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  1. Mo was the leader of the Three Stooges. That says it all.

  2. Hobbes says:

    So, what does the “H” stand for in Jesus H. Christ? Herman, perhaps?

    Then, there’s the confusion with Jesus Cromany. Folks often call out to him in a moment of anguish, or surprise. Was there a mix-up at birth, and the child of the Cromany family got switched with the child of the Christ family (Joseph and Mary Christ).

  3. author says:

    So, what does the “H” stand for in Jesus H. Christ?


  4. Inash Zubair says:

    Heh. This is one of the good ones. Nice humour you’ve cracked there. Cheers and keep them coming.

  5. xenu says:

    > So, what does the “H” stand for in Jesus H. Christ?
    > Harold
    be thy name, Yes!

  6. John Cowan says:

    All biologists know that the H stands for Haploid. After all, Jesus had no human father, so only 23 chromosomes!

    In any case, there are plenty of people named Jesus besides the Lamb-boy. (There are plenty of people named Muhammad, too. It’s the most common personal name in the world.)

  7. tramadol says:

    Superb! (I wrote something else and then I read below that I aint supposed ter. So I deleted it.)

  8. peterNW1 says:

    > So, what does the “H” stand for in Jesus H. Christ?


  9. billybobjenkins says:

    John Cowan – Ha! A fully working biology joke, I love it!

  10. hans says:

    > aryan jesus
    damn, i always thought he was a jew

  11. xznofile says:

    H stands for Holy! (for crissake) & his other middle initial (F) stands for fuckin’. you guys need to get out more.

  12. UncleArtie says:

    The H stands for Hussein!!

  13. Heidi says:

    My husband and I were thinking the same thing this evening….he suggested that instead of the cartoon name as Jesus and Mo…it would be better as JC and Mo.

  14. Gar says:

    The H stands for ‘tittyfucking’.

  15. UncleJohnny says:

    Jesus’s middle name is in fact Hitler

  16. C Reese says:

    It’s not Jesus H. Christ. The middle name is ‘Aitch’ an ancient Aramaic word that means ‘the’.

  17. fenchurch says:

    I think Eddie Izzard offers another sobriquet, “Jeezy Creezy”.

  18. Cephas Atheos says:

    Mr Slave (Mr Garrison’s sexual partner in South Park) pronounces it ‘Jeezcrys’ whenever Mr Garrison anally penetrates him…

    Boy, the android word guesser’s having a few problems… It REALLY didn’t want to do ‘anally’… ‘An ally’ doesn’t really cut it…


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