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  1. jean-françois gauthier says:

    “A Muslim councillor in Peterborough withdrew his support for the four-time Olympic medallist to receive the Freedom of the City.”

    yes, how dare you exercise free speech!

  2. 1happyheathen says:

    do not forget the christers and their Dominion Theology … far too often have those that think Christian sharia of OK gotten close to our white house, sadly many sit in our congress. far too many Americans are ignorant about their goal or what Dominion Theology even is.

  3. Thor Ossian says:

    Isn’t Mo’s rant the goal of EVERY religion? He’s just more up front about it (grin).

  4. DocAtheist says:

    @1happyheathen, I agree with you. When I try to tell them, I suggest they google the “seven mountains” videos as well as Dominionism, so they can see it for themselves and appreciate that the Dominionists are not new (the guy in the videos dresses like he’s from several generations ago) and the intent is world takeover. I can’t tell whether it makes any difference, but at least I try to get the word out.

  5. E.A. Blair says:

    Now I need to mock Islam just because I can. Then I’ll go ahead and mock every other religion. I am an equal-opportunity blasphemer.

  6. chigau says:

    “shut up about free speech” would make a fine t-shirt.

  7. MY cultural imperialism is of a superior kind. Yours sucks.


  8. plainsuch says:

    “What right do you have to impose your free speech ideals upon me, or to tell me to be tolerant? Imperialist!”

    Beautiful! I need that on a t-shirt, although I might change ‘Imperialist’ to ‘Unbeliever’ to make it universal.

  9. Graham ASH-PORTER says:

    The real war is going to be when Islam insists on destroying Christianity. Then all religion may wake up and see Islam as a political system hiding behind a so-called religion!

  10. Suffolk Blue says:

    Mr Ash-Porter – I am not sure if I understand the point you are making.

    Are you saying that islam is a so-called religion but that christianity is a true religion?

    And what does “all religion” do when it wakes up? Apart from put the kettle on, obviously.

  11. Spammy McSpamface says:

    This is a test.

  12. Took me a minute to get this one, Author. Then it struck me and broke my irony meter again. You keep doing that.
    I hadn’t really thought about the demands of a religion as cultural imperialism. Just annoying proselytizing. But obviously one of the great tools of European imperialism was the missionaries out to save the heathen, backed up by gunboats. Now we have Islamic cultural imperialism, backed up by the threat of violence. (Hey, where did the “I am not a spammer” box go? And the edit link is back. There’ve been changes again.)

  13. hotrats says:

    Freedom of speech is for people who disagree with you. As Noam Chomsky pointed out, even Stalin supported freedom of speech for people who agreed with him.

  14. Henry ford says:

    Why does this remind me of the Daily Express and the Mail?

  15. Infidel says:

    I notice J&M are always in bed together. What’s up with that? And Mo always wears what looks to be an ice bag on his head. Does he have a headache?

  16. HaggisForBrains says:

    I just refreshed this page to get the latest comments, and the cartoon has vanished, and DH’s comment is overwritten with the “Creative Commons license” bit. I’m using Firefox. Also the spammer tick box has vanished.

  17. Smee says:

    Islam isn’t the only enemy of free speech, Hard Core Lefties and feminists in both the UK and the US have used the same tactics to attempt to vilify and silence Richard Dawkins, Peter Atkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris! and many other free thinkers!

    I’ve read several newspaper articles by these nut jobs saying that they found wearing the Burka most liberating1

  18. pink squirrel says:

    Gymnast mocks islam?- surely the biggest mocker of Islam is Islam itself

  19. pink squirrel says:

    Given that ‘god’ is a deluded fantasy does the concept of religion have any definition ?

    Or does following the precepts of a given book containing rules on living/lifestyle suffice as ‘religion’
    [which would make the hells angels MC a religion]
    Where is the boundary line between ‘religion ‘ and non religion?

  20. plainsuch says:

    Simple. My delusion is a religion, your religion is a delusion.

  21. dr John de Wipper says:

    That boundart line is rather simple.
    IF the “religion authorities” succeed in convincing the “tax authorities” of their “religousness”, THEN they get freedom from taxation, and so, THAT is the distinction between religion and non-religion.

  22. plainsuch says:

    So Neoliberal is the religion of big corporations?

  23. pink squirrel says:

    is it godly then to be a tax evader?

  24. dr John de Wipper says:

    ps & p s:
    Tou two just might have hit the bull’s eye!
    (Is that expression even allowed in the C & B? 🙂

  25. hotrats says:

    All expressions are allowed at the C&B, but can you please close your bracket, there’s a draught.

  26. dr John de Wipper says:

    Hot rat:
    I guess it might have been one of your kind (or some other rodent) that had a bit too much appetite for brackets…..

  27. C says:

    The RSS feed is not working since few days.

  28. Author says:

    Thanks for letting me know, C. Is it working again now?

  29. C says:

    Not really. There’s only title and subtitle of the page, but lack of blog posts.

  30. C says:

    No comic, I took a screenshot: https://s18.postimg.org/xghqziwd5/image.jpg

    Previously there was about 10 recent comics.

  31. smartalek says:

    Better Late Than Never Brigade strikes again!
    Hotrats, I had never heard that Chomsky quotation before (or if I did, my chemically-addled grey matter has totally forgotten so).
    Thank you so much for that; it is a thing of beauty, and a joy forever.
    @ Suffolk Blue:
    Graham ASH-PORTER is engaging in a standard US right-wing trope designed to get around our otherwise constitutionally-guaranteed (1st amendment thereto) freedom of religion.
    If Islam isn’t *just* a religion (or a religion at all), but a “political system,” why, then the first amendment simply doesn’t apply to it, see?
    And then we can shut down the mosques, bar the heathen at the border, spy on them, etcetcetc.
    You’ve heard of “cafeteria Catholics”?
    Our rightwing nutjobs are cafeteria Constitutionalists.
    They don’t like the 14th Amendment too much either. (Google “anchor babies” — but if you have any respect for history and/or human decency, have a hot shower already running.)
    The only Amendment they really love is the Sacred Second — and that one, only the last clause, not the first.


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