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It’s true.

Don’t forget, 50% of this month’s J&M book sales profits goes to the Senal Edamaruku defence fund.

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Poor little Churchy-wurchy.


A resurrection this week because of real-life work commitments. The irony meter first appeared in December 2008, and enjoyed a short period of popularity before fading into oblivion. They were poorly made.

This strip was based on a true story.


This isn’t satire, it’s reportage. Thanks to guest script writer Giuseppe Ferrari.

Jesus & Mo now has a Patreon account, which allows regular readers to support its continued production by pledging a small amount each month. It’s entirely voluntary, and can be cancelled at any time. There is also a system of incremental rewards, depending on how much you pledge.

Jesus & Mo has been available free since 2005, and will always be free. But now, if you enjoy it and you think that each strip is worth, say, 25 cents’ worth of pleasure to you, you can pledge a dollar a month and have the satisfaction of knowing you’re playing a part in keeping this little corner of blasphemous satire active in the world. If you think it’s worth more than that, you’ll get a bit more. Here – have a look.

Thanks for your support and thanks, above all, for reading Jesus & Mo.


These aren’t jokes. They are facts. You can read the Pope’s entire post-synodal apostolic exhortation here, appropriately titled CHRIST ALIVE.


Not literally. It’s a British exclamation of surprise.

Thanks to Joe McKeever, who really believes this stuff (see item 6), for helping with this week’s script.

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The scientific procedure is described here.