Story spotted here. Have fun with Google Trends!

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  1. Reg Vernon says:

    You are being naughty now!

  2. Fuckerless says:

    You forgot elephant sex. And what’s up with Spain being the #1 for infidels?

  3. fontor says:

    It would appear that the UK has moved on to face sitting. Definitely an improvement.

    Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, the worrying fisting trend continues.

  4. Sondra Gail says:

    See, I would have thought NZ for ‘sheep’ sex. Thanks for continuing to risk your Karma by ridiculing idiots. (snicker)

  5. Daz says:

    No Norfolk? They must be number one for something…

  6. Shigawire says:

    Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ Brilliant… And I thought it was just something they made up, until I checked the Google Trends. Fact is stranger than fiction.

    Go Pakistan!

  7. JohnnieCanuck says:

    So, given that Allah, like Yahweh, is a control freak that monitors and punishes his believers’ every wayward thought and deed; we should be able to conclude that there are a lot of people in Pakistan that don’t actually believe the line the Imams are handing them.

    Just as the internet gives privacy to those who would defy the strictures imposed on their sexual behaviour by mosque and church, it also allows those who doubt to find the words and examples of fellow non-believers and not have to risk public exposure of their apostasy.

    I’m squicking myself out, just a little, thinking that I share something in common with many of these Google searchers. Atheism, that is.

  8. Ferrous Patella says:

    What about octopus sex?

  9. Prithvi says:

    Search “incest sex” and prepare *not* to be surprised. It’s so strange, I’m almost starting to feel it’s a prank(more like a conspiracy, I guess).

  10. Headbhang says:

    Hey, maybe they’re doing it for farming purposes! Like research… or something…

    No, but seriously, as funny as it is, it doesn’t seem right, considering the overwhelming prominence and the fact that there seems to be no correspondence with either the cities or the languages.

  11. Headbhang says:

    See, if you search for animal/dog/horse *porn* (an arguably more damning term than sex), you start getting Finland, Norway, Turkey as main offenders (with their cities/languages high on the list too), and for “bestiality” South Africa and Czech republic rise to prominence (though no associated cities/language for the former somehow).

    There definitely seems to be something iffy with the Pakistan case.

    BTW, New Zealand seems to have a thing for eels…

  12. bj says:

    Hmm – wander why Switzerland tops it for “bondage”?

  13. Sach says:

    @Ferrous Patella
    Apparently the Aussies are leading the way with that.

  14. Sili says:

    The pig is a surprise. I’d expect Mo to be more upset and the haram-ness of it.

  15. nina says:

    well, we always hate in others what we are in our deepest heart

  16. Shatterface says:

    ‘What about octopus sex?’

    According to Pharyngula, that would be the US.

    I blame PZ himself – he keeps publishing all those damn sexy pics of cephalapods.

  17. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    In Norway you can get arrested by the Police for having sex with animal.

  18. kev_s says:

    I wonder if the trend is due to the men or the women.

  19. Now you’ve done it. The Pakistani’s will discover Jesus and Mo. Looking for porn, finding blasphemy…..

  20. Scooby says:

    โ€˜What about octopus sex?โ€™

    Well, squid sex is curiously popular in indonesia.

  21. James says:

    The Muslim response: …”…the creator is all knowing. Therefor, he foresaw our insatiable lust for animal poon. And since we have not been punished….. Allah wants us to fuck animals”

    I stumbled upon this strip randomly one day, and I read it front to back. It is exactly what people need…if they wanted to read it… instead of roast your ass on every 6 o clock news from here to the Vatican

  22. foundationist says:

    I Have to agree with Headbang. I wouldn’t consider this systematic yet. Still loved Mos reaction though. Filthy Infidels indeed.

  23. jerry w says:

    I’ve always heard that the reason for wearing kilts in Scotland was that sheep could hear a zipper at a distance of 50 meters.
    As far as for us here in the U.S., we can’t even think about using that noisy Velcro stuff, except maybe in priestly garb since the church organ (not the priest’s organ) sound would obscure it.

  24. louis says:


  25. Satya Venugopal says:

    On a related note, this article is rich material for future strips (that is, if you haven’t already read and satirised it):

  26. W. Smith says:

    As of today on Google Trends searching for ‘sheep sex’:
    United Kingdom Search Volume Index: 96
    Australia Search Volume Index: 100
    United States Search Volume Index: 79
    Ireland Search Volume Index: 0


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