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  1. Sgtdap says:

    Lol, that is great. I love this comic, keep up the good work!

  2. Hobbes says:

    I agree. What a hoot!

  3. dd says:

    I never thought of this sphere logic before…lol

  4. ozipop says:

    need moar pooper

  5. […] Tirinha original publicada em 10 de julho de 2006 O uso de expressões alusivas do bom e velho “cagar” é quase uma forma de arte. No orginal, o termo usado era ‘take a dump’, que aqui eu decidi traduzir com o clássico dos clássicos ‘bater um barro’. Mas com certeza é uma tradução livre, e qualquer outra forma poderia ter sido usada no lugar – desde referências à bicos de urubu e esculturas ao conhecido envio de fax para certas localidades nos EUA. […]

  6. fubar says:

    ok, at this one I LOL’d.

  7. James Anderson says:

    …for years in highschool, I searched for this brand of thinking
    Its a shame many of the youngins wont stumble upon this site until their 20s like me

  8. The Blind Swatchmaker says:

    As of today, this is still my all time J&M favourite.

  9. Lina-chan says:

    It doesn’t seem to be true. Just imagine yourself on the globe. Then draw the shortest route to Mecca. This route will always be a circular segment of a great circle of the sphere that is Earth(remember geometry?). And since you orient yourself so that face would be closer to a place of choice (Mecca) than your ass you are not actually mooning it. If you don’t bow in this manner, well, there is a circular segment drawn through your spine that connects you with Mecca, but only the great circle’s circular segment is the shortest route, sorry, it’s probably your shoulder or hip or whatever that faces Mecca. So, though J&M are adorable this argument of their is invalid. Which also shows that they both are not too smart )

  10. A Magic Man says:

    @Lina-chan: That’s just semantics, though, isn’t it? Sure, you can say “It’s my head what is facing the shorter distance to Mecca, so the fact that my butt is facing it the longer way around doesn’t count”, but that’s not disproving the fact that your butt is facing Mecca, only dismissing it.
    What I’m saying is the joke works and, on a related note, is hilarious.

  11. ottebrain says:

    yey! So FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Walter says:

    And there is one point where every direction is a great circle route to Mecca equidistant in either direction. Ignoring the fact that the Earth is not perfectly spherical.

    In fact from this position the shortest distance would be facing straight down. Further from any distant point the shortest path and direct route is through the Earth and the greater the distance the lower the angle of the path and the deeper the midpoint of the path must be.


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