RIP Salman Taseer.

You can still vote for J&M in the Best Webcomic and Best Comic (Any Medium) categories at the Washington Post poll. We’re still ahead, but not for long I think.

Discussion (11)¬

  1. archbish says:

    Zing! Good one author. BTW! Bought book for brother for Christmas – ironic enough for ya?

  2. wigmore says:

    If you have an imaginary friend, are they allowed to vote too?

  3. when you give your vote to your imaginary friend, they don’t need to vote themselves.

    especially when groups of people block give their vote to the same or similar imaginary friend

  4. Stephen Turner says:

    Not just a theo-thug but a traitor and a coward. Looks like the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    J&M FTW!

  5. Eylenn says:

    And so they sang:
    To dream the whole false theist dream
    To fight the foul infidel foe
    To bear with apoplectic sorrow
    To run where the sane dare not go

  6. kiyaroru says:

    When is the album coming out?

  7. jerry w says:

    When will you have the ’11 world tour t-shirts for sale?

  8. John The Geologist says:

    You are looking good in the polls Author.

    All readers of J&M should remember the old Irish saying “vote early and vote often”.

  9. Tonight we are going to shower rose petals on a man who used his job as bodyguard to murder the man he was supposed to protect; who murdered the man for the terrible crime of offering support and sympathy to a wretched woman sentenced to death for “blasphemy” against us. We are all about compassion.

  10. Bagpuss says:

    …..won’t even be a need for a second round run-off at this rate – who’s running your campaign Author, Robert Mugabe?!

  11. dysamoria says:

    After reading most of the linked story above, I’m afraid I have to stop reading here. The reality of these evil ignorant religious scumbags just leaves me paralyzed with anger and hatred. These are debilitating emotions and do not help anyone. I marvel at the amount of self control (or tolerance) the rest of you have here. I think religion is the worst evil disease the human race ever created and wish it would go away. I don’t believe it ever will. At best, maybe the most egregious evils will dissipate over many hundreds of years but I won’t live to see it. The only option for me is to stop subjecting myself to reading about it as much as possible. I greatly enjoy Jesus & Mo and the author’s clarity and awareness. It’s not the comic driving me away; it’s the reality behind the satire.

    Thanks for the feeling of not being alone in my atheism. May you all have great lives.


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