I’m on hols again, and this is what I’m thinking. Probably.

The late great Kurt Vonnegut wrote the last panel.

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  1. 1happyheathen says:

    be safe and have fun….

  2. henryford says:

    and relax

  3. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    There is some good advice
    Pertaining to what is nice
    Instead of preaching damnation
    Appreciate creation
    It available, at absolutely no price.

  4. machigai says:

    Have a nice time.

  5. Peter Liston says:

    Recharge that brain box please Author. We rely on you for a moment of sanity each week. Much looked forward to and appreciated.

  6. hackneymartian says:

    Thanks for the Vonnegut, Author. Kurt is up in Heaven now.

  7. hotrats says:

    Old Zen saying:

    You should take half an hour each day to sit quietly and appreciate Nature.
    Unless you are busy, in which case you should take an hour.

  8. Son of Glenner says:

    Author: Enjoy your break. I look forward to even sharper satire after your wits have had a good rest.
    Hackneymartian: I hope you won’t mind that I am not going to pray for the repose of Kurt’s soul.

  9. dr John de Wipper says:

    may your holidays be as great as mine were!

  10. hackneymartian says:

    Son of Glenner: I wondered who would fall for that. Read the Vonnegut article that Author linked to.

  11. two cents' worth says:

    As my dad often says, we’ve got it good!

    Happy hols, O Author!

  12. tfkreference says:

    @hackneymartian: I saw your comment and muttered, “Jesus Christ.” I then read the article and laughed out loud.

  13. Someone says:

    It’s life’s little things
    That make you stop and smile; there
    Are ducks on my socks.
    – A haiku I just made up.

  14. Vanity Unfair says:

    I know some people use the I Ching when they need help to explain the world and other turn to cartomancy, with or without the major arcana. However, I find that, after pondering a problem, pressing the “Random” button will usually help me make a better decision. I’m thinking of calling it JandMancy. I wonder whether I can trade mark this before Author returns.

  15. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Careful, Vanity Unfair, dear Author is omnipresent.

  16. two cents' worth says:

    Vanity Unfair, your idea sounds like a good one, but how do you pronounce JandMancy? (J and M an see [stressing the J and the M]? Jand Mancy [with the stress on Jand]?) Also, what about a Web site or e-journal with commentary about the meaning of the cartoons when they’re used for JandMancy? (The comments section here might not have the information seekers need when they’re using JandMancy.) I can see it now! Learned articles on the connotations signified by eye blinks! Passionate arguments about what is portended by details such as whether J and M are depicted full face, in profile, from behind, or a combination of some or all of these! Posterity will hail you as the originator of this new form of divination! If those who consult the JandMancy commentary were charged a small fee each time they access it, with the income going to the Author, it could help to ensure that the Author will continue to produce new cartoons for years to come while the cartoon remains free to all. This could be the start of something big! (No, I’m not volunteering to set up or run the JandMancy commentary. I’ve never had a taste for academic or arcane writing.) 😉

  17. Len says:

    Have a great holiday Author 🙂
    Would you by any chance be going to Austria? (I’m on my way there now.)

  18. Len says:

    Sorry – I may have posted that a couple of times. Weird system.

  19. Anna O. Zachefr says:

    So, how long IS that holiday???


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