Sheesh! You just can’t win.

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  1. Sparky_shark says:

    And they say that gay blokes are in touch with their feminine sides…

  2. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Behold today’s feminist, dismal
    Representing women, abysmal
    Women movements in remission
    To superstitious submission
    Nothing inside a feminist skull.

  3. jveeds says:

    I’m having trouble figuring out this one….I was waiting to see drinks being poured on their heads or some other indication of the female bartender’s wrath. Did the boys get kicked out? It’s not clear.

  4. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Well, at least they tried.

    Nassar, what’s up mate? You’re among friends here if there’s something you need to get off your chest.

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  6. two cents' worth says:

    Perhaps whatever the barmaid said to J & Mo is not suitable for inclusion in a family publication 😉 . However, I think it more likely that the Author felt it would make a bigger impression if it were left to the reader’s imagination.

  7. Myrhinne says:

    jveeds – The barmaid’s response is left to the imagination. I don’t know if they were thrown out but I’m sure her response contained a few expletives. Plus, she was probably pretty scathing about their religious beliefs.

  8. E.A. Blair says:

    Acolyte of Sagan, that’s not even a good limerick. It reminds me of this one:

    There was a poetic young man,
    Whose limericks never would scan.
    When told this was so,
    He said, “Yes, I know,
    But the thing is you see that I always try to get as many words in the very last line as I possibly can.”

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  10. “Nothing inside a feminist skull” ?? Oh dear. Nassar, you really need to get to know a feminist or two. It could be a real eye opener for you. I’ve spoken to a few in the past who gave me a good education and made me feel like a blithering idiot.

    Author, your panel devoid of words speaks more eloquently than additional dialogue ever could. I’ve seldom seen two people so unprepared for the reaction they are getting. I can only imagine.

  11. Francisco says:

    Well, the Catholic church at least is getting better everyday. St. Thomas Aquinas (cfr. Summa Theologic) said that woman is “an incomplete man” (sic!).
    Bishop of the south of Spain (Granada) publised (2013) a book explaining that the role of women is be submited to his husband…. at least now isnt an incomplete man!! Heroic!!

  12. cjsm says:

    Very funny. And nassar – up yours.

  13. pink squirrel says:

    in solidarity ‘FUCK YOUR MORALS’

  14. Friendly Extremist says:

    I think Nassar refers to the current “new feminists” who say they fight for equal rights, but when it comes to Islam they pick the side of the Islamists and preach preposterous ideas like “Islam is a feminist religion”, “the Hijab is liberating”, etc.

    I believe in TRUE feminism, that performed by brave people like Sojourner Truth or Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I don’t think Nassar’s poem was directed at people like them.

    (@Nassar please correct me if I’m wrong about your intentions, I don’t want to distort your views).

    As always, amazing work, Author.

  15. Michael says:

    One of your better cartoons, Author.

    One of your worst limericks, Nasser.

  16. Sheila says:

    I’m imagining Barmaid’s response as more of a gesture.

    And Nasser, what the heck man.

  17. wrinkel42 says:

    You can not sell beer to what is not real.

  18. Me not says:

    I’m with Pink Squirrel FUCK YOUR MORALS, I recommend Maryam Namazie’s piece in The Freethinker.

    Regarding the cartoon, the first thing that occurred to me in panel three was a raised middle finger.

  19. Planet Mars says:

    Author, loved this one!

    Nasser, seriously?! Dude, for the sake of those of us who know and love poetry — Please. Stop!

  20. jack reacher says:

    C’mon, Y’all…
    Moe says, “Their modesty.”
    That’s when the Barkeep flashes her boobs.
    Jesus says, “That wasn’t very LADYLIKE, was it?”

  21. Jack Reacher, your imagination is much better than mine. But I’m not sure your vision is in character for the bartender. I would have liked to see them dripping beer off their hair and beards as they walk away from the pub, so in my version they’ve been to the loo to tidy up before leaving.

  22. Friendly Extremist, I think you are granting Nassar a level of sophistication he has not demonstrated in the past. But maybe. If so, he really needs to clarify, because I think very few feminists see Islam as supporting gender equality, or the burka as a liberating garment. Every group has its lunatic fringe, eh.

  23. GodlessToo says:

    My first thought was she gave them a double helping of middle digit but, after reexamining their look in the third frame, I’m not so sure she didn’t lift her shirt to give them both barrels. It was Mo’s comment about modesty that really got me wondering.

  24. Cassandra says:

    @Darwin Harmless – Friendly Extremist is very much correct; there are plenty of self-proclaimed Muslim feminists who tout the line that the hijab is liberating, that being submissive to husbands and confined to the home is empowering (because it lets women play to their “true strengths”), that it is perfectly reasonable for a woman’s testimony to be worth half of a man’s, because God in his wisdom made them all as ditzy morons, etc. etc.
    In fact, I think I recall an earlier comic where Mo called himself a champion of women’s rights. Jesus challenged him on that, pointing out the unequivocally inferior status of women in Islam. Mo replied to the effect of, “I believe in women having rights, not in women having *equal* rights.”
    That’s Islamic feminism in a nutshell.

  25. Cassandra, I stand corrected. Though I do think of “Muslim feminist” as the ultimate oxymoron. Ex-Muslim feminist I could understand. Muslim feminist is a bit of a stretch. And I suppose they would definitely have to be self proclaimed, because nobody else is going to proclaim them (unless it’s to undercut the whole idea that feminists have anything in their skulls.)
    For the record, I still think you are putting words in Nassar’s mouth, or thoughts in his head. I do not think he was thinking of the the marginal feminists you credit him with attacking. Much more likely, knowing our Nassar, he was taking a swipe at feminists in general. Which would mean he was casting nasturtiums at me and you. In which case I second cjsm’s motion.

  26. Friendly Extremist says:

    @Jack Reacher

    Flashing her boobs! I honestly hadn’t thought of that. I like it 😛

  27. Friendly Extremist says:


    I have to admit I was speculating about Nassar’s views, as you say, since I don’t know who he/she is. That’s why I addressed at Nassar in my first comment. My intention was to bring some clarity to the comment, that’s all.

    On the other hand, maybe you’re not aware of it, but there is a whole new wave of non-Muslim self-proclaimed “feminists” who would fight men (specially white men) on almost every issue, stating that they’re “privileged”, talking about “patriarchy” (whatever that means, maybe they don’t even know) and stuff like that.

    These same people, when it comes to Islam, tend to defend it, maybe because they want to protect Muslims from bigotry, since they see them as a part of another “oppressed” group -and therefore members of the Victimhood Club-. They don’t distinguish Muslims from Islam, and, like many other people, they see criticism of the doctrine itself as the same of hatred towards Muslims.

    To give you an example: when talking about the Hijab, these so-called “feminists” are very keen on saying that Muslim women, like all the other women, have the right to wear whatever they want (something I definitely agree with), but they NEVER acknowledge the fact that most Muslim women don’t have the choice not to wear it.

    That’s why I have a concern about this “new feminism”, which has nothing to do with actual feminism and undermines its goals and the achievements of so many brave women throughout history.

  28. Jazzlet says:

    Friendly Extremist is right about the views of a significant section of ‘new’ feminists. They would also take the view that trans women weren’t real women. In fact they seem to take the view that you are only a real women worthy of their defence if you do it the way they say you should, which is rather against what I always understood as a feminst, but despite doing being female from birth I clearly do ‘being a woman’ wrong in their eyes.

  29. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    GodlessToo, it is part of the genius of Author’s work that the boys’ expressions never change, yet we can always read their emotions.

    Jazzlet, I think you’re wrong in your charges against feminists re. trans-women. From what I’ve seen, the main objection of feminists is against those trans-women who are telling them that they are doing feminism wrongly; transplaining feminism to women who’ve been doing feminism their whole lives.
    I recommend a trawl through the archives of Ophelia Benson’s Butterflies And Wheels blog for a better explanation.

  30. HaggisForBrains says:

    “transplaining feminism to women”

    I love it!

  31. Someone says:

    I’m going to imagine she took their beers into each hand and emptied them into their laps, before telling them to eat a bag of deep fried dicks.

  32. HelenaHandbasket says:

    Nasser may have been thinking of people like Caitlin Moran?
    There are gender separatists of both sexes (or is it one sex now that Cordelia Fine has proved that humans are actually hermaphrodites?)

  33. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    You might be right about Nassar, Helena, it sounds like he could be referring to the ‘hijab is liberating’ crowd that’s in vogue at the moment. I think I need a new dictionary because the hijab doesn’t seem to fit with the definitions of liberating in mine.
    Regarding gender, I get the impression that there is an infinite number of genders on the spectrum (another buzz word) betwixt male and female, and an infinite number of ways to identify or present or code or whatever we’re supposed to do this week, and then there’s the pronoun minefield to tiptoe through (as Herbert Buckingham Khaury* almost sang). There is an upside, though; it’s hilarious watching those who insist that sex, genitalia, and gender are not related still trying to condemn gendered insults such as ‘prick’, ‘dickhead’ and ‘the C-word that shall not be said’ without their heads exploding.
    I think it’s best to call gender politics a work in progress and just keep out of it until they’ve got it all worked out.

    *Tiny Tim. Kids, ask your grandparents.

  34. DocAtheist says:

    Author, I love you! Thank you for your support of us women!

  35. Friendly Extremist says:

    Thanks for that great example, @HelenaHandbasket.

    That’s the kind of people I was talking about.

    Telling women not to read books by men in case they “hurt” them in some way… That’s so derogatory to women! That implies that women are somehow intellectually weaker than men. It’s like saying they need special protection because they can’t develop a strong character on their own.

    Read the damn books you want. The content is what matters, not if the author is male or female.

  36. Welshmam says:

    I like that Nasser never engages, other than through his weekly limerick. We’ve commented on them before (how they didn’t scan, the rhymes were confused) and he’s never responded – but the poems have improved no end. If he explained himself now, the illusion would be shattered, the mystique would evaporate.

  37. Is “new feminism” then something akin to “neoliberalism”, a perversion of the philosophy in a direction that the original advocates find appalling?

    Welshman, yes, that is an admirable quality of Nasser’s. He is a true original and some day will be celebrated in story and song.

  38. hackneymartian says:

    Extremist: “Telling women not to read books by men in case they “hurt” them in some way… ”

    Nope, that’s not what Moran said. She said ‘girls’, by which she explicitly meant children, and she was talking about how much classic literature written by men presents the young mind with a twisted view of women’s place in the world. She specifies J. D. Salinger, William Faulkner, Raymond Chandler, Ernest Hemingway and Philip Roth, reasonable examples I think.
    “They are not the right books to read, if you are a young girl. They are not the voices you should allow in your head. Until you are grown – until you can argue, with confidence, with a narrator; with a genius; with a world-view – girls, do not read books by old men.”

    Helena, what has this to do with separatism? It’s surely looking at social conditioning. It’s why Maeve Binchy wrote a feminist Cinderella. Doesn’t she have a point worth discussing? She makes it with a bit of a flourish, but that’s OK.

    Seems to me it’s in the same territory as Ursula Le Guin on ‘the invention of women’ (‘Models like the Austen were too complicated’); le Guin also cites Hemingway, who ‘did man right’. She’s (at least) as funny as Moran, too.

    Here’s the Moran link again

  39. Jim Baerg says:

    E. A. Blair:

    There was a young man of Peru
    Whose limericks all stopped at line two

    There was a young man of Verdun

  40. hackneymartian says:

    Jim B
    Laughing George O? Wow. It’s anon in wikipedia – what’s your source?

  41. hackneymartian says:

    oops, sorry, I see we have a namesake present. (Tribute act?)

  42. DRUMMER25 says:

    The author has granted us latitude,
    To comment – for which we express gratitude
    But with scansion appalling,
    And sentiments galling.
    How Nasser’s revealed his true attitude!

  43. dr John de Wipper says:

    Is “new feminism” then something akin to “neoliberalism”, a perversion of the philosophy in a direction that the original advocates find appalling?
    I always am forced to take a far-away look at those things….
    The women I have to deal with on a regular basis HATE those stances.
    My late mother used to say: “One women will outsmart a thousand man”.
    My wife (and her sister especially, not to forget my daughter) are very good at gender-oriented jokes, and theirs generally are more coarse then the ones my male fellows produce when no females are around. I learned long ago that the more grave jokes on the inside of male toilet doors are always beaten by the ones THEY report from THEIR toilets.
    …but perhaps I live in a different universe. If so, I am glad!

  44. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    DRUMMER25, one syllable tloo many in line 2. Muphry’s Law strikes again. Also, it looks like Nassar’s satire is too subtle this time for his message to register on the first reading; it certainly appears to have gone way over most of our heads at first.
    I don’t mind saying it; Nassar, I leapt to the wrong conclusion and I apologise for my initial rudeness. Given a second reading and a little knowledge of this confusing new wave of feminism that sees oppression as liberation, views cis women who don’t buy into their philosophy (possibly giving their views too much credit there) as the enemy, and seems to be doing its utmost to undo what women have fought tooth and nail to achieve over the last century or so, it becomes clear who you are aiming at .
    You can consider my cap well and truly doffed.

  45. Graham ASH-PORTER says:

    Out! Now!

  46. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Mo’s last line; there’s more chance of him expressing milk.

    Whilst I’m on the subject of mammaries; to all of you imagining Barmaid flashing her breasts, there’s nothing un-ladylike about that. Now, if she’d flashed a penis……. 🙂

    Graham A-P, do you get much work as a Robin Williams’ look-alike?

  47. dr John de Wipper says:

    . Now, if she’d flashed a penis……
    …. in that case I would guess her NOT to tend a bar, but to feature in Brazilian Porn Productions!

  48. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Has anybody else noticed that ‘God Jesus’ reversed is Susej Dog? Was the Bible originally a story about a Dachshund?

  49. Someone says:

    It’s possible.
    Though I’m more inclined to believe the theory Jesus was a velociraptor.

  50. dr John de Wipper says:

    That would indeed complicate the picture.
    According to “the legend”, he was born to a virgin.
    Then again, she was “declared” a virgin … by a narrow minority vote of a bunch of old lechers in 325 in Nicea, ie. more than 300 years after the fact.
    Go figure.

  51. Troubleshooter says:

    As it comes to J & M, this is what you get when you’re not only wearing blinders but looking at the world through your own self-made tunnel.

    To the barmaid, a tip of the cap and a request for a Guinness, please!

  52. spoing says:

    Give Nasser the benefit of the doubt I say. It’s not PC to say so but there certainly is a man-hating kind of feminism which seems to be mostly concerned with the tiny remaining bit of inequality in our first world secular relative utopias, mostly voiced by middle class white women living there. The kind of feminism I like is the kind which cares about real inequality and oppression of women such as that experienced elsewhere in the world.

    It’s a shit limerick though, badly structured and doesn’t rhyme.

    I suggest –

    Even the most well-meaning word
    By modern girls will be misheard
    If a man is the speaker,
    His position is weaker
    His loins, hence, he always should gird

  53. “The kind of feminism I like is the kind which cares about real inequality and oppression of women such as that experienced elsewhere in the world.”

    Ha! Excellent parody.

  54. Kosh says:

    I really don’t get why people are slamming Nassar here. (S?)he is exactly right in the analysis of feminism. Instead of being about gender “equality”, if it ever was, it’s been about nothing but female supremacy for over a century now. Proof:

    Most of you here probably weren’t even aware that feminism went back that far, thinking that it started with the free love movement and the introduction of the pill back in the 60’s. In actual fact, it started AT LEAST as far back as 1792 with Mary Wollstonecraft’s “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” or possibly even a century before that in Mary Astell’s work “An essay in defence of the female sex” published back in 1696!

    As a few examples of feminists completely losing the plot over the years, around the time of WWI the British Suffragettes attempted to burn down the Theatre at Dublin and were sentenced to the “hard labour” of… knitting, and were released after only 3 DAYS because they complained that the breakfast they were getting wasn’t nutritious enough. In the 60’s, we had second wave founders and real charmers like Germaine Greer who believes that “rape” should include “being stopped, questioned OR propositioned on the street” (see the introduction to The Female Eunuch, 21st Anniversary Edition), Andrea Dworkin who believed that “Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice” and Valerie Solanas who believed that men were “incomplete females” and “a walking abortion” and should be exterminated (See The SCUM Manifesto, page 1).

    These days, we have people like Bahar Mustafa, the student union “Welfare and Diversity Officer” at Goldsmith’s University who came up with the hash tag #killallwhitemen, Stephanie Guthrie who nearly destroyed the life of Gregory Alan Elliot because he called out hateful comments she made towards a game programmer, SkepChick on YouTube calling “misogyny” because someone in an elevator asked if she’d like to get some coffee at an Atheism+ conference, Tim Wolfe, Nobel Laureate, being fired from his job because of a self-effacing joke that he made at a conference which was taken out of context, feminists around the world losing their shit at Matt Taylor, the first man EVER to land a space probe on a moving comet, because he wore an “offensive” shirt which just happened to be a birthday present to him made by his girlfriend, the “Women’s March” on January 21st (the one where Madonna claimed that she “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”) being led by Linda Sarsour, the person who came up with the “American flag hijab” and practicing Muslim who wants the US to come under Sharia Law, “A Day Without a Woman” march being organised by Jordanian terrorist Rasmieh Odeh, the never ending hash tags of #killallmen, #diecisscum, etc…

    If feminism in the west was ever a sane and rational movement, it certainly isn’t now and probably never will be again. Remember that when a feminist tells you that “all people are equal”, they’re leaving out “but some (women) are more equal than others (men)”. Anyone here who’s interested in seeing the REAL state of feminism today owes it to themselves to see Cassie Jaye’s documentary “The Red Pill”.

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  56. postdoggerel says:

    This is a feminist bookstore… Callahan cartoon


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