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  1. JayBee1988 says:

    I’m so glad people can hate me for who I like to sleep with in so many different ways!

    Awesome strip: as usual!

    Oh, and why are the poor innocent Christians being persecuted?

  2. I think I’ve read this somewhere. Apparently some churches are now trying to dissociate themselves with the WBC and convincing people that God does love gays.

    Funny how when an exaggerated version of them appears on the news and they panic because they see how stupid they are.

  3. r00db00y says:

    God does love gays. It loves everyone. It just hates what they get up to. It doesn’t hate them for it, just hates what they do. Are you seriously telling me that nobody on here has a loved one with an annoying habit? 😀
    I’m pretty sure it loves Fred Phelps and his cronies too. Just hates their gaybashing. God leaves hating people up to the various religions, that way it doesn’t have to hate anyone itself.

  4. Matt Oxley says:

    glad to hear they got banned, I am all for free speech…but these guys freak me out

    wonder when Ray Comfort is gonna be banned from Huntington Beach?

  5. Erithacus Rubecula says:

    They(WBC) now hate the Netherlands too… They plan to picket on the funeral of those who died in the plane crash in the Netherlands….

    How sick can one be…

  6. Daniel says:

    Heh. Jesus reads the Daily Mail.


  7. richardh says:

    JayBee1988 read pretty much any issue of the daily mail and you’ll understand how often they use the christians are being persecuted line. that and the britains losing its CHRISTIAN morals its quite pathetic.

  8. John The Geologist says:


    Phil Wood: What ‘K’ could be described as the Islamic Bible?

    Contestant: Er. … ..

    Phil Wood: It’s got two syllables . . . Kor . .

    Contestant: Blimey?

    Phil Wood: Ha ha ha ha, no. The past participle of run . . ..

    Contestant: (Silence)

    Phil Wood: OK, try it another way. Today I run, yesterday I . . .

    Contestant: Walked?

  9. Jerry w says:

    Mr. Phelps, when you rant on about your mission impossible
    you miss a vital part that needs to be pointed out to you.

    Your god is a non discriminating god,
    he (or she) hates everyone equally.

  10. Indeed, God hates the world, according to the WBC:

    They even give reasons why.

    And I must say, the site is well-designed. Red-necks can do flash 😛

  11. Uncle Roger says:

    God doesn’t just hate gays and the Netherlands…

    (Okay, not really. But He probably would if he existed.)

  12. author says:

    The past participle of run is run. Phil Wood wasn’t helping.

  13. grouchy-one says:

    The Korun? Would that be a holy book that has had its day?

  14. Colonel Leisure says:

    “The past participle of run is run. Phil Wood wasn’t helping.”

    This would help explain the book’s laxative qualities.

  15. Contestant: ‘Walked?’

    He got it right. The Islamic Bible is indeed Kwalk (quack)

  16. Daoloth says:

    I think Phelps and his gang are an excellent advert for homosexuality. If there was any truth in the claim that we choose who we find attractive- and that is a deeply suspect idea- then Phelps would make people choose homosexuality just to annoy him.

  17. Daoloth says:

    Not relevant to this particular strip but something I simply had to share.
    Did you catch this story?
    Muzzammil Hassan; a Pakistani-American who runs “Bridges TV”: a station dedicated to reducing cross-cultural misunderstandings about moslems in the US…wait for it…wait for it…beheads his wife with a scimitar.
    Sometimes this stuff just writes itself.

  18. Jerry w says:

    Beheading a wife is a terrible thing.
    Not that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind, but it’s
    a terrible thing, none the less.

  19. Daoloth says:

    Jerry- Er , yes. Thats kinda my point. Beheading your wife over a matter of honour sends out a message. Going and bragging about it to the police (like he did) also sends out a message. Not a message that someone wanting people to love Islam, with its renowned view of females-as-property, perhaps wanted? It is an action beyond satire. Jesus and Mo is a satirical website. Hence the “stuff writes itself” comment. Any more points that you need me to spell out- please don’t hesitate to ask!

  20. ComradePorkie says:

    Seeing Jesus reading the Daily Mail really made my day.

    I once sent an incredibly polite email to the WBC asking why, if God hates us all so much, are we worshipping him in the first place? – They never replied.

  21. MrGronk says:

    Ahh, dear old Mr Phelps and his human zoo are at it again … If any of you want a diverting 10 minutes or so, google “fred phelps”+”closet case”.
    This guy has literally driven himself insane with self-loathing. He really needs some young stud to give him a few hours of nice therapeutic buggery. Unfortunately he’s old and ugly as well as mean and demented.

  22. MrGronk says:

    Wahey! My avatar’s finally working!

  23. lordrandom says:

    Personally I think the question of whether homosexuality is a sin or not is a moot point.
    If (as many believe) it isn’t then there is no problem
    If (as others believe) it is then I’d point other christians to what Christ viewed as the most important commadnment and also to the line “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”
    Basically put if someone is going to be judged for their lifestyle it wont be me to do it and I should treat them as I would want to be treated myself.
    So in both occassions I treat them with the respect they deserve as fellow human beings, therefore moot point.

  24. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Sins don’t exist except in some people’s imagination. Given there is no god to assign black marks to non-existent souls, there is no such thing as a sin in a reality based world.

    There are such things as crimes, yes. Moral failings also exist, sure. That’s when you hurt someone. However, what consenting adults do with each other should never be considered as either, let alone as sins.

    Though of course, chocolate is much improved by the thought that it is sinful.

  25. MrGronk says:

    Actually JohnnieCanuck, you might be on to something pretty deep there. A lot of stuff seems more fun if you feel you’re violating some great taboo or wallowing in sin – sex being the most obvious example. Could it be that the notion of sin helps make sex feel more than just a mechanical act? I’m sure most people have an anecdote or two about a religiously-inclined sex partner in a state of high arousal. Whew!

  26. I’m vaguely recalling a character in Far From the Madding Crowd who tried to pretend he wasn’t married to his wife, because it made him love her more.

    But I might be getting mixed up with another book.


  27. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    If god really is omniscient, he would have known what was going to happen this week and zapped Parliament before they voted to legalise same-sex marriage.
    Or maybe he’s saving his smiting for the House of Lords before they can rubber-stamp the bill.


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