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  1. author says:

    Just updated the whole site to use php 8.2. Are there any php wizards here that can tell me how to get rid of that warning notice down there?

  2. Fred F says:

    A sly dig at the Corbyn film?

  3. M27Holts says:

    Define $user_ID ?

  4. Charon l'Cypher says:

    The error could either be because `$user_ID` is not defined at all (in which case, define it as `0` or `null`, depending on the rest of your code), or it could be an actual bug (if the variable is defined, but in the wrong scope and therefore not visible to the code in line 54), which needs fixing, likely by declaring `$user_ID` inside the function as a global variable (`global $user_ID;`) before using it there.

    You can also kill all the warnings by calling `error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE);` or changing your PHP config, but this would be unwise. Better to fix the problem properly.

  5. Author says:

    Thanks for your help! I put

    $user_ID ; [null];

    at the top of the code, and it’s fixed.

  6. Succubus ov Satan says:

    ‘They’ want you to believe conspiracy theories

  7. Shaughn says:

    is that a common plural ‘they’ or a singular ‘they’ from a particular conspiracy? 😀

  8. Succubus ov Satan says:

    ‘They’ are not revealing that Shaughn

  9. Laripu says:

    This one reminds me of

    My favorite one of the idea that 0.2% of the world’s population controls everything. As in:

    I wish they’d cut me in on the “controlling everything” goodies. You’d think I could just pull a few strings…

  10. Succubus ov Satan says:

    Shaughn – the thing about ‘conspiracy theories is that they are a wonderful distraction = circuses for the masses – the ‘illuminati hunters’ are so busy chasing rainbows that they ignore how the governments and corporations are actually screwing them over

  11. OtterBe says:

    Yay: the pigeon returns!

    Thank you for the correction/apologies for persistently getting it wrong

  12. Laripu says:

    OtterBe, I hadn’t noticed the pigeon. I like it 😀

    I’m not sure what you’re apologizing for though.

  13. Laripu says:

    Does anyone else have any idea?
    I don’t expect an apology for anything.

    Did I give offense in some way?

  14. Shaughn says:

    Laripu, imho Otterbe is apologising for his own misunderstandings – whatever those might be.

  15. OtterBe says:


    A few weeks back I again addressed you as >Lapiru<and you corrected me. I went back and saw that I had been doing the dyslexic thing for some time. Not a big deal, but a personal minor bugbear of mine as correctly addressing some one is just basic respect. I have a long history of mixing up the middle/end of names I read that I believe is due to reading Tolkien at a very young age combined with reading too fast. He often would have multiple characters whose names started with the same 3 or 4 letters which in my mind would blend together into, say, ‘Alth(mumble)’.

    I STILL read your name as ‘Lapiru’—and it bugs me. Hence the apology. We’re good, man. Sorry, again (wry lol), I made a big deal of it—and ran on explaining

  16. OtterBe says:

    The pigeon
    (buckle up—or just skip this: I wax prolix in the wee thin hours of the morning, which is why I rarely comment anymore. My internal editor got fed up, beat their monitor to sparking death with the keyboard, and stormed out some years ago—leaving me to litter the internet with overly detailed/explained blocks of text)

    So, iirc from the archives, the pigeon didn’t show up for some years in the bench scenes. Then, it was just static, only doing the ‘pop’ (sting) a few years later. I enjoyed that detail. Later, a commenter (Carolita? Francesca? -some neat name like that) posted something like, “My pigeon!”, and Author acknowledged that it, indeed, was. A link was posted to a New Yorker cartoon with the pigeon. That backstory in place, I always welcome the pigeon.

    I welcome corrections as I may well be misremembering a good portion of this.

    Now I’m going to put the top down on my late midlife-crisis frivolity (Z3 M Roadster for car people), hit the Parkway, and watch the sun chase tendrils of mist from the valleys of the Blue Ridge.

    I >told< you I do go on

  17. Son of Glenner says:

    OtterBe: “Blue Ridge”.
    I take it your home is in Virginia, on the trail of the lonesome pine!

  18. OtterBe says:

    Yes: the Parkway I referred to is the Blue Ridge Parkway. However, due to an unseasonably cool spring & early summer, it hasn’t been very blue here so far this year. The blue tint is due to trees releasing an organic hydrocarbon called isoprene as a reaction to heat stress. To make up for the lack of blue, Canada has been kindly wafting down immense clouds of smoke from their wildfires which has resulted in incredible sunrises & sunsets—though I shouldn’t make light of how bad the air quality is for those with breathing issues.

    By Trail of the Lonesome Pine, are you referring to the novel, song, or movies? I ask because, tho I’ve been here since the ‘80s, I’ve never heard that reference and had to search it

  19. Laripu says:

    OtterBe, when you see Laripu, think Larry-poo. 😀

    Not as grandiose as Aragorn son of Arathorn, but it works for me. You have nothing to apologize for, even if you get it wrong again. Don’t worry, be happy. Relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew. Cheers.

    The Blue Ridge mountains are beautiful. I hope you enjoyed the drive.

    I like long posts. Don’t be a stranger. 🙂

  20. M27Holts says:

    Wood blandness can be amusing. My owl way of a mouse ment…

  21. Son of Glenner says:

    OtterBe: “By the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, on the trail of the lonesome pine”. Sorry you didn’t get it! It’s a song from a 1937 movie by Laurel and Hardy, “Way Out West” (before I was even born!), which had a second life in the 1970s, when it was a minor hit in the UK. You can still find the movie clip online. I still find Laurel and Hardy delightfully funny after almost ninety years. Their early “shorts” were of course silent, and very funny, but they adopted sound the same as most others, and their sound movies are even better. (Some “silent” stars could not make the transition!) After L&H retired, their comedic torch was carried on by the likes of Morecambe and Wise (now also deceased) in the UK, not sure about USA.

  22. OtterBe says:

    The Wikipedia article I found listed the novel, a stage adaptation, a ‘Laurel and Hardy compilation album’, and the movies. Having gathered from your comments here that you are the sober, studious type, it seemed unlikely you were a fan of lowbrow slapstick…

    No: I can’t even type that with a straight face. I do find it interesting, though, that John Peel helped popularize L&H in the mid-70s over there to the extent that the song hit #2 on the UK Singles Chart. I had no idea they were that highly regarded there in that time frame. When I played the clip on Wp I did recognize it-likely from spectating many Wednesday Night Knitting Circle & Open Picking Sessions of the New Roanoke Jug Band.

    I do love the circularity of life, so I’m off to finally watch some Morecambe & Wise.
    Cheers, y’all!

  23. Son of Glenner says:

    OtterBe: Me? The sober, studious type? My good friends Matthew Gloag of Perth, Scotland, and John Smith of Tadcaster, Yorkshire, might disagree! Well, they might let you off with “studious”!

    I object to Laurel & Hardy being described as “lowbrow slapstick” – they were highly skilled performers. (I’m reminded of Dolly Parton’s alleged remark re how much it costs her to look that cheap!)

    Enjoy your Morecambe & Wise. I recommend “Mr Preview” (André Previn) and “Angela Rippon”, two of my favourite sketches. In fact, I think “Mr Preview” is everybody’s favourite!

    I love the name: the New Roanoke Jug Band. Do they play Elephant John’s “Circle of Life”? (Actually Bernie Taupin!)

  24. M27Holts says:

    I much prefer more up to date comedy….League of Gentlemen, Monty Pyfhon, The young one’s, bottom, comic strip presents…Black adder….

  25. M27Holts says:

    Oh and Red Dwarf….more niche comedy I loved…The Beiderbeck Trilogy…

  26. Laripu says:

    I recommend any comedy movies by the Coen brothers. Particularly: O Brother Where Art Thou, The Big Lebowski, Burn After Reading, and Fargo. Fargo is not exactly a comedy, but has funny moments.

    All of them are very American, with references not even all Americans will get. For example, in O Brother Where Art Thou, they create a hillbilly singing group called “The Soggy Bottom Boys”. The reference is to a neighborhood in Washington DC called Foggy Bottom. One more thing… that movie is a modern version of the Odyssey and can’t be completely understood without that. There’s even a cyclops: a one-eyed murderous thieving bible salesman.

    My highest recommendations for that one.

  27. M27Holts says:

    Ah.Foggy Bottom is a place in the Paw Patrol series that my 6yo grandson likes to watch perched on grandads knee..somebody told me that Frasier was Genius, I watched one, it wasn’t…

  28. Rrr says:

    I enthusiastically second the recommendation of Coen bro:s movies!

    O brother where art thou is very very good, with multiple bottoms so takes more than one viewing, as well as some classical schooling (e.g. Odyssey).

    Fargo is exceptionally hilarious for a tragic crime story. Most characters speak in a heavy Swedish accent – except the one played by an actual Swede, who is silent. The female hero, a prominently pregnant police woman, is played by the wife of one of the Coens.


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