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  1. Tapio says:

    Hey just dropped in, have been following lcamyopinion blog and appreciated your work, cheers

  2. thethirteenthcaesar says:

    Love this site. Charming and educational.

  3. Chaos says:

    Here I am again in yer archives. Hiya! Anyhow, just wondering if you’ve got any intel on this Herakles’ ma bein a virgin thing? Cuz that’s NOT the way i heard it, what i heard was that Zeus popped in for a bit of shape-shifted fun that definitely meant that Herakles’ ma was certainly not a virgin afterwards. Honestly the idea that she was a virgin prior is a bit questionable as Zeus isn’t quite stupid enuf to simply shape-shift into the sexiest being in existence. Note, I said not quite stupid enuf. He’s married to Hera ffs. ASIDE: I always forget this frelling spammer check-box, can we move it up a tad? Possibly above the submit button? Or would that interfere with it’s purpose?

  4. white+squirrel says:

    well presumably Zeus, being a god, could magic anyone to be a virgin at any point in their life


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