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  1. Sir Beast says:

    Look out for falling angel feces! ACH! I think I just got hit by some! I feel so… divine!

  2. Have angels digestive tracts? I thought sirens had, ouch! They eat men, but what do angels eat?

  3. Sir Beast says:

    Maybe angels eat Cherubs. Or clouds. Clouds look like they might have fiber.

  4. Not to be taken seriously says:

    Way back in the sixties, Pope John (“oul’ red sox” to his mates) was given the plans of a new building on a Seppo papist university campus to approve. “suntnae angelae” * was the only comment he appended to the plans.

    It took the architects a little while to realise that they had forgotten to allow space for WCs.

    Witty old bugger wasn’t he?

    * “Are they angels?”

  5. peterNW1 says:

    Mo’s silence in the last frame is lovely.

  6. samhuff says:

    RE: Julieta Prandi

    Angelfood cake, of course.


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