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  1. Tapio says:

    Hey just dropped in, have been following lcamyopinion blog and appreciated your work, cheers

  2. thethirteenthcaesar says:

    Love this site. Charming and educational.

  3. Chaos says:

    Here I am again in yer archives. Hiya! Anyhow, just wondering if you’ve got any intel on this Herakles’ ma bein a virgin thing? Cuz that’s NOT the way i heard it, what i heard was that Zeus popped in for a bit of shape-shifted fun that definitely meant that Herakles’ ma was certainly not a virgin afterwards. Honestly the idea that she was a virgin prior is a bit questionable as Zeus isn’t quite stupid enuf to simply shape-shift into the sexiest being in existence. Note, I said not quite stupid enuf. He’s married to Hera ffs. ASIDE: I always forget this frelling spammer check-box, can we move it up a tad? Possibly above the submit button? Or would that interfere with it’s purpose?

  4. white+squirrel says:

    well presumably Zeus, being a god, could magic anyone to be a virgin at any point in their life

  5. Anonymous says:

    Osiris was born from Nut and Geb, who were married.

    Dionysus was born od a sexual union between Zeus and Semele.

    Mithras was born from rock.

    And Paul makes numerous references to the earthly life of Jesus in his earliest writings, which are obvious even from a cursory glance.

    You can count the total number of credible scholars who believe Jesus never existed on one hand, and neither of them even teach at any university. Even if you decide to discount the opinions of all religious scholars and historians (never mind how foolish that would be) and only consider those of atheists and agnostics, the scholarly consensus is overwhelmingly in favor of a historical Jesus.

    Do your damn research.

  6. DAud says:

    Those are not virgin-born savior gods. Apart from Mithras they are dying-and-rising savior gods. All of them also had attached mystery cults around that era as well.

    I’d very much like to see some actual quotes of Paul referring to an Earthly Jesus. A cursory glance might not suffice because you need to cut out the parts first which are well established forgeries.


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