The Koran isn’t a barrel of laughs, but it has its moments.

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  1. John says:

    I hadn’t read 33:53 before. That’s exactly how I am with dinner party guests…are we sure Mohammed wasn’t just British?

  2. Jesus F Iscariot says:

    Wow…I had no idea it was that bizarre. So Donald Trump isn’t the first dictator to say that the rules and laws do not refer to him—except when some angle is to his advantage. When I see the Flaccid-Faced Orangutan giving speeches I always think he is another Mussolini—and now I can see he is another iteration of Mohammed.

  3. Son of Glenner says:

    Jesus F Iscariot: On behalf of all orangutans, I object to these harmless and rather adorable animals being likened to D J Trump!

  4. Jveeds says:

    I remember reading the part about guests not lingering with mundane fascination! I have to admit that it’s not necessarily a bad concept to convey though. As I recall, the reason was that people were dropping in on the prophet all the time, hanging out and causing distress for the women/woman of the household. But still…it hardly seems like the sort of super-critical info that Allah and his angel would need to make into a revelation. It’s more like one of those things that Mo thought up in a moment of aggravation and decided to ascribe to Jibril/Gabriel

  5. Troubleshooter says:

    So, in the final analysis, Mo is nothing more than a horny, self-involved, self-righteous egotist! Whoda thunk it? [darn near EVERYONE!]

  6. Laripu says:

    A teacher, after showing a Charlie Hebdo drawing of Muhammad, in a class on freedom of speech, was decapitated for religious reasons, by an 18-yeast-old refugee.

  7. M27Holts says:

    Laripu. No teacher in Britain would do that. They would lose their job faster than if they stuck their hand up a school girls skirt….freedom of speak no longer exists in the islamic republic of Albion…

  8. Deimos says:

    If you need to steer someone away from Islam, ask them to read the Koran as a history book. If you want to steer someone away from Christianity, ask them to read the history of organised Christianity.

  9. Troubleshooter says:


    The Bible, properly read, is the most potent force for atheism yet invented.
    — Isaac Asimov

  10. postdoggerel says:


    I don’t believe in blasphemy;
    There’s simply no such thing to me.
    A god, as far as I can see,
    Would see the ugly irony.

    Created it, in fact, I fail
    To picture any ego frail
    Behind whose name the angels sing;
    The Lord of everything.

    To take a life with said excuse:
    He did my saviour’s name abuse,
    And end a human violently…
    Now that, my friend, is blasphemy.

    SG Holter

  11. M27Holts says:

    S.O.G…Orangutan males quite often fight to the death and are extremely brutal. All primates are violent, especially the apex preditor homo sapiens… we can all kill given the right circumstances.. however, programming people to use that propensity for violence to further a religion is in fact religions major fault…especially islam…

  12. Laripu says:

    M27Holts, you said ”freedom of speak no longer exists in the islamic republic of Albion”.

    This is certainly not true. What is true is that you can’t say things your employer finds to be antithetical to profit. A person who is not employed can go to Brick Lane in London and yell “Mohammed is a pedophile!” without risking arrest.

    So the restriction isn’t due to law.

    Employers want to hire the most talented people, because talent is rare, and talent leads to profit. They know that if they have a reputation for hiring employees that are anti-X, then talented people of type X will avoid that employer. (Where X is any race, religion, gender, sexuality. The safest stance for employers to take is to fire anyone that’s hostile to any X.

    That just shows a home truth no-one wants to acknowledge: money and power dictate what is commonly understood as morality.

  13. M27Holts says:

    Laripu. The police spend a lot of time investigating the crime of “Hate Speech” thus freedom to say what you like is curtailed by law…determining what is, and what isn’t hate speech is the real problem..Religion gives people a get out of jail free card in lots of areas, like chopping bits off infants genitals without recourse to law…


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