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  1. Neil Hoskins says:

    The only way to properly understand recursion is to first understand recursion.

  2. grouchy-one says:

    It’s funny because it’s funny

  3. Matt Oxley says:

    the difference between prophecy books and history books is the date they were written!

    the bible and the book of Daniel are NEITHER!

  4. Jerry w says:

    There’s no shorter line between two points than a circle.
    Same as it always was, same as it always will be.

  5. Judy says:

    Recursive: see recursive.

    Gave me a good Friday morning laugh.

  6. blackwingsblackheart says:

    Okay, Author, now you’re giving me creepy flashbacks to my years in a WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) parochial school. Not that this strip isn’t funny, but brrrr, the brainwashing that made arguments like this sound sane and sensible…

  7. yabutnoweh says:

    It took me a while to understand recursion but it’s easy really. God exists( Bible was written by God (God exists)). Infallible argument. Takes some working out but that’s what Bible school is for ye heathen.

    If author can build in some propositional logic then he will achieve god(like?) status… If someone experienced God then God exists. Someone experienced God. Therefore God exists.

    Forgive me Lord!

  8. lordrandom says:

    As a Catholic I am shocked, I am outraged, oh who am I kidding? Fair point is all I can say.

  9. Hi there!!
    I just discovered this site, it’s so funny. I’ve taken a look on almost every strip and most of them made laugh a lot.

    Congratulations have a great time this weekend

  10. La religión explicada por un mono…

    El vídeo hace relación al cristianismo, pero no es difícil extender la caricatura a cualquier otra religión, verdad?

    Pues no, no se les ocurra hacer lo mismo con el islamismo. Rápidamente surgirían protestas en todo el mundo, manifestaciones, ll…

  11. Daoloth says:

    “You can trust me, I am a man of God”
    But how do I know you are telling the truth?
    “Fool!, would a man of God tell lies?”
    Tee hee hee.

  12. Hobbes says:

    Elf Believer: “I have an invisible magic elf who makes it rain.”

    Skeptic: “How can you prove you have this elf?”

    Elf Believer: “Didn’t it rain yesterday?”

    Skeptic: “Yes.”

    Elf Believer: “What more proof do you need?”

    –from George H. Smith’s Atheism: The case against God

  13. I could just say “God doesn’t exist, therefore he doesn’t exist”. 😉

  14. Daniel is interesting, because there’s fairly good diachronic analysis (the study of how language changes through time) to suggest that it actually was written before the events described. Or so I’ve been told. I really must look that up somewhere more neutral than the publications of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the publishers for the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a religion I have but recently abandoned.

    It’s certainly true that the prophecies in the book of Daniel are the only ones that are at all impressive. All other Biblical prophecies (and indeed many of Daniel’s later ones) are extremely vague. King of the North and King of the South, anyone? The Witness interpretation of that is impressively implausible.


  15. Oh but it’s true you know. For instance we know the Bible was written by God because the Bible says so. If you don’t believe me you just look at the Saddleback church’s web site – it quotes chapter and verse right on there, right where it says the Bible was written by God. So you see: it’s watertight.

  16. JMo says:

    I had the pleasure early one morning to see again the beginning of “The Ten Commandments”. It showed Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Of course Cain killed Abel and God gave him a tatoo and made him leave. He then went to a land called Nod and found himselve a wife. I have a very devout Christian co-worker and so I asked him where did the women come from. I mean supposedly there are only four people on the planet. My friend said without batting an eye that Adam and Eve had many children and the scriptures don’t name them all. So of course I said “so God thinks that incest is the best way to populate the planet?” Deer in the headlights……I laughed again…..But geeze these people exist and believe……

  17. Cain, Abel, and Seth are the three of Adam and Eve’s children who are named. Everyone forgets Seth, even though he’s the one we’re all descended from, if you believe what is written. Seth was an ancestor of Noah. Cain’s line perished in the Flood (note the careful uppercase initial).

    Sheesh. It’s amazing how well this stuff sticks in the head.


  18. kevin says:

    How long now, and not a single comic mentioning Gaza.

  19. Toast in the machine says:

    Why not have a look back through recent strips Kevin, and see the other subjects that were focussed on? And maybe consider the allusion to that ugly mess in the immediately preceding strip?

  20. Bagpuss says:

    Kevin, because he’s a washed up shadow of his former self – his biggest chance was at Italia90 and, I’m sorry to say, he blew it.

  21. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    November 22nd 1963
    A great man will die
    Just you wait and see.

    Fuck! I’m a prophet. Now prove me wrong.

  22. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    February 14th 2013
    Russia will see fire from the heavens
    The truth will be seen.

    I bet ya I’m right.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Chad Elf Believer: “I have an invisible magic elf who makes it rain.”

    Virgin Skeptic: “How can you prove you have this elf?”

    Chad Elf Believer: “Didn’t it rain yesterday?”

    Virgin Skeptic: “Yes.”

    Chad Elf Believer: “What more proof do you need?”


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