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  1. mark says:

    if only the world possessed this same sense of humour . . . laughter truly is the best medicine

  2. Huinca says:

    Absolutely amazing.

  3. Ben says:

    Given what Jesus really looked like, Danny De Vitto should play him too.

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  5. Flavus says:

    I actually saw the cartoon all the way through, thought I’d wasted part of my life on sub-par animated drivel. I watched it ’cause I thought the whole thing would be from the first person point of view of Mohamet, and not just the parts where he’s all like “Iz is prayins at yur Kaabas!”.

  6. curious says:

    i want to know whether you faced issues from believing muslims. from what has gone on for just a cartoon with a bomb in the turban, i would have expected serious riots. but none? how come? or is a breeze of tolerance blowing through the muslim mind?

  7. Cephas Atheos says:

    No, they’re too busy trying to figure out where the whistle is coming from! (Get it? Breeze through the mind…ear-holes…voilĂ !)


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