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  1. Poor Richard says:

    “Thank you for wearing a crucifix between your lovely peaches and not provoking my uncontrollabel lust.”

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  3. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Uh, Mo.

    Most of the female Anglican ministers I’ve seen pictures of are decidedly matronly. Mother and grandmother types. Didn’t do a thing for me in the impure thoughts department.

    Somehow I doubt that any blonde bombshell is going to be accepted. Have some kids, wait a few decades, then come back and see us, would be more like it.

  4. Toast in the machine says:

    Is that a crozier in your cassock, or are you just pleased to see me, Arch deacon?

  5. Hobbes says:

    Well, matronly ministers might muster pictures of past pleasures in patronly parishioners in the pews. Whattayathink?

  6. Magpie says:

    “impure thoughts” – is this why most current parishioners are women?

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  8. Nathan Bond says:

    The Anglican Church owes its very existence to a piece of skirt! They should restrict the ministry to wenches – the current lot crossdress already and that’s a start.
    Every time. Just as I think religion cannot possibly become more idiotic…

  9. ticticboom says:

    The Anglicans are well on their way to dhimmitude. The leadership is a pitiful bunch of spineless jellyfish, and the parishoners can’t be bothered to show up in the pews, not that anyone could blame them. When the Archbishop of Canterbury says England should recognize sharia law, how can anyone take them seriously?

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  11. Bones'sDog says:

    I’ve never understood why thoughts of getting together to cuddle are “impure”. When I think like that, my thoughts are decidedly pure and laser-focused.

    They just don’t include minor ingredients like god-stuff.


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