Half UK population has no religion.

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  1. Sparky_shark says:

    F’ing spot on. Love it. Get ’em whilst they’re young and dumb. Its at times like this you have to *pray* that short attention spans, Instagram and cat videos are more interesting that religious dogma peddled by kiddie-fiddlers.

  2. Oozoid says:

    Any psychoanalysts out there who can explain why I find this so funny? I mean, it really is pretty depressing, is it not?

  3. keith hunter says:

    maybe it’s time for the sword again Jesus…working for Mo…

  4. matt says:

    Sparky shark I reckon its down to us to revive the great spirit of the 70’s and 80’s. A golden age when anyone identifying as religious was subject to merciless mockery. What do kids do now when confronted with a ‘Christian’ or a ‘Muslim’? Don’t they just call them a twat like we dis in those happy days? Glorious times when children read books about dinosaurs without fear that some wierdo would openly claim the world was less than 5 billion years old. When did we become so tolerant of such gross stupidity?

  5. matt says:

    Sparky shark I reckon its down to us to revive the great spirit of the 70’s and 80’s. A golden age when anyone identifying as religious was subject to merciless mockery. What do kids do now when confronted with a ‘Christian’ or a ‘Muslim’? Don’t they just call them a twat like we dis in those happy days? Glorious times when children read books about dinosaurs without fear that some wierdo would openly claim the world was less than 5 billion years old. When did we become so tolerant of such gross stupidity?

  6. Algol60 says:

    The challenge: get jesusandmo published in The Guardian.

  7. Justin Case says:

    If you learn something early enough in life, it just seems natural and ‘right’. Take language for example – why does yours sound completely intelligaible, while a foreign one sounds like gibberish? For the same reason your religion is obviously the right one, and every one else’s is just wrong.

  8. Frogflayer says:

    ‘Give me the child…’

  9. Federico Bär says:

    @Sparky_shark and Justin Case: Right so, the earlier in life you learn something, the better. In the case of languages, there doesn’t seem to exist any reason to reject that knowledge. Regarding religion however, at one moment or another the question MUST come up: “why are there so many incoherent things that you MUST believe? Starting with the Boring but, Bestselling, Book of Books.
    I questioned the many, strange, fairy tales, and got rid of them easily.
    The depressing thought on this is why so many people conciously reject (fear) any scepticism, and prefer to keep believing.

  10. PrimalVirtue says:

    Good to see the tide turning…
    We need to support the campaign for a secular state in Britain and get a halt on the expanding Tory programme of taxpayer funded “Faith schools” with the 50% cap proposed to be increased to a 100% intake to indoctrinate more defenceless minds. Luckily a few Humanists have been allowed to put their point over in some schools.

  11. Anonymous says:

    islam has the right idea
    To focus kids on shari’a
    Beat them over the head
    Try and stop before they are are dead
    Violence is better than dogma.

  12. Jim Roberts says:

    The world *is* less than 5 billion years old! The universe since the big bang is however older.

  13. Son of Glenner says:

    And yet Mr Welby has the brass neck to tell HM Government how to run the country, when his own church is rapidly going down the plughole. What was that saying about taking the plank out of your own eye?

    BTW My remarks should not be interpreted as a personal vote of approval for HM Government!

    BTW2: Welcome back, Author! Good holiday?

  14. Someone says:

    Well, if it worked for He Who Walks Behind the Rows…

  15. Graham ASH-PORTER says:

    Well done, the VERY BEST ONE EVER! Now can you do one explaining Muslim Bigamy, to leap ahead with child madrassahs to Make Islam Number one in UK and worldwide?

  16. Deimos says:

    I think this a bit of a false alarm from an Anglican point of view, the COE is slightly less religious than Viz comic.
    COE schools are far more likely to create Freemasons and Hardcore M&S shoppers than a generation of future Anglican Jihadis.

    Islamic schools are far more likely to succeed in producing children who can’t integrate or tolerate the country they live in, this is due to their starting school already preinstalled with all that old time religion. Islamic schools will also attract zero pupils from outside their particular sect of Islam.

  17. Jazzlet says:

    A bit of a nitpick, the young are not stupid, ie the opposite of too clever, they are ignorant.

    I ended up having a dressing down from the deputy head of my school when I insisted to my form teacher that pupils were not more stupid than their teachers and refused to back down. If pupils were always more stupid than their teachers the intelligence of the human race would be decreasing in each generation. And yes I still feel hard done to, the deputy head badgered me and badgered me until I cried where my fellow pupils could see – I wasn’t sorry for what I had done, I was furious because I knew I was right and had been publicly humiliated.

  18. HelenaHandbasket says:

    The day that extremist Church of England Zealots start exploding homemade jam at bring and buy sales–is the day I’ll worry.

  19. Mahatmacoat says:

    Jazzlet, you were wrong. Your deputy head was more stupid than at least one pupil – you – not to see the merit of your argument.

  20. machigai says:

    What is happening with the gravatars?
    where is preview

  21. Nitram says:

    And this long-term secularisation (?) of Western Europe, where even “religious” people usually just adopt some of the New Testament morality – is why they simply cannot comprehend the mindset of devout Muslims.
    So, instead, there is a search for “baddies”, be they organisations or individuals – rather than a shared religious system causing the acts we see.
    As has been demonstrated over the centuries, nothing motivates human beings to commit the most extreme acts as does religious justification.

  22. two cents' worth says:

    Another great cartoon, Author! Like the song says (but in a different context), “you’ve got to be taught before it’s too late–before you are six or seven or eight–…you’ve got to be carefully taught!”

  23. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Jazzlet, did you not point out to your deputy head that if he was insisting that the pupils are more stupid than the teachers, then he was admitting – in front of the pupils, no less – that your teachers were stupid? Speaking as one who regularly stood his ground against tyrannical educators, and who was more than once publically caned (the headmaster’s idea of making an example of me, usually as the finale to morning assembly), I certainly would have. I certainly never cried*, though; I refused to give the bastards the satisfaction of thinking they’d broken me, and the idiots never realised that by doing so in such a public fashion, it was me who was setting an example to the pupils; never let the bastards grind you down ( a pity really that most of the spineless little shits lacked the necessaries to do as I did, refusing to defend themselves against the injustices meted out by the teachers, but maybe I expected too much of my fellow pupils).
    One would hope that any school teacher, and especially one considered qualified enough to have been promoted to deputy head status, would have the intelligence to know the difference between stupidity and ignorance.

    *not a judgement on you, I can appreciate how one can be brought to tears out of sheer frustration.

  24. smee says:

    Algol60: Yes getting Jesus and Mo published in the Guardian would indeed be a challenge! For starters the main obstacle being that Jesus is a Jew!

    Mo;being a proponent of extremist Jihadi Islamism obviously wouldn’t be a problem.

    Perhaps the author could produce a Guardian reader friendly version of the cartoon without the Filthy Jew Jesus?

  25. smee says:

    Sorry Author: I ran out of time to edit! Perhaps a variant of the cartoon that might be acceptable to Guardian readerswould be? Hezbollah and Mo? Iranian Revolutionary guard and MO?

    I have to confess a predjudice however ! I’m probably one of the only people on the planet who laughed at Ayotollah Khomeynies funeral! I’m afraid that I still consider that when his mourners dropped the c**ts coffin and his corpse fell out of its box, to be one of the finest comedic moments in human history!

  26. Laripu says:

    Smee: When I was a child, an Irish Catholic friend of mine insisted that Jesus wasn’t a Jew because he was a Christian. I was pretty sure he was wrong, but I had the wrong “filthy” background, and so couldn’t contradict him.

    On another note, I’m currently in the path of hurricane Irma, in Tampa, Florida. As we all know, prayers will be useless. “If wishes were fishes…” Donations to the American Red Cross may help with the damage and the homeless, later on.

  27. smee says:

    Laripu: That’s the problem with living in England at the MO! Even the bar council have been actively trying to abolish the primacy of English law and replace it with Sharia!The members pf the Bar council are utterly shameful! Mind you WTF. If someones willing to pay you good money to fuck your grandmother, who gives a shit for Magna Carta!

  28. Ferrous Patella says:

    Your mouse-over text misspelt “prey”.

  29. Laripu says:

    Ferrous Patella – Iron Knee – Irony …. heh heh, nice one.


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