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  1. Tommy says:

    Freedom of religion, as this cartoon shows, is really incoherent. How can religions ‘peacefully coexist’ when almost all of them have a mandate to convert the world to their views?

    Freedom of religion must be tempered by the requirement that you KEEP YOUR RELIGION TO YOURSELF! But evangelism is such a crucial part of so many religions that this itself doesn’t make much sense. The only permanent solution is secularism and anti-superstition policy.

    We can start by eliminating tax breaks for contributions to religious organizations…

  2. Tim says:

    welcome back. Hope you enjoyed your hols.

  3. ben says:

    yes welcome back hope the hols have brought more inspiration like this

  4. Bodach says:

    Someone recently said that religion should be treated like sex. For adults only (no children) and practiced in the privacy of your own home (keep it out of the public sphere). In other words, what happens in church stays in church.
    That’s religion I can live with.

  5. louis says:

    fan-friggen-tastic. each panel is rich! nicely done.

  6. John Cowan says:

    There’s nothing wrong with evangelism, which is just persuasion; there is everything wrong with coercion in religion (which fortunately is explicitly forbidden by the Quran).

  7. JoJo says:

    John.. You’re going to tell me that the death and great punishment in store for those who don’t believe in Allah isn’t a form of coercion.. ?

  8. Warren says:

    We’ve got it wrong. We don’t need freedom of religion; we need freedom FROM religion.

    (BTW, hope you enjoyed your time away.)

  9. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Thanks for distilling T. Blair’s recent headline stunt down to a single drop for us.

    Naturally, if you ask them, True Monotheists(tm) will claim to pay no attention to the more bloody instructions regarding ‘us’ versus ‘them’. Just don’t disrespect their beliefs, and you’ll be okay, mostly.

    There’s at least one thing Islam, Judaism and Christianity agree on, and that’s the proper way to deal with atheists. They do of course, differ in the details of the recommended procedures.

  10. mjm202036 says:

    Great comic, Author; and I’m hoping that you enjoyed your hols. As for the comments, I disagree with keeping religion in homes and out of sight of others. Take a look at some of the shows that have shown what’s going on behind the closed doors in mosque’s in western civilizations and you’ll see why I think that the doors of every religious center and home where religious sermon’s are being spoken should be thrown open for all (believers and non-believers) so our personal freedoms (and lives) are not threatened.

    Christianity, centuries ago, tried to take over the world with violence. It’s stopped that barbaric attempt. From what I’m seeing on the news, I’m guessing that the Islamic radicals (please note I did not say all Muslims) are now going through their crusade. Let’s hope that we don’t get wiped off the map before it’s all over.

    Welcome back, Author and thanks for the comedy on subjects that usually cause fear in others.

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  12. Colin says:

    “knitting accident”


  13. Poor Richard says:

    i don’t “respect” any superstition. Why, then, should I respect any religion? No one has ever shown me any difference between praying for your football team and spiitting on your fish bait.

    I suppose I have to respect religions the way I respect sharks or alligators–they all seem to have very powerful gripping mechanisms. The saddest victims are brainwashed children.

  14. Ketil G says:

    a norwegian news reporter draw muhammed, but he said this is Not muhammed. But on the cartoon’s t-skirt it said: I’m muhammed and no one have guts to draw me.

  15. Ketil G says:

    dont go to this link i just posted. it’s a wrong link

  16. Jerry w says:

    I made a bet that my invisible friend could kick the crap out of any of the rest of that bunch.

    That was several hours ago, and I’m still alive.

    No lightning bolts so far.

    But I do have this crazy itching going on in the palms of my hands, Christ I’ve almost scratched a hole through them.

    And my feet? So much for those plans to walk on water……

  17. tie says:

    excellent strip, Welcome back!

    the whole idea of “interfaith dialogue conferences” where they talk about how they can tolerate and respect each other is like a meeting between Hitler and Stalin,

    all smiles until the day I have enough tanks to roll over your capital city.

    How can they be serious, when the tenets of every religion boil down to, we are right and everyone else is wrong… and they will fry in hell for that.

    Other religious are also an embarrassment, it shows clearly that your own religion is as baseless and made up as the next one.

  18. Matt says:

    Another great strip. Keep ’em coming!

  19. Hobbes says:

    Total crack-up! Love it!

  20. Albert Ross says:

    “The saddest victims are brainwashed children.”


    You probably mean “and/or molested and sodomised children”.

  21. yelinna says:

    Knitting accident? he he he, I thought it was piercing 🙂

  22. Orlando says:

    Yes, politicians and liberal religious people like to go on about how peaceful religion is and how there should be interfaith dialogue etc (sometimes citing how Islam is freindly to other religions as in the tolerance given to People of the Book in the Koran) , yet The Koran’s view is that Christians are misguided people who are completely wrong about treating Jesus as God; who can be tolerated as second class citizens in an Islamic country as long as they pay especially high taxes; that they and Jews – people of the book – are not as good as Muslims and Muslims should not associate with them or take them as friends, but they are not as totally despicable as pagans or atheists. Elsewhere the Koran recommends fighting until the whole world worships Allah.

  23. Topi Linkala says:

    Poor Richard wrote:

    “No one has ever shown me any difference between praying for your football team and spiitting on your fish bait. ”

    Spitting on the bait might have good consequences, because your spit contains volatile compounds. It could be that the bait smells to wider area if you spit on to it.

    But I must confess that I know no research that has been done on this. Does anyone?


  24. Topi Linkala says:

    Found this from the incredible net:

    “Spitting On The Bait
    Again science finds the common man had the right approach. Dr.
    Arthur D. Hasler of the University of Wisconsin in a recent paper
    cites earlier experimental work on odors preferred by bullheads. First
    choice among the substances tested was angle worms, second choice
    was liver and third was human saliva. The moral for bullhead fishermen
    seems to be—use worms and spit on the bait.”


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