James wins.

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  1. Nuno says:

    AHAHAHHAHAH! What a scary monsters! LOL

  2. Scott says:

    Shouldn’t the first frame be “I must say” rather than “I’m must say”?

  3. pje says:

    And shouldn’t the eye-shapes reflect the cross-dressing, rather than follow the dress and facial-hair?

  4. maggs says:

    Oh! What did they do with the sewing kit then?

  5. John Moore says:

    Wait won’t the Muslims get their knickers in a bunch over this one? I mean I know he is a body double but Jesus is purposely dressing like Muhammed and that can not be allowed. Be prepared for mass bombings, rioting, frothy mouthed vehemenence!!!!! Also in case you missed it here is a great Halloween cartoon….

  6. Bodach says:

    I almost couldn’t tell one monotheist from the other!

  7. Tie says:


    not even tom cruise in mission impossible could improve on that disguise.

  8. John Moore says:

    Would’ve been a good time to make their eyes blink also. Alas Author has plenty to do besides entertaining us mere mortals…..

  9. nina says:

    excellent – since religions are interchangeable as well – I think we expected these costumes, but really, nothing else would have been funnier

  10. Shaughn says:

    But… but… but… if Mo can be Jesus in disguise and vice versa…

    How can we ever be sure from now on that these fidels truely are who they claim to be? Do we have to turn into believers?

    Author, what did you do?

  11. millhouse says:

    Genius! I LOL a lot at this.

  12. Stephen Turner says:

    Author: perhaps you could have a disclaimer pointing out The Danger of Celebrating Halloween, and warning that J&M readers should not try doing so at home.

    It’s all explained here:

  13. Atheismo says:

    I think a grammar nazi migrated over here from the BI site. I hope it’s not Scott Meyer.

  14. ketil.G says:

    hahaah wery funny.

  15. welshsceptic says:

    took me a few seconds to get it, lol love the fact that their still standing on their usual sides of the panel.

  16. Bobber says:

    Haha nice one. It took me some time to get it though, but that’s what makes it funnt 😛

  17. fenchurch says:

    @Maggs: I was thinking to sew a foreskin back on, and maybe snip another.

  18. Tomas the Doubter says:

    @Stephen Turner: Thanks for the link, I had no idea halloween was that dangerous!…

  19. OtterBe says:

    I had to search with Charismamag & celebrating Halloween is dangerous to find the article. Kimberly Daniels is the perpetrator, and she ( IMO ) is either FULL of teh bAt$#¡T cray-cray or a diligent religious scammer. Examples: don’t buy candy around Halloween because it has been prayed over by witches. She has ‘ prayed for witches who are addicted to blood and howling at the moon’. Bonfires in the fall ( including Homecoming! ) are celebrating pagan rituals and inviting demons in. Celebrating Halloween will ‘ Release time-released CURSES against the innocent and ignorant ‘.

    There’s more, but I’ve dealt with enough stupid today and the mutt deserves some attention before I head off to class. I kinda-sorta want to have a bonfire tonite now, tho ????


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