Can Joe Smith really have been such a transparent fraud? Yup.

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  1. Edwards says:

    hahaha.. love it..

  2. jean-françois gauthier says:

    will we get to see joe’s magic undies?

  3. jean-françois gauthier says:

    don’t mo and joe claim to know things about jesus’ life (or, in joe’s case, about jesus’ pre-life life) that jesus could disagree with?

  4. Unruly Simian says:

    @ Jean – Yep they need to have a shower/bathroom scene very soon!!! Joe definately fits my definition of “ass hat”!!!!

  5. kennypo65 says:

    Absolutely hilarious! Thanks guys, I look forward to the new J&M strip everytime I open my e-mail inbox. You guys are the best. I was turned on to this by Daylightatheism, and I have not been disappointed. Great work.

  6. Mark says:

    When does L Ron show up?

  7. @spoing Thanks for plugging my site in the comments under the previous strip. It’s still quite new, but I have hopes it will become something. As for what they might use those penises for, I hadn’t thought of that, maybe because they were probably all flaccid. But you did think of that, and I’m impressed.
    @Author, not meaning to make this all about me. Great strip. Your way of coming at things sideways is pretty darn clever.

  8. Intelligent Designer says:

    I believe the note to say “Don’t be touching my sausage, you muvva!”

  9. Andrew Hall says:

    I finished reading One Nation Under Gods which is a history of the Mormons (a bit biased since it was written by a Christian, but still full of reliable info). It seems that gold digging and treasure hunting were big swindles back then.

  10. Herm says:

    Has the Author seen the South Park episode “All About the Mormons”? It’s super for a jolly sing-along.

    Here’s some info and clips.

  11. jean-françois gauthier says:

    i should point out that mormons do see themselves as christians—though it’s hard to reconcile some of their beliefs with monotheism in the common sense. since somebody asked me what i meant by magic undies, here’s a reference to “temple garment” :

    also, shouldn’t joe be surprised that jesus be here on earth, so far away from kolob?

  12. oldebabe says:

    Too good!

  13. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Pshaw, let me tell you
    that trick is easy to do
    On a paper any words put
    Then cover it up with your foot
    whats on it, your foot, nothing new.

  14. Claiming evidence is evidence for the claim!


  15. Daz says:


    Not bad. Might I suggest, to get round the stilted third line:
    Think of some words, and then write them
    And hide them away from all sight, then
    Cover it up…etc”

  16. Why is Joe’s face covered by a hat?

  17. darkgently says:

    I love the “transparent chicanery” tag 🙂

  18. Stephen Turner says:

    I recall that Sam Harris has written a 30-digit number down somewhere and hidden the paper. Maybe Joe could tell us what it is. And there’s treasure in them thar digits as I guess the Randi Foundation might be interested to know.

  19. Arkenor says:

    A new cast member! This is huge!!! Though I always imagined Joseph Smith living with L Ron Hubbard, in a “new money” version of J&M.

    Maybe it’s Moses hiding behind that hat to teach our heroes a lesson about gullibility!

  20. Turandot says:

    To James Hutchings: Joe Smith is covered by a hat because his various assistants reported that Smith placed his face in a hat, to block out light, and then dictated the Book of Mormon. The BoM was inscribed on golden plates which were written in .. are you ready?… “Reformed Egyptian” by Christ-worshiping Jews who migrated from Jerusalem to the Americas *before* Christ was even born! Haw Haw Haw!! And Mormons actually believe this nonsense. And you thought the underwear was funny …

  21. Christinsanity, Moses’s Folly [but no Moses”], Muhammad’s Fits, Smith’s Fraud, White’s Balck Magic, the Hindu Illusion, the Jain Pain [?], the Buddha Wrong Path, the Dao No Way, the Shinto Warrior, the Church of Nescientology, Church of Nescience, [ Nescience= ignorance- solecism], the Zoroastrian Remnant [ the Parsees and whatever else one might add.
    Karl Giberson is ever a riot!
    Add him, Francisco Jose Ayala, Kenneth Miller, Keith Ward, John Harwood Hick, Alvin Plantinga and William Lane Craig to Mo, Yeshua, Smith and Moses.

    The top theologians prtattle solecistic, sophisticated sophistry-ignorant, comphicated nonsense of wily,woeful woo!

  22. Forget Ron L. Hubbard. I want to see an appearance by Ganesha. Now there’s a back story!

  23. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    I maybe think joe’s face cover with a hat, because its not joe. Its someone else, we do not know this person yet. Maybe this person would uncover his face later.

  24. Don says:

    Oh, Ganesha has been here.

  25. @Don What? Not according to a transcript search. No elephant headed gods to be found on J&M.

  26. spoing says:

    @DH actually he has paid a fleeting visit …

    Like you I was hoping for more cameo appearances … this is the only other allusion to hinduism i’m aware of

  27. spoing says:

    I found the Ganesh episode ! Author minces no words in his exchange with an outraged Ganeshite …

  28. @spoing Thanks for that. Well worth a visit. Don’t know how I missed it, and I guess my request has already been granted and the absurdity of Ganesha already noted. Retroactive wish fulfillment. Ho ho.

  29. Oh yes, and Author’s economy with words is wonderful. Author, we love ya. The perfect retort to a stupid demand.

  30. Sister Marie says:

    Joe invented a pretty good system if you happen to be a man. Marry enough wives with different cycles to ensure success every night. Don’t know how he every got any work done.

  31. spoing says:

    @Sister Marie … come to think of it most religions were the inventions of men and hence it stands to reason that they will have “special features” which benefit the male gender … the only female-created religion I can recall (apart from Oprah) is that of Mary Baker Eddy who cunningly turned Christ into a scientist. Also she seems to have gotten rid of some of the nasty bits like original sin and hell.

  32. kite says:

    (Sigh) Thought we might see Moses again, but no luck.
    I just have this wistful image of Moses and his mates at the foot of the mountain, holding the stone tablets saying something like’;
    Ónly ten? After the thousands that we made up? Well: It’s a start

  33. kite says:

    (Sigh) Was hoping for Moses to turn up again, but no luck.
    I have this shy notion of him and his mates at the foot of the mountain, looking at the stone tablets and saying something like:
    ‘Ónly 10? After the thousands that we created? Well, it’s a start’


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