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  1. grouchy-one says:


  2. AlphaHedgehog says:


    I’m adopting “Stuttering Mo” as my new blasphemy for muslim company. It goes so well with “Leaky Jesus” for whan the xtians visit.


  3. Colonel Leisure says:


  4. arensb says:

    In Castillian Spanish, C’s and Z’s are lisped, whereas in Latin America, they’re not. My understanding is that this started with a Spanish king who lisped, which was picked up by the court as a way of sucking up to the king, and this then spread to the rest of the population.

  5. Bodach says:

    I used to stutter as a kid. Most stuttering is on the hard syllables; too many leading vowels in Arabic for this to work well for the Muh-muh-muslims.
    (I did laugh a little, though.)

  6. JayBee1988 says:

    arensb… is this story documented?
    I mean the S is not lisped… If the story is true, then the S should be lisped too (it isn’t though), right?

  7. boatie says:

    Thats an urban(?) myth about the king

  8. The Spanish ‘lisp’ did not come from royal sycophancy. Arguably only one Spanish king had a lisp. I say arguably because the source is unreliable. The other kings were never recorded to have a lisp. The lisp king was Pedro di Castile. The problem with saying that he was the source is that the ‘Castillian lisp’ was only used 200 years after he died.

  9. It should even be argued if Spanish has a lisp at all

  10. JMo says:

    Who put an “isp” in lisp anyway its just cruel irony, just like our favorite Authors’ sense of humor.

  11. Jerry w says:

    Hey, why is it all about the stuttering?
    What about those limpers of the world?
    Are gimps off limits for humor?
    I’ll hobble off now…..

  12. RavenBlack says:

    Of course that’s an urban myth – what lisper would be *flattered* by everyone around them starting lisping? It’d just seem like cruel mockery.

  13. Paper Hand says:

    Agreed. The “soft c” was historically pronounced as /ts/. In some dialects, including those that produced Latin American Spanish, /ts/ simplified to /s/. In others, it became “th”, probably through an intermediate stage where it was more of a “tth”

  14. daoloth says:

    Coying and equity are built into Sharia law:

  15. John The Geologist says:

    Nice reference Daoloth (not too sure what “coying” is though).

    The comments on that news article are funny as well.

    Some dingbat posted:

    “””No, this is “cruel and unusual punishment”! Just publicly behead them.”””

    So what part of being beheaded falls outside of the cruel and unusual punishment definition exactly.

    And they do not lisp all over Spain. The further south you go the more they lisp (which is fun in Andalucia). From Madrid northwards they hardly lisp at all (or maybe they were just taking the pith out of me).

  16. Tophe says:

    Hah! Reminds me of Monty Python’s Life of Brian and Forrest Gump’s followers.

  17. DAOLOTH says:

    Sorry John- reference should have been to “copying”. Whoops! Got drops in my eyes from optician.
    On another note, and before any of the morally superior get any funny ideas, my link is NOT supposed to imply that blinding with acid is “funny.”
    I get that it isn’t, blah-blah, I’m making a point about Moslem propriatoriness towards women, doo-dah, doo-dah, do not need anyone to try displaying their superior moral sensibilties towards me, etc etc etc sorry if I have used bad words and laughed at human suffering in the past- I am a very naughty girl yaddah-da, yaddah-da!

  18. JMo says:

    I don’t want to ruin the Author’s next submittal but this was too good to pass up. Check out this article about Sharia law in a case were a man threw acid on a woman who had scorned him. Gotta love those lawful, understanding, peaceful Muslims!!!!!

  19. maggs says:

    There are mad, cruel pervs in every society; to whit, the b*st*rds who raped a girl with severe learning difficulties and then poured acid on her and left her alone and suffering in the UK recently.

  20. moyameehaa says:

    one of the best, i should say.

  21. spellchecker says:

    I know I’m way late to this party, but don’t some muslim men dye their beards red to copy Mohammed?


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