Happy New Year!

If you’re stuck for a decent New Year’s resolution, why not pledge to support Jesus & Mo? They’d appreciate that. Beer and rent don’t pay for themselves.

Rewards abound!

This month’s raffle prize winner is Silvio in France, who gets a signed print of his choice.

Discussion (33)¬

  1. jean-françois gauthier says:

    is she laughing at them or with them? will they ever know?

  2. Matt says:

    Very nice joke within a joke. Jesus is a quick study.

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  4. Abhijeet says:

    Good one, author. It would’ve been even better for Mo to be entirely clueless about his own hypocrisy. “But I’m never hypocritical!”

  5. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    That is the solution
    Pertaining to NewYears resolution
    Other’s are always to blame
    They’re simply insane
    Not submitting to my perfect institution.

  6. DC Toronto says:

    Some days I’m the barmaid …. some days I’m Mo.
    Happy New Year …. to all my friends!

  7. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    DC, your Western bias is showing. Not everybody celebrates the New Year on the 1st of January: -)

    What Jesus needs is an irony meter.

    I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Yrar, and to all the Americans, bloody good luck; you’re going to need it.

  8. […] The new Jesus and Mo strip, called “much,” speaks for itself: […]

  9. Anonymous says:

    AoS, as is well-known to long-term followers of the J&M strip, irony meters normally blow apart immediately on exposure to the remarks of either J or M, although not to remarks from the barmaid. (Her NY Resolution didn’t last long!)

  10. Oozoid says:

    My first laugh of the (Christian) year!

  11. Lauren says:

    I love Jesus and Mo! After 2016, I needed a breath of fresh comedy. This covered it quite nicely. Thanks!

  12. Son of Glenner says:

    For some strange reason, my post timed at 8:11 pm was listed as “Anonymous”. It was sent by me, Son of Glenner. I am having other technical problems, some of the buttons on the bar below the strip are missing, but I find if I go back to the previous strip then forward to “last”, I can see the comments OK.

    Is the C&B being sabotaged by trolls?

  13. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    And ironically, somebody felt the need to explain to me why Jesus doesn’t have an irony meter.
    Dammit, that was my last one!
    Anonymous, you wouldn’t perchance be American, would you?

  14. Ha. All three broke their resolution in the first conversation. Delightful.

    My resolution is to rediscover my sense of humor. I think the American election last year did serious damage to it. Things that I thought were funny turned out to be anything but, and now I find I must recalibrate my entire world view. J & M helps a lot.

  15. machigai says:

    thank you, Author

  16. machigai says:

    Nassar may need his own blog, soon.

  17. Son of Glenner says:

    Technical problems seem to have been corrected. Hurrah!

    AoS: How dare you accuse me of being American! I am Scottish.

  18. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Son of Glenner, my apologies; it was the apparent lack of understanding of irony in the way you explained irony meters to me, a regular at the C&B for eight years or so, that gave me to think ‘American’, a people not traditionally noted for an appreciation of the subtle art.
    As a case in point I offer Alanis Morissette, the Canadian/American who wrote and sang a song listing various supposed ironic scenarios, the only genuine irony being that none of her examples were actually ironic in nature.
    As another example I give you the American electorate who wanted a working class hero and elected Trump.

  19. DC Toronto says:

    Well, AoS, I’d like to tell you that I was referring to our annual dim sum fest for the Chinese New Year …. unfortunately I was not and you are correct.
    Just goes to show you…. some days I’m Mo.

    ps …. don’t get Alanis pissed …. listen to her song ‘you oughta know’ for the epitome of the fury of a woman scorned

  20. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    DC, I don’t need to listen to Alanis to know what a furious, scorned woman sounds like. I have daughters and for the best part of thirty years have been witness to dramas on a scale that make Ms. Morissette’s fury little more than a toddler’s temper tantrum by comparison.

  21. DC Toronto says:

    Sorry to hear that AoS. Alanis comes across as pretty unhinged on that track …. worse than that would be quite unbearable I expect.

  22. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Don’t be sorry, DC, their furies were never directed at me, and I’d rather have them with fire in their bellies than being shrinking violets. In fact, I’ve often said that I’m afraid of no man on earth, but Mrs. o’S and the Misses o’S frighten the bejaysus out of me. Not because they’ve ever turned on me in anger, but simply because I’ve seen what they’re capable of when the gloves are off. I’m so proud of them all 🙂

  23. Eoin Kenobi says:

    Author, that is fantastic, triple punchline, my first belly laugh of 2017. Much appreciated!

  24. Great Scot! says:

    My NY resolution is to start commenting on J & M 🙂 Good job, author!

  25. Grumpy says:

    Superb start to 2017 Author, thank you.

  26. wrinkel42 says:

    Barmaid only laughs when it’s funny.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
    Thanks Author.

  27. Walter says:

    RE: Irony meter.

    You have to use an UNobtainiumy Meter — the iron ones are too weak.

  28. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    But how does one obtain unobtanium?

  29. plainsuch says:

    I don’t know about the unobtainiumy, but in the USA a meter makes about three feet. I guess in Poetry it’s the other way around.

  30. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    On the Isle of Man, three feet are on the flag.

  31. Son of Glenner says:

    Re unobtainium, see the movie Avatar. You still won’t know how to obtain unobtainium, but you may enjoy some of the beautiful CGI images in the film.

  32. Mort says:

    Wonderful :- )

  33. Friendly Extremist says:

    Jesus has reminded me that I miss the irony meter! :_(


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