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  1. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    very funny, I love Jesus and mo cartoon. I hope this coming out in a book soner or later.

  2. Rafael says:

    You’re a genius. Your cartoons are the best I’ve ever seen: not only very amusing but really clever by addressing serious thought-provocative issues. Well done!

  3. Hobbes says:

    Ya gotta be nice and believe, or ya won’t get that 72 year-old vergin when ya “pass away.”

  4. Eray Ozkural says:

    Clever and amusing references to philosophy, I love it!


    founder of ai-philosophy list

  5. Ryan says:

    Man this stuff rocks, keep it going!

    I hope to see a sketch on Jack Staws latest comments 😀

  6. Moshira Hühne says:

    I wait for you guys to invite Moses to complete the trinity!

  7. mat says:

    A guest religious character or two really would be great… not necessarily Moses… maybe Buda or Ganesh… think about it

  8. Moshira Hühne says:

    Oh many guests would be interesting. Jesus and Mo together and the others would be a GUEST as you suggest.

    Moses would be different, and is a must. The three prophets of the book religions together. All those fundamentalist muslims and jews having to cope with Mo and Moses getting along together in one comic strip….

  9. That Moses – he’s just wandering around lost. Tsk.

  10. CyberAngel says:

    I started praying. Thanks 4 reminding me!


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