The DOH‘s crisis of faith.

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  1. haruhi suzumiya says:

    you’re back!

  2. carolita says:

    I think He exists, but I don’t believe in the poor thing. He’s got enough on his plate! Leave Him alone! Let’s all take care of ourselves, and take responsibility for our lives, and lighten up his load so he can take care of, hmm, the genocidal maniacs in our world?

  3. mrblackett says:

    She was no Princess Diana.

    *crosses chest*
    *kisses Princess Di photo above the fire*

  4. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Reading between the lines, I concluded that she originally had visions in which Jesus regularly appeared to her. With or without sound, I don’t know.

    If I am right, the hallucinations ceased and she spent the rest of her life mourning the loss.

    Definitely demented, and a heartless harridan who helped people get into a nonexistent heaven by increasing their suffering here.

    Maybe that’s the real meaning of “Suffer the little children to come unto me”.

  5. Ryuuko says:

    Welcome back, I’ve been going through J & M withdrawal…

  6. mat says:

    Mother Teresa was a real nasty piece of work. She probably took pleasure in watching people suffer since she never gave any medecines to the people she “helped”. Instead she locked the sick and the elderly in the modern equivalent of plague hospitals and left them to die on hard beds. Of course, whenever SHE was sick she would fly to Europe to get first class treatment. Indeed, what a saint!

  7. JayBee says:

    I am baffled by what I just read!
    I always knew that Teresa was somehwat masochistic, but that.
    Seems that you really learn something everyday…

    P.S: Stupid church! didn’t even respect her wishes! a**ho**

  8. tie says:

    glad that you are back from vacation,

    you guys should check the Hitchens vs Bill Donohue on MT on youtube, is hilarious.

  9. When I learn what DOH means, will I go “D’oh!”?

  10. Sachintha says:

    Carolita, if we all do that, don’t you think that there won’t be any genocidal maniacs anymore?

    Besides, what do we need a God for, then?


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