I know. It’s not funny.

Happy New Year.

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  1. It’s not only not funny, it’s not there. 🙂 Did your announcement go out prematurely.

  2. Author says:

    Not prematurely – I uploaded a misnamed file. Fixed now. Try a hard-refresh.

  3. And sure, as soon as I send that the strip pops up. I beg to differ. It is too funny. As in too funny. Happy New Year, Author.

  4. Limagolf says:

    It’s not funny, but it’s a joke.


  5. Mardi says:

    OK, I didn’t laugh out loud, but it WAS spot on! One of the best yet.

  6. jean-françois gauthier says:

    happy new year, author! speaking of dogma, you might have read that clerics should see celibacy as a “special gift of god” (meeerry christmas, folks!)? i’ll bet quite a few orphans don’t see it that way. (reference:’s-book/, toward the end.)

  7. Dave N says:

    A great start to the year!

  8. Stephen Turner says:

    Happy New Year, author! Did you know that UNESCO is planning to convert half the world’s population to homosexuality?

  9. GoodReason says:

    Do I detect a change of typeface? Thought it was their accent until I looked closer.

  10. Postman says:

    It is funny. Just in a sad, sad way.

  11. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    O noes, they have joined the liberal party.

  12. Author says:

    @GoodReason – you have a good eye.
    @Stephen Turner – that is hilarious!

  13. jerry w says:

    To paraphrase my peeps, “Why should tonight be any different than any other night?”, it’s not like tonights set is different than the one the night before, or before that, or……..

  14. Pappy mcfae says:

    In other words, “The Usual”.

  15. author’s right, it’s not funny. It’s a great toon, but not funny.

  16. Meanwhile – the god damn evil xxxs have killed Salman Taseer because he supported reform of Pakistan’s blasphemy law.


  17. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    i think this was funny, reminds me of singing idol competition.
    ehehe maybe Jesus and mo would have won the competition

  18. Aztek says:

    Booo!!!*Throws a bottle*

  19. they are all funny when you view them as deluded people, but not so funny when you realize that beleivers really think this way.

    then it’s sad-scary

  20. Believers really think this way and act on the beliefs. The bishop of Phoenix was doing his best to force St Joseph’s hospital to promise never again to save the life of a woman by ending an 11 week pregnancy. The bishop wants all hospitals to let women die rather than saving their lives by ending an early pregnancy.

  21. Jeigh says:

    Actually I give Jesus—or what the concept of Jesus SHOULD be—much more credit than this….so I will assume this is the Jesus that right-wing conservative Xtians create in their own image.

    And thinking of it that way, this is one of the best J & Ms Ive ever seen.

  22. Folks, we need to make the point ever and ever again!
    The cartoon sums up theology!
    Theologians rank with psychics, despite their high-level language and such. Pope Ratz, Rev. Billy Crackers , William Lane Craig, Alvin Plantinga, John Hick, John Haught, Alister Earl McGrath,Peter van Inwagen, Edward Feser, Richard Swinburnea nd Karl Giberson are no more intellecually respectable than JohnEdward, Sylvia Brown[e] and James van Praagh!

  23. junks says:

    hahaha I totally lol’ed. this one is timeless.

    “hope you like it”… classic!

  24. MrGronk says:

    Ophelia, that’ll be the “culture of life” they’re always going on about. Like when they try to deny an abortion to a 9 year old incest victim.

  25. @ Ophelia Benson thanks for the heads up on Salman Taseer. Somehow I missed that news. Killed because he opposed executing a Christian woman for violating blasphemy laws? What can one say? These twinkies are deadly serious about their silly twinkyness.

  26. jerry w says:

    When I minimize the new unrequested tool bar on the bottom of the page, I see the silhouette of J&M and the word “tools”. Thanks for killing yet another irony meter.

  27. evilgurl says:

    @ Jerry I noticed that too & it was as funny if not funnier than the comic!

  28. You’re welcome DH.

    It’s a completely horrifying state of affairs. A liberal can’t even survive in Pakistan, let alone win any battles.

  29. Stonyground says:

    The first thing that occurred to me when seeing this was to think of the Roman Catholic Church. But having thought about it, everything that the RCC does and says is aimed at enriching and empowering the RCC, so real world consequences are always at the forefront of the reasons for their actions. It just doesn’t seem that way because they just don’t give a toss about how much suffering they cause in the process.


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