You can bet Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor won’t be stopping anytime soon, either.

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  1. louis says:


  2. Don says:

    Ah, the old theistic shuffle.

    God in ineffable, unknowable. The only thing we can say with certainty is that He shares my opinions.

  3. Poor Richard says:

    Used to be more God than there is now.

  4. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Hey, I if I am going to create a god with my imagination, it’s going to agree with me completely. What’s to be surprised about that? What does it say about these people that their omniscient God is so fascinated with the details of other people’s sexual activities?

    In fact it is the God described by the major religions that can be disproved. If it is an interfering agent in the natural world, then it can be investigated. Miracles, answering prayers, those kinds of things can be tested. Just don’t let the RC Church do it unsupervised.

    For the moment, at least, only a god that started the universe off and then stood back and did nothing is beyond the reach of a skeptic’s investigation. Should the day come when a natural explanation for the beginning of the universe is found, the final gap might close.

  5. Jerry w says:

    Poor Richard Said:
    May 13th, 2008 at 10:12 am
    Used to be more God than there is now.

    Not exactly Poor Richard, It’s exactly the same hallucination, it’s just been downsized and outsourced.

    You might try making your prayers in Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, something like that.

  6. Sili says:

    Why does it look like Mo is grabbing Jesus’ crotch? …

  7. gös says:

    It’s so charming that after the fact that he had covered up sexual abuse of children by a priest in his diocese became public knowledge, he has been “created a freeman of the City of London,” read prayers at a British royal funeral, and preached a sermon to the reigning monarch of Great Britain.

    Not to mention the honours he has received within the Catholic church – but I didn’t expect any better from them.

  8. Poor Richard says:

    Jerry W; yeah, I sorta meant something sorta like that. When we were a newer species, I think we resorted more readily to The Illusion in a effort to explain things, like bumps in the night.

    Prayer? Wut? See John Barth’s wonderful old collection of short stories, “Lost in the Fun House.” In one little piece, he sets the Lord’s Prayer to seven different versions, one in Old Martian, while retaining the rhythm, which is ground deeply into the brains of anyone who went to school as long ago as I did. Check it out–it is hilarious.

  9. mjm202036 says:

    Now, if you went by (one of the) rules of the Holy Bible, you’ll think that Jesus should be able to know what God thinks, since he is God (or the son of God who probably left Heaven to get away from God’s rants about how bad man is doing and decided to show that they younger generation can do it better than the older generation).

    So, I can see Jesus spouting off what he believes that God thinks; but even a son never knows what his father truly thinks most of the time about certain subjects. All said, that is a whole different argument that more theists will always have with themselves (i.e. Is Jesus God in the form of man, or is Jesus the actual son of God?)

  10. tie says:

    Sili Says: Why does it look like Mo is grabbing Jesus’ crotch? …

    because he is, LOL

    very good strip btw, the religious paint themselves as humble and call the scientists as arrogant, but have no problem telling you exactly what the creator of the universe wants you to not eat on Fridays,

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  12. JayBee says:

    Author, YOU ROCK MY SOCK…

  13. The best line in the Cardinal’s speech (okay one of the best) was the one where he asked ‘Do you recognize the God Richard Dawkins doesn’t believe in?’ Because I sure don’t, he went on, rolling up his sleeves. That god sure bears no resemblance to the god I believe in. No sirree.

    Really – so the Catechism has been canceled then? Catholics believe in a completely different kind of god from the traditional god? Who knew?

  14. Aphra says:

    Having just caught up on the latest from the Vatican, I am eagerly awaiting the next strip which I am sure will deal, in knicker-wetting wit, with its new-found belief in E.T.

    Bring it on:-)

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  16. Madame Lafarge says:

    Madame has only just discovered Jesus and Mo and the barmaid. I spent most of the evening on the floor, laughing, gasping for air, wiping tears. Brilliant. Best office door art I’ve found in a long time.


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