Based on an old photo, which appeared in last week’s Freethinker newsletter.

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  1. Laripu says:

    Allah is omniscient and omnipotent, but also vewy vewy sensitive.

  2. E.A. Blair says:

    NO RELIGION IS BETTER THAN (fill in the blank).

    When I was in college, there was a local band named “Phil ‘n’ The Blanks”.

  3. Someone says:

    Makes me happier that I follow no religion.

  4. Alan Flynn says:

    Has someone better eyesight than me – what does the ‘small print’ on the placard say?

  5. Author says:

    It says, (Don’t Dare to point Fingers on ISLAM. We love Peace)

  6. Alan Flynn says:

    Thank you Author for clarifying: “Don’t dare to point fingers on Islam. We love peace” – since they love peace so much, how can it be daring to point fingers at Islam? I’m calling an oxymoron on that one!

  7. Mockingbird says:

    Well spotted Author, one of your best !

  8. Harry says:

    Reminds me of an old joke: Nothing acts faster than Anadin – so take nothing.

  9. Dr John the Wipper says:

    No new postings since January 13, 2021 at 9:54 pm? Or something wrong at my side of things?

    OK, this got right through….

    And now I can also see Harry’s.

  10. M27Holts says:

    Thought there may be more postings by bored locked-downers….like me, chilling with some symphonic progressive rock whilst preparing the food for “date night” hope my date remembers to turn up from upstairs…?

  11. Someone Else says:

    Love the double-entendre on this one.

  12. Alan Flynn says:

    Oh right, @Someone Else – “No religion is better than Islam” meaning either ‘there is no religion which is better than Islam’ or ‘the absence of religion is better than Islam’ – double-entendre or amphibology. Besides his amphibology, his small print was an oxymoron as I mentioned above.

  13. Edward T. Haines says:

    No religion is able to match up with Agnosticism or Atheism would seem to be a better placard, but maybe I am prejudiced.

  14. Someone says:

    @Alan Flynn, oxymorons are part and parcel with religious sentiments. In fact, I can think of a word within that word that describes the guy holding the placard rather well.

  15. Son of Glenner says:

    Someone: Would that word within a word be “ox”?

  16. M27Holts says:

    Wasn’t Moroni an angel who spoke to a mad paedophile called smith?

  17. Donal Feran says:

    |No religion is able to match up with Agnosticism or Atheism

    Sing with me:

    There’s no religion like Agnosticism or Atheism I know!
    Everything about them is appealing . . . .

    Except that neither of them is a religion.

  18. Troubleshooter says:

    Nice move, Mo:
    Open mouth;
    Insert foot.


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