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Happy New Year!

If you’re stuck for a decent New Year’s resolution, why not pledge to support Jesus & Mo? They’d appreciate that. Beer and rent don’t pay for themselves.

Rewards abound!

This month’s raffle prize winner is Silvio in France, who gets a signed print of his choice.


And I resolve not to miss another January 1 deadline.

Happy New Year to all our readers and Patrons! This month’s raffle prize – a signed copy of the latest J&M book, Ha ha! goes to long-time reader and Patron Ricard from London. Congrats, Ricard!

If you enjoy the J&M comic and would like to contribute to its continued existence, please consider becoming a Patron this year. A dollar a month is all it takes to put a spring in a prophet’s step:

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Happy New Year to all Jesus & Mo readers!

If you’re stuck for a new year’s resolution, why not resolve to support your favourite 4-panel blasphemous comic strip? If that’s Jesus & Mo, you can do that by clicking on this link: