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  1. jONES. says:

    uh-huh… and on that note the athiests of the world have their first ever spanish inquisition…

  2. Oh, she’s persuaded, all right.

  3. or, as PR says, “theodicy recapitulates idiocy.”

  4. Don says:

    Um, in panel 3, shouldn’t Mo’s speech bubble be barmaid’s?

  5. Hobbes says:

    John 10:10 I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it moribundity.

    There it is. Proof! Straight from the horse’s mouth.

  6. Profundity recapitulates moribundity, right?

    You might be correct, Don.

    Good Goddess, I haven’t had this much fun since
    Eisenhower was president.

    ELS = Epistemological Life Raft.

    Ophelia, speak!

  7. JohnnieCanuck says:

    I’m more comfortable with ELR = Epistemological Life Raft


  8. Oh, cr-p. No wonder girls laughed at me in grade school.

    Wasn’t it you who wanted editing privileges?

    – Poor Richardhead.

  9. JohnnieCanuck says:

    For my own posts or anyone’s? You may be thinking of someone else.

    I don’t think I should be trusted with the power of the blue pencil, not without a sky faerie’s absolute moral authority to keep me from abusing it.

  10. oooo – absolute moral authority over others? Has it ever been tried?

    Poor Richard says, “Absolutism is a crime — usually.”

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  12. Oh well that’s a relief – I thought it was broken but it’s just moribund because of sin. That I can deal with.

  13. Yelinna says:

    Oh no! Jesus says that retards understand logic!! OMG!!

  14. […] Theodicy recapitulates idiocy. […]

  15. Maharishi says:

    Ill-logic ..


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