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  1. Jude says:

    And there I was thinking it was all about lollipops and sweeties. Just shows how wrong you can be.

  2. John Moore says:

    Hopefully they will dress up like the Bar Maid.

  3. moof says:

    “It is a dangerous time for the feeble-minded”
    i c wat u did thar

  4. Mark D says:

    Jesus could dress up as a zombie. Wait, Jesus is a zombie. Christianity will eat your brains.

  5. Matt Oxley says:

    Mo should dress up as a portrait of himself.

  6. For those interested. The Original Muhammed Cartoon-Crisis strikes again tonight:

  7. James says:

    Jesus and Mo should go as each other: Jesus as Mo and vice versa. (Hopefully they’ll endulge in a lot of vice)!

  8. Innocent Bystander says:

    Very funny! This one is classic.

  9. Diane G says:

    William, that’s scarier than anything. So glad the intelligence agencies actually come through sometimes.

  10. Bobber says:

    … And the thing about the Mohammed-crisis is that they (the pissed off muslims) have no chance of drawing stuff that would make us angry and make us want to declare jihad.

    you silly silly muslims. Do we bully you? is it something you want to talk about? :p… get a grip…

  11. im says:

    I don’t understand Danish but I expect that the picture accompanying the headline “SuperBest fanget i ny svindelsag” is a picture of one of the terrorists from the article in William’s Link.

  12. Bobber says:

    haha nice comment Im… xD

    even though it’s just an article about pork meat 😛

  13. BucketBoy says:

    Love your strip and the fact that despite the reputation it is actually one of the more respectful sites out here, in terms of editorial content at least.
    Please do a strip about the recent French decision on scientology.
    Well done my froggy friends!
    Now let’s see what the Australian judicial system does in THIS case:,25197,26259836-5006786,00.html

  14. nina says:

    these two are complaining about luring the feebleminded? more like jealous that halloween is better marketing with a verifiable instant pay off for not a lot of effort!

  15. nina says:


    thank you for sharing the article – it’s important that we don’t lull ourselves into thinking that fanatics are “over there” stewing in a theocratic country’s intolerant society – but that they are also living right alongside us in democratic western society too – partly because that gives hope that there’s people in those theocratic repressive countries who are working for freedom and not buying into that culture – but also to remind ourselves that intolerance and fanaticism is everywhere

  16. Liz Dexic says:

    All Hallows Eve is my fave “holiday” of all – not just because it’s only a holyday to pagans, but moreso ‘cuz it is My Birthday – yep, 7:20 p.m. Amer’can CST, 1959. No question the best day of the year to be born on since the whole Western world parties with you – at least in SPIRIT! This being the Big 5-0, will be pulling out all the Stops. So Go with it, and me, my fellow infidels.

  17. Daoloth says:

    @Bucketboy. Thanks for the article. I am surprised that there is any room for maneuver here. I guess that the difference between a cult and a religion is nothing more than political clout and what we are witnessing in scientology is the transition stage. Fascinating. It should be studied.

  18. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Come on boys, show us yer ghoulies 🙂


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