None of your hatshit, bull-face.

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  1. Herm says:

    I do believe the rules say you’re not supposed to solicit clicks. 😉

    By the way, those ads were for Christian dating!

  2. Occam's Machete says:

    I like the idea of clicking on an ad for some Christian propaganda bullshit site here and not only does it cost them something, but it helps pay for one of my favourite internet strips. Winner! 🙂

  3. DragonsDream says:

    I love “hat face.” perhaps those creases could be closer to a smiley face?

  4. Alex Jolliffe says:

    ‘meet single christians from the UK.. Free to join and view profiles’
    Red rag. Bull. Oh what have you done, Author?

  5. author says:

    @Herm – oops, I missed that rule. I changed the blog post, in case I get into trouble! Thanks.

  6. darkgently says:

    Those creases look disconcertingly like eyes. And you know how pareidolia works… once you see it you can’t un-see it!

  7. Jim says:

    So… why the hat face? Is there some rule about hats I’ve never heard of?

  8. Intelligent Designer says:

    darkgently says:

    “Those creases look disconcertingly like eyes. And you know how pareidolia works… once you see it you can’t un-see it!”

    I see a William S Burroughs’ style sphincter. Now un-see that! 😉

  9. @spoing Continuing our previous conversation, wow, you are really in for the full treatment. You may end up biting your tongue quite a bit, because the minute they lay the original sin on the kids is when things get dicy. Good luck with it. I agree with Dennet that religion should be studied, but I agree with Dawkins that it should be studied the way one studies, say, cancer. And I too hope we can come up with a better alternative, one which give people a sense of belonging and support without bullshit, guilt and sins we had nothing at all to do with enjoying.
    @Daoloth I’m afraid there’s no point in talking to the lad. Chlorpromazine might help, but the side effects wouldn’t be worth it. We can more or less assume that logic is not going to work.

  10. mirele says:

    According to some reports, Joseph Smith “translated” the Book of Mormon by putting a stone in his hat. He’d then stick his face in the hat. The stone would glow and the characters from the gold plates would show up in the stone, with a translation. Which is presumably why he’s drawn with a hat over his face.

  11. jesus 2.3 says:

    Dude, I was fooled by that story when I was young. They even made me a priest. Now I’m just your friendly Muslim Master Mind, come to tell you all the truth.
    Nirvana is just another name for freedom, it’s all in your head for sure! I’m free as can be, and havin’ fun messin’ with everybody’s mind. I HOPE you know you can’t CHANGE that. I’m not Barak Obama you know offering you hollow freakin’ promises!
    Are you ready for what’s comin’ next?
    Know that I’m always prepared for it.
    I’ve got peace of mind, and my actions are peaceful,
    and I’m virtually jesus freakin’ christ!

  12. kennypo65 says:

    What the hell am I supposed to do with a theology degree? I guess if I run out of toilet paper…

  13. jerry w says:

    The truth now, is Joseph Smith the source for the original “Happy Face” design?
    Don’t make me get out my water board!

  14. jerry w says:

    @Darwin Harmelss ,
    Religion should be studied the way you’d study anthrax (the disease, not the band), using surgically safe procedures in a clean room with a vent hood, and followed up with vigorous abrasive and chemical scrub showers.

  15. HLS says:

    Although I am no longer religious, I grew up strict Mormon and was married in the Mormon temple, so I’m loving these strips because I understand all the references!

  16. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Atheists should be studied the same way one studies an amoeba.

  17. Anonym says:

    Joseph Smith receiving ‘golden plates’ from angel Moroni — or,
    Joseph Smith buying 1st 3DTV box with special 3D glasses.

  18. jerry w says:

    @Darwin Harmelss and NBH,
    Religion should be studied the way you’d study anthrax (the disease, not the band), using surgically safe procedures in a clean room with a vent hood, and followed up with vigorous abrasive and chemical scrub showers.

  19. AchillesAndTortoise says:

    @Nassar Ben Houdja:

    You realise jerry w said “Religion” not “the Religious”. If you want to say “Atheism should be studied” then fine… but there’s not much point in trying to study a lack of a belief.

  20. wright1 says:

    Welcome, brother Joe! Oh, I am looking forward to seeing Author’s take on the Latter Day Saints!

  21. NZer says:

    WOHOO!! More characters!!

    So, who’s next for a guest appearance? Buddha?

  22. Fraser says:

    I cost Scientology money!! It’s not as good as ending all religion, but it’s a start.

  23. spoing says:

    @darwin harmless: yes the original sin thing is probably the single most pernicious doctrine of all… clever how they manage to throw a bit of sexism in there as well by laying the ultimate blame on the woman for accepting the talking snake’s bribe.

    Nassar Ben’s riposte is as weak as his poetry it would seem…

  24. Jim Meer says:


  25. Maggs says:

    Just a couple of dots for eyes and two triangles for ears and the hat-face turns into a pig-face!

    PS Time to bring back bar-maid, everyone’s getting a bit hot under the collar.

  26. Shameless self promotion here again. I’ve just posted two stories from the history of religion on my site. Would love a comment or two telling me whether they are as funny as I think they are.
    @spoing I think we park our cars in the same garage, as they say in Hollywood.
    @author I’m learning to appreciate hat-face. The Mormons are a rich lode to mine for sure, an endless source of humour. For example, they don’t drink coffee because the body is the temple of the lord, but I’ve never net a slender Mormon because they are all sugar and carbofat freaks. They also wear funny underwear becuase some Mormon owns or owned an underwear factory.

  27. @jerry w I stand corrected. Too funny.

  28. I’m now regretting those mean spirited comments I made just a bit earlier. Thinking about it, I have met lean Mormons, the younger ones anyway. And it’s kind of endearing that they support their brother Mormon with his underwear venture. Every Mormon I’ve ever me has been, on the surface, a really nice person. I suspect they don’t think too much about their racist and nutty dogma. But anyway, I should be making fun of the beliefs, not the people who hold them.

  29. jerry w says:

    Perhaps Joe will explain why elders kick young Mormon males out to the curb, is it to be sure the old fart hunting preserve (for young female brides) remains like shooting fish in a barrel? I’m sure the Bar Maid would also like to hear this explanation.
    @Nassar Ben Houdja:, I stand by my statement for the study of religion, on the other hand, the study of the religious requires the same methodology as the study of monkeys, patience, a sense of humor, and a comfortable seat to observe from.
    @DH, the funny underwear they call “Undergarments” are sort of tight Speedo shorts that keep the men from being distracted from god by playing “Pocket Pool”.

  30. Unruly Simian says:

    Made me think of the Salamander letters from back in the ’80’s and how the Mormon establishment were jumping through hoops trying to get “real” proof of their religious standing. A fake selling a fake to a bunch of fakes!!! Oh the hillarity!!!!

  31. spoing says:

    @jerry w – Tragic that so many young men will miss out on the simple pleasures of a good round of pocket pool …
    @nassar ben – religionists take the position that we are all god’s special boys & girls singled out for his obsessive parental attention – so surely it’s pretty ungodly of you to refer to atheists as a lower form of life?

  32. spoing says:

    @darwin harmless – love your site – highly recommended.

    What indeed have the catholics done with all those ancient penises ! … mind you I suspect they would find uses for them …

  33. motivemagus says:

    For those who are interested, Steve Benson, the sharp and talented editorial cartoonist, is a former Mormon and grandson of the LDS Prophet (head of the church) Ezra Benson. He left the LDS in disgust, leaving a few burning bridges behind, when he saw the church propping up his completely senile grandfather (whom he cared for) to propagate the myth of his infallible Prophet status. Besides being a liberal cartoonist, he runs the “Mormon recovery” site the Mormon Curtain:

  34. dysamoria says:

    Mormon recovery… That’s great. There should be addictions counseling services for the religiously deluded. It’s bad for one “crazy” to say he’s hearing the voice of god, so why is it ok for entire massive cults and churches to do the same?


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