hobbes says:

    Where’s Mo’s other hand? Is he dating Rosy Palms again?

  14. John says:

    I wish they would create a job (like the sweat moppers sychronized running in regular volleyball) in this job your sole duty is to keep those fannies free of sand with a little mink fur brush.

  15. Tumsup says:

    -I read somewhere on the interwebs that Mo instituted the burka for all Muslim women after his 12 year old wife had an affair with someone-

    His wife was 12 in Arabic years, in Chinese gymnast years, she was 22.

  16. Jefferson says:

    Should it read ‘Shall we go down TO the pub then?’ ??

  17. carolita says:

    In the middle ages, to wear your hair in bangs (or “fringe” as they say in England) was to wear your hair “in the Devil’s fashion.”

    “Do you, as some other women do, wear your hair in the Devil’s fashion? [penitence is prescribed].”

    Where would Seventh Avenue be without the Devil?

  18. Edward says:

    Why no updates? I hope something untoward has not taken place!?

  19. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Edward et al. This posting was an afterthought. Author announced his absence with the previous panel.

    For penance, go read all the ones you have missed. Really, you should.

  20. clytamnestra says:

    can one of these ‘dress modesty’ people please explain to me why there still is rape in burka-country?
    it’s like those people who claim that birth-control pills will encourage promiscuity and lead to more abortions, even when logic and evidence say that is BS.

    i think that one thing that is easily foverlooked is that these ‘traditional’ countries are often not to good to men either (the more enlightened ones that is). they can also be punished for ‘imoral behavior’ or be forced into marrage. a 10 year-old boy can be accused of ‘raping’ a woman that’s 2 times his age and height.
    but it’s even harder for women. which raises the question of why they don’t fight it? don’t they know any better? are they trying to protect themelves by accussing others? often a combination i guess.

  21. Poor Richard says:

    Many women’s groups have popped up in relatively advanced places here and there in the Islamic world. However, in many more situations in the most conservative–i.e.fundamentalist–places (Afghanistan, areas of Irag and Iran), e.g) , the penalty is often a humiliating, horrifying death. And effective protest means going public.

  22. Jerry w says:

    Dear Aramael Musitello:
    See if you can find an old copy of the Benny Hill show (sadly, no new shows since his death), where he and the usual gang of idiots are in a nudist camp. Surrounded by beautiful woman, these guys are just bored until a clothed woman walks by and bends over to arrange her nylons, and they all go nuts at the sight of panties peeking out from under the skirt, even though being amid bare flesh.
    We’re guys, it’s the way it works, it’s how we’re wired.
    Jerry w

  23. Big Tom says:

    Jefferson – it’s more evidence (if any were needed) that the author is British. We don’t go down TO the pub, we go down the pub. In fact, the question is often even shorter “Going down pub?”, or if you’re from oop North…”Going t’pub?”

  24. Ben 2 says:

    And you know what’s funny, the Bible actually tells you to cut your own eye off instead of raping the woman. Of course no one actually does that as far as I know.

  25. Yelinna says:

    Brian, I love your words!

    Let’s see: Men tell us girls: dress sexy!!
    Also men tell us girls: if you dress with short and tiny clothes you’re a bitch.
    Also people say: If you dress with big t-shirts and pants, that don’t let to show your curves, you’re lesbian (yeah, some people thought I’m lesbian coz I dress jeans, sneakers and large t-shits. Come on!)

    Please, Humanity, What can I do to make you happy? Taking off my skin? trying to be invisible?

    Or, maybe, Humanity you don’t worth enough for making you happy…

  26. Teralek says:

    You are a master of hypocrisy! 😀

  27. Bagpuss says:


    Be thankful that JC isn’t a Geordie or a Yorkshireman, else it would be more than the odd preposition that is absent…….


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