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  1. Moomin says:

    Love this strip. So true.

  2. Poor Richard says:

    T-Shirt time again!

    I’ll wear panel 4 even if I get beaten and killed repeatedly. Let’s hear it from
    “popular demand.”

  3. Warren says:

    Very nice, and a good subtle “Love Is…” reference too.

    Thanks, BTW, for not drawing Jesus and Mo naked.

  4. Kiki says:

    Awww… how cute! Jo and Mo complete each other’s sentences.

  5. Gilraen says:

    This one is computer-background-picture-worthy. Too bad my boss is a fundie xtian.

  6. Hobbes says:

    What a perfect toon I must have my brother read. I just finished an email to him answering his stock, off-the-shelf Christian talking points such as “We all fall short of what God intends and while we deserve God’s wrath, those who trust in Him are beneficiaries of His Grace,” and the usual threat in the form of Pascal’s Wager. I know he will be just thrilled to read it (don’t I wish?).

  7. Toni says:

    It is refreshing and comforting. I too would appreciate an t shirt.

  8. Hobbes says:

    This is a classic!

  9. Alan says:

    I second the call for a t-shirt of panel 4!

  10. clytamnestra says:

    wow, if there’s one thing devoted atheïst are bad at it’s selfrefelction.
    cartoon is as funny as always.

  11. mjm202036 says:

    So true, Jesus and Mo. I’ve never heard it put so bluntly and to the point, or so honestly (even by my own Christian Fundamentalist father). Great strip, Author. Bravo!

  12. Uncle Roger says:

    Amen. And I too want a t-shirt of panel 4!

  13. Achim says:

    author, I think, it is the time for a new T-shirt…

  14. Ketil G says:

    this cartoon is much bether than the danish cartoons of muhammed. But i think the norwegian naked cartoon of muhammed was funny 🙂

  15. author says:

    It is done.

  16. Heintron says:

    One t-shirt bought! Keep up the great comics!

  17. Hobbes says:

    Ketil, please provide a link to the naked Muhammed. Seems to me the fundi Muslims lay bare their insecurities by responding to such things with murderous intent. Most fundi Christians will simply provide you with information relevant to your final destination, then go away. They’re a bit more secure in their faith.

  18. carolita says:

    Remember those “Love is…” cartoons? (“Love is… never having to admit you have bad breath…” — just kidding, but it was along those lines!)
    That was what made me question love as a concept too!

    And yes, I have a great relationship both with God (who is unemployed and wearing dirty underwear, sleeping on his sofa, surrounded by pizza cartons, leaving me in peace), and my own beloved nutjob.

  19. Strubie says:

    That about wraps it up!

  20. Andrew says:

    If religion is about ignoring evidence, then science is about having faith in absurd theories such as life originating on “the backs of crystals” or being seeded by aliens. Consider me a religious zealot if I can’t believe in something that retarded.

  21. Daz says:

    ‘Hard to understand’ is not the same as ‘retarded.’ And no one ‘believes in’ a hypothesis or suggestion. The ‘backs of crystals’ thing has been advanced as a possibility, nothing more.

    Oh and also — ‘We don’t know,’ or ‘we have no clear idea’ are not the same statement as ‘God did it.’

  22. fenchurch says:

    “Science is about having faith…” LOL
    What I <3 about the scientific method includes safeguards like peer review and criticism, how it's always open to changing position based on new info.
    I like how stuff is always open to challenge, but if (and only if) more, better _science_ can defeat it.
    I like how far we've advanced with science's contributions, and how, without understanding something fully, we feel confident enough by what we do know, to make better leaps (not of faith) forward with educated guesses.

    I was thinking of Hawking's book about the particles behaving weird at a screen with 2 slits in it: it looked like something was cancelling the particles or interfering with them, and by working from that unknown, making discoveries based from being thwarted from expected behaviour.

    If you think there's a god always messing with yo bidness, or demons out to screw you up, how can you rely on anything? I guess that's where faith comes in handy: reality is invalid in your weltanschauwung, so let's just HOPE stuff will make sense or work out.


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