Atheist bus Christian response.

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  1. Matt says:

    HAHA, i vote for Mo’s slogan

    Really really really

  2. Maggs says:

    Hell’s teeth! They are struggling aren’t they… Surpassed yourself author, thank you.

  3. Grandma Ro says:

    Funny, I’ve been offered both responses as logical arguments…

  4. Megan says:

    Hey, Jesus is a lefty! Shouldn’t that make him more creative? 😉

    Or maybe he was faking it while trying to stimulate some creativity.

  5. haha says:

    love this strip! 🙂

  6. Dick M says:

    Jesus’ right sleeve seems to be empty!

  7. JMo says:

    “SOMEBODY MADE THIS BUS,…..HOW ABOUT YOU!” Of course this also works for the ID crowd. Hey you can’t have it all where would you put it!

  8. Bodach says:

    Great one! Allahu akbar, indeed. Or neener, neener, whichever is better.

  9. r00db00y says:

    “Feel free to start worrying and enjoy life the way we tell you”

  10. JoJo says:

    No reason why the Christian Bus should be aimed at Atheists – why not at Jews and Muslims?
    How about:
    “Why settle for one God? – Three will be along in a minute..”

  11. nichole says:

    “or else!!”

  12. chris says:

    Hey, can theists comment on here?

  13. Daoloth says:

    None of which are as funny as the one they went with: “The fool has told hinself in his heart there is no god”. What a clincher.
    I suggested that the buses have a picture of the 7/7 bus with the words “If Allah is great- why are his followers such cunts?” but, alas, no-one liked my suggestion.

  14. Submoron says:

    Dick M, He’s probably had trouble biting his nails (ouch!).

  15. Nobody liked a suggestion that uses the word ‘cunt’ as a pejorative? Gee, I can’t imagine why.

  16. Uncle Roger says:

    Chris — absolutely! But be aware that you may find yourself questioning your deeply held beliefs…

  17. Oddtwang says:

    Courtesy of a lovely website here:


    You can try out the sweary versions.

    Mine’s here: http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=50539698027&h=NoU1x&u=uOjws

  18. Felix says:

    I see you have posted the same message on Pharyngula, without bothering to read the responses or replying. I conclude that you are just plugging your inane blog, as hundreds of other drive-by posters do all over the web. Apparently feigning interest to garner attention to your personal ramblings is decent behavior in your book. Apparently a huge number of theists agree with you. Liars for God.

  19. Jerry w says:

    Why did Jesus’ penis say “Allahu Akbar”? Or is that a clue to where his right hand has gone off to? Got to love those flowing robes.

    And Chris, exactly what was it that Jesus Swept? Or did I read that wrong?

  20. pikeamus says:

    OB: Nobody minds ‘dick’, ‘cock’ or ‘prick’ as pejoratives, why is it only the word ‘cunt’ that gets singled out?

  21. James says:

    On Christian website ship-of-fools.com they recently had a caption contest which effectively was a competition to come up with a response to the atheist bus campaign.

    The sentiments mostly boiled down to “Richard Dawkins is a wanker” (admittedly a sentiment with some broad appeal), and “Look! Ariane Sherine’s got boobs!”

  22. Daoloth says:

    OB- I just like to swear with my own anatomy, thanks.
    Plus- “Cunt” has that comedy K sound, allied with a labio-dental “t” that sounds like a derisive spit.
    Plus- given what some muslims DO to cunts in terms of FGM its especially insulting to them.
    Plus- lighten up you sanctimonious gimboid!

  23. James says:

    Oh dear.

    I’ve been fired from my job at the ad agency.

    They wanted me to write some ads to convince people to go to church.

    “We call it A Theist Bus Campaign” they said…

  24. Nope, not going to lighten up, using ‘cunt’ as a pejorative is what it is.

    ‘Sanctimonious’ am I…good, I’ll use that as my defense when I’m accused of ‘defaming’ Islam.

  25. Ms. Anne Thrope says:

    If it’s true that “the fool hath said in his heart that there is no God,” and “God looks after fools and children,” then wtf are xtians so worried about? Obviously, we atheists/agnostics are God’s chosen.

  26. Dick M says:

    Your false premises lead you astray.

  27. Offgrid says:

    That’s very funny, how about this one ?
    With “Probably” we are saying that we cannot prove that God does not exist.
    When they say “Everything is God” it is just as valid as saying “God is Nothing” (or God does not exist)
    The statement that “Nothing is God” means the same thing as “Everything is God” Because in an infinite universe “Nothing encompasses everything” and everything encompasses nothing. Whether God is something or God is nothing – all that exists in the universe either comes from something or comes from nothing.
    Either Way proves that God exists.

    It’s probably too long. I wonder of the Theists will get it.

  28. Don says:

    I like JoJo’s slogan, “Why settle for one God? – Three will be along in a minute..”. It has the benefit of being amusing, true and references buses. 😛

    I was thinking along the same lines, perhaps, “Are you sure this is the one true bus? – 99.9% chance of failure.”

  29. pikeamus says:

    @Dick M:
    Do you mean the premise that “Nobody minds ‘dick’, ‘cock’ or ‘prick’ as pejoratives”? Well perhaps the word nobody is inappropriate but certainly I’ve never seen anybody raise it as a sexism issue. Perhaps something like “Society at large doesn’t appear to particularly condemn ‘dick’ etc” but picking up on that is a bit pedantic surely?
    I was asking a question and was asking not to prove a point but because I actually wanted to know the answer. I am a big OB fan (very much looking forward to her book) and assume she must of thought about how ‘cunt’ relates to other pejoratives and wanted to know why she considers it to be different.

  30. Maria says:

    I looked in on Chris’ (posting above) blog and read this:

    “[muslim] Radicals want to destroy the Jews, Democracy, and Western culture. All in the name of Allah. They will do this with violence, only, and not with love, like the Christians want to do.”

    I just thought that was a great Freudian slip (can you call that a Freudian slip?). So Christians want to destroy the Jews, Democracy and Western culture, too… but with love! 🙂

  31. John The Geologist says:


    Use of that word is not intended to have any sexist connotations in the UK. It is intended to be an extreme insult but that is in no way connected with any sexist reference. It is devoid of any relationship to females and is merely a term of abuse.

    In the same way that “fuck” and it’s derivatives can be a verb, noun, adjective etc without having any particular reference to the actual physical act it refers to.

    I understood that feminists were recapturing the right to the word cunt in the same way as gay men were recapturing the word “queer”. However, being neither of the aforementioned I may well be wrong.

    And daoloth was perfectly correct in that the twats who committed the 7/7 atrocity were indeed a bunch of cunts.

  32. Dick M says:

    Yes, that is what I meant. This issue was discussed in the comments to a cartoon published some months ago.

  33. Poor Richard says:

    Ophelia might agree with me that all you guys with a “cunt” problem should immediately read Inga Muscio’s poetic, loving tribute to our beloved yonic goddess. But I suppose we never will redeem the word, since men use it like a club. Is it true that John McCain called his wife that? So, reference Lady Chatterly’s lover: “Thou art a lovely cunt.” (Close enough quote, I hope; I don’t have a copy nearby. Anyway, it’s a sweet spin.)

    Hey, you think THAT’S a problem? All us who are named Richard can tell you some things.

    Poor Richard says, “We’d better get back to worshipping our Mother Earth. Before it’s too late. Even if you think it’s too late.”

  34. Daoloth says:

    Inspired by OB- I now want my bus side to read- “If Allah is great then why are his followers such silly billies?”. With a close-up of some mangled corpses and horribly disabled folk (which could offend no-one). I trust that this covers all the requsite bases.

  35. willowisp says:

    I’m a Billy but not silly. Maybe it’s better to stick with genital referencing pejoratives?


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