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  1. archbish says:

    Funniest for a few weeks. Theist scientists – like myself – get as irritated as atheist/agnostic scientists at this particular fundamentalist use of scripture.

  2. bk says:

    archbish, what’s your field? Do you feel in coflict?

  3. Grandma Ro says:

    “Sometimes pops their older counterparts to Moses, wearing long beards and staff. Interreligious dialogue that ensues between the characters is hilarious and just generally fruitless.

    Even otherwise the strip quite instructive in this regard. Probably not without the author hides behind a pseudonym. But since ‘Jesus and Mo “in November 2005 has been launched to my knowledge, no Christian or jew offended shown. The Pakistani government however, blocked the site because the content ‘blasphemous’ would be.”

    I love Google Translate. Also J&M, of course. Keep your head down and stay anonymous, Author – and keep writing!

  4. Anonymous Fan says:

    Name this character: Man with white beard in the sky, who knows if you’ve been sinning, and gives rewards to those who are good.

    Santa Claus.

    If I ever have kids, once they’ve stopped believing in Santa Claus I’ll tell them “God is like Santa Claus for grown-ups. Some of your friends still believe in Santa Claus, and it would be mean to tell them he doesn’t exist, but you don’t have to listen to them either.”

  5. Bodach says:

    “Christ, no.” Bwa ha ha! Thanks, Author, for another great one.

  6. wright1 says:

    Riiight. Non-overlapping… until the theists decide there’s something to be gained. Or feel threatened. And let’s not get started on the claims the Bible makes about the material world that are utter nonsense…

    Oh, wait. Those are all metaphors. Or poetic license. Or headdesking stupid worn-out apologetics…

  7. FedupwithR says:

    Thumbs up J & M. !

  8. Tarsand says:

    Faith is displacing science, the acholytes of the “world of warmcraft” follow their profit and the mysterious inscriptions found in the “east anglia” scrolls with a fervor that has not been seen since the chosen wandered in the desert for 40 years. Even Dik Dawkins has embraced the financillly proven preaching methods of American evangilists in colllecting money to spread the disbelief.

  9. Crusader Rabid says:

    Top post, Tarsand! Made my day.

  10. nina says:

    Well, technically they are keeping to their area, we just forgot that the beleiver’s side includes interfering in everyone else’s

  11. kiyaroru says:

    Tarsand & Crusader Rabid
    get a room

  12. MyCatIsGod says:

    @Author – one of your very best, I reckon. Superb

    @Grandma Ro – not sure of the source for your quote, but I can add that the site is blocked also in Yemen. And I’m sure it’s blocked in many other Muslim countries too. I’d be interested to know of any non-Muslim countries in which it’s blocked (Israel? Deeply Christian African nations such as Malawi and Uganda? – I’m sure the answer is ‘no’, but does anyone know for sure?)

    @Tarsand – where DOES this idea of a global warming conspiracy for profit/global political domination come from? Things simply don’t work like that (overwhelming scientific evidence apart) Or do you think that we’re living in a series of the X-files?

  13. European says:

    @MyCat: (No, I don’t have a cat or it would be…)
    Just for the record, I am reading J&Mo and writing this from Turkey, which has a record of banning blasphemous sites (youtube, and many more), though the definition of blasphemy is limited to the sacred body of the Founder of the Republic and the hegemonic ethnicity of the People…
    And, contrary to what some other blogs claim, also works fine

  14. BucketBoy says:

    @MyCatIsGod – I know many Climate Change Deniers (I choose not to pollute the word sceptic) and they all trot out some form of this ill-defined conspiracy. Is it a conspiracy by the all-powerful windmill industry? The juggernaut of solar power suppliers? The only party I would suspect of less than pure motives would be the oil industry. It seems believable that they may have orchestrated some kind of astro-turfing to keep the denial going and protect their massive cash cow while it lasts.

  15. Hitch says:

    I really wonder what Stephen J Gould would have thought of this one. I think it’s the debate literally summarized in the most relevant form. Quite excellent.

  16. Daoloth says:

    Gould would have hated it, I fear. But then he often argued as if “the people”, who he affected to support, could not handle the truth.

  17. archbish says:

    @bk Graduate psychologist and amateur astrophycisist/astronomer. No conflict. 🙂

  18. AchillesAndTortoise says:

    @archbish: Psychologist? Does that include psychology of religion? Just wondering. 😉

  19. oldfuzz says:

    I couldn’t fail to agree with you less, except when I do.

  20. Michael Kingsford Gray says:

    Well said, sir!
    For ’twas always the rôle of the Jester to mock the powerful in a manner that made them pause for reflection.
    And as for accomodationist bastards, they are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy. Gould included.
    They may as well have flown the ‘planes into the towers themselves, or shot the abortion doctors, or mutilated the genitals of billions of kiddies themselves.

  21. 8bit says:

    Psychology is considered science now? What’s next, medicine?¡

  22. nina says:

    vatican says special hell for pedo priests – makes no sense, if hell is already eternal torment for sinners (including those who wear poly-cotton blends), then how can that really be made worse – what’s worse than eternal torment?

  23. Stephen Turner says:

    Michael K G: “For ’twas always the rôle of the Jester to mock the powerful in a manner that made them pause for reflection.”

    The play’s the thing, wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King. (Hamlet)

    nina: I wonder how that sort of investigation gets carried out. Perhaps it involves a visit to hell, to assess how different types of sinner are treated, with appropriate statistical tests. Oh wait, that’s science, so no.

  24. Jerry w says:

    @Nina asks:
    “…….what’s worse than eternal torment?”

    For me it’s eternal torment accompanied by a rap song performed by William Shatner. Sure, it’s redundant, and your milage, much like the definition of “song”, may vary.

  25. Mary2 says:

    Why is there something so incredibly funny about Mo using Christ’s name in vain?

    Nina. Of course the Vatican will condemn priests to a worse than normal hell. Saves having to punish them in this life.

  26. nina says:

    @ Jerry and Mary

    too true

  27. Proud Kuffar says:

    Religionists do not recognize boundaries. No understandings with them are

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  29. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    What’s worse than eternal torment? Easy; eternal tedium.


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