Resurrection of an old one from 2007 today. The teddy bear is a reference to a story at the time.


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  1. Massa says:

    Idolatry, Author… without the o.

    LOVED the joke.

  2. stokes says:

    ’tis a good’un. That teddy bear incident was one of the stupidest examples of ignorance I’ve ever seen.

  3. knud says:

    Holy shit!!!! lol

  4. Naruki K. says:

    Zounds! If all our ancestors had emulated “the ultimate role model” Mo, the psychopathic warlord, the human race would be long extinct.

    Great cartoon, Author!

  5. Ron+Murphy says:

    Nice that Mo the teddy makes an appearance

  6. Ron+Murphy says:

    And, graphic evidence that Intercessory prayer does not work, or doesn’t work as one might intend: Penis Be Upon Him (PBUH).

  7. Max+T.+Furr says:

    Where’s a Burka when you need one? :O

  8. jean-françois+gauthier says:

    that endearing little teddy would make a nice recurring prop.

  9. Three-tigers says:

    Mo in a posing pouch, not exactly the greek ideal of manhood. I thought men were supposed to be triangluar, with wide shoulders and narrow hips. His triangle seems to be upside down! I agree burka or large bin bag needed.

  10. hotrats says:

    There probably isn’t room, but shouldn’t it be an IS flag on the posing pouch?

  11. sosusk says:

    Mo is such a cutie! His teddy proves that deep inside he has a soft spot, maybe he was trying to compensate it with all his conquering, slaughtering and hating.

  12. Shaughn says:

    Could it be that Mo has given his private parts inside the pouch a name? Like, ehrmm… this?

  13. Greg says:

    I’d hit it…

  14. jerry+www says:

    Guilty of assault with a dead weapon?

  15. R.+E.+Moran says:

    Wow, that’s harsh. I like the IS posing pouch comment. 🙂

  16. Author says:

    Thank you, Massa. Fixed it.

  17. smee says:

    It’s difficult to make out what it says on the front of his thong; My eyesight isn’t so good these days. My wife thinks it says “girl bait” is that correct?

  18. Nassar+Ben+Houdja says:

    The profit, “police be upon him”
    Is worshiped by the violent and dim
    His name spewed every direction
    Like a social disease or infection
    Islam, sucessor to original sin.

  19. 3Dragonflies says:

    Great laugh for the morning! My hubby read-albeit at a slower rate-and his mouth turned up into a grin and he chuckled, too. Keep ’em coming!

  20. oldebabe says:


    Author, you’ve done it again.

  21. Walter says:

    Just be glad that the cartoon image playing the part of Mo is only a body double.

  22. JohnM says:

    Dead right, Walter. Lucky indeed for Author (pbuh) that there’s no Islamist opprobrium attached to illustrations of body doubles. And lucky that every Muslim knows the difference, too, when they see such pictures. By-the-by, how in fact do they do that? After all, as good Muslims, they will never have gazed upon a bona-fide image of the real thing.

  23. Great clarification of the motives behind this incident, Author. The story that originally inspired this cartoon was surely a low point in Islamic illogic and stupidity, turning the whole world against Muslim countries in general and the Sudan in particular. Hard to imagine what it did to any potential tourist business and international trade. If they were intentionally trying to damage their country in the eyes of the world, they could hardly have done more. This is something I really appreciate.

    Nassar, I think you are finally hitting your stride. Still no trace of rhythm, but great content. 🙂

  24. Mary2 says:

    The commenters are correct: Mo should be wearing a burka in case his body should drive all us women to lust. Nope. Didn’t work for me.

  25. Sinnataggen says:

    Brilliant one, this. Congratulations, Author! Your cartoon reminds us that whatever the rationale behind iconoclasm (fear of idolatry etc.) the logic that drives today’s homicidal zealots to act out their barbarous, bloodthirsty fantasies reflects profound intellectual insecurity: inability to examine notions like honour, respect, criticism and mockery. The logic of monotheism is inescapable, regardless of whether you believe in God. Being human we are necessarily imperfect; therefore, none of us is beyond criticism, satire and so on. If Mohammed was a human (all the way down to his little thingy), this principle must also apply to him. To hold otherwise is to treat him as divine and therefore an act of idolatry by anyone who professes monotheistic belief.

  26. wnanig says:

    Well, if that image of Mo does not inspire idolatry, I don’t know what will…

    Despite all newspaper articles being written in the wake of recent events, I don’t think I have really seen anyone stating (whether the obvious or not) that while the methods may differ, forbidding images of the prophet and satire share a common goal – to counteract human megalomania, turning human beings into God. That satirists were killed for following the intentions behind the rule they were breaking. And by the way – what better way to turn yourself into God than to assign yourself the right to decide who lives or dies.

    There is a reason why it is necessary to constantly hold up a mirror to humanity, why rules of division of power are written into constitutions, why critical review by the press and inspections of companies by authorities are needed, why there are rules for presidents not to stay in office too long (and not just switch back and forth with the prime minister). We humans are all too prone to develop megalomania. Add to that making not losing face your top priority and the road to hell is paved.

    I have the utmost respect for Mo to have the courage to display this important point so graphically.

  27. nothere says:

    If I ever decided to get a dog, I’d name him “Mo”.

  28. hotrats says:

    Looking again with my spectacles on, it seems to say ‘I (heart) IS’, so shut my mouth.

  29. Chiefy says:

    Not “IS,” hotrats. It looks to me like the Arabic for “Allah.” Unless my eyes deceive me, which they have been known to do.

  30. Mary2 says:

    Some of you lot seem to be spending faaaar too much time examining Mo’s crotch. Not sure if that says more about you or the banning of pictorial depictions.

  31. EricF says:

    Gaaaah! Once seen cannot be unseen. I am forever scarred.

  32. Mark S. says:

    DH: I did not need this event to know that Sudan is a bad choice for tourism. As for international trade, the businesses already know what kind of oppressive government they are dealing with. Any hoo-ha over this teddy bear is strictly small time stuff…

  33. white+squirrel says:

    would Mo have a teddy bear ?- it is a representation of a living thing after all
    maybe Mo is revealing his ‘deviant fetish’
    or maybe the teddy bear is for sale and Mo is trying to flog it on the internet

  34. white+squirrel says:

    Given the stated homophobic rules of Islam
    panel 3 prompts the question
    should male children be called ‘Muhammed’ – as they might grow up to be gay?

  35. two cents' worth says:

    For a cartoon on how some of Mohammad’s followers feel about those who depict him, see


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