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  1. Rob says:

    Happy 200th J&M! (and the rubber ducky too)

  2. techskeptic says:

    LOL! You are brilliant!

  3. Rudis says:

    Hole-istic medicine.

  4. tie says:

    nice one,

    “homoeopathy” wasting your taxes with nicely branded water…

    If they want placebo effect why they don’t just go an pray, like the rest of the nuts?

  5. Ketil G says:

    This was funny, i like this cartoon. Hope you never stop drawing jesus and mo.

    happy200th 🙂

  6. Cass says:

    Happy 200th and many more 🙂

  7. JayBee says:

    Hahaha! OMG
    This made my day! I was worried about an exam I have to take in an hour; NO MORE!
    Happy 200th 😉

  8. Ompus says:

    Ya know, 10cc’s of bong water, properly diluted, should give me a *sweet* homeopathic high for the next 700-800 years.

  9. Uncle Roger says:

    Woohoo! Happy 200th!

  10. sacredserenity says:

    this was great… happy 200th… plz make 200 million cartoons…

    ok thats a lot but this cartoon is just too good

  11. Satantiago says:

    What’s that line running down Mo’s chest in the 2nd panel? Is it the scar left by the angel who washed down Mo’s insides with zamzam water? I think I can see Mo’s hairy starfish in panel 4, the author sure left no detail out. Congrats on your 200th cartoon. It’s the 200th, isn’t it? How could you people keep track?

  12. Mags says:

    Well now, I may not believe in magic but when I broke my arm the Arnica 30 (a homoeopathic [note spelling] dilution) it worked better than the heavy duty drugs the medics approved. Not that I believed it would, it just did… Anything was worth trying!

  13. prozacville says:

    I’m finding myself getting quietly turned on here by J&M’s flabby buttocks. Worrying.

  14. tie says:

    Mags, it’s called the “placebo effect” of a 1hour pep talk with a doctor and water with a fancy sticker on it.

    If diluting made compounds stronger, then all natural springs would be toxic, due to minute traces of excrement in the soil, minute traces of mercury …

    Every time they do controlled double blind tests on homeopathy it shows no effect.
    Whatever you like it or not, telling yourself it worked is EXACTLY what makes it work. It’s called Placebo, or prayer, or faith.

  15. r00db00y says:

    Hey tie,

    So what if you try it just to prove someone wrong, but it ends up working better than the prescribed stuff? Is that still faith? I suppose “subconciously” you’d actually be telling yourself it works, right, that’s why it works? Can someone pray without actually knowing it?

  16. tie says:

    roodbooy… not sure what you are on about.

    double blind controlled tests are design to remove bias from a test, if homoeopathy seems to “work” outside the controlled tests, but it does not make a difference when double blind tests are in place, then the positive effect is placebo.

    that is why they don’t use homoeopathy for serious stuff, like a Cancer. Wishing it to disappear with all your heart, does not make it so. Even if you feel better about it for the time being.

  17. Jel says:

    If you read Alan Bennett’s Untold Stories- homeopaths do try to use their snake oil for cancer.

    Expensive snake oil at that.

    It’s missing legs that they don’t use it for – just like miracle cures. And with the same effect

  18. carolita says:

    Those buttocks (on both Jesus and Mo) are very humanity in all its human homeliness. 🙂

  19. ARU says:

    I love the bit about pollution in the ocean. I wonder what the excuse would be for that…

  20. fallingleaf says:

    Not that I believe it, but the claim of homeopathy is that the diluted solution will have the opposite effect of the original substance. So something that causes vomiting, when diluted, would be an anti-nausea drug. So a small amount of pollution would make the ocean cleaner than no pollution? Homeopathy is still bollocks!

  21. fenchurch says:

    @Mags: that would be like having a headache, taking a pain reliever, finding that the headache still persists, and praying to the Great Gazoo for a cure, and voila, no more headache.

    Now, if you were taking other meds and then did some voodoo before the problem went away, how can you attribute the cure to the voodoo?
    Not only were you taking meds, but some problems go away on their own. I’m sure when I injured my knee on a resort holiday & could barely walk, the cure was scarcely the endless free wine spritzers I was consuming all day.

  22. tinkling think says:

    Fenchurch, far be it from me to ever disagree with a fine, intelligent and wise lady but … free wine does make pain go away. That is a fact attested to by many, many millions of people over tens of millennia globally.

    Of course an excess also tends to cause some considerable pain a few hours after consumption but that, too, is easily cured – apparently by eating canine fur.

  23. tinkling think says:

    A vacuum is the greatest dilution available, so, were homoeopathy to have any validity such a vacuum would not only cure everything it would also allow us to breathe freely.

    I wonder how many practitioners have tried this?

  24. noninliters says:

    It’s amazing to realize that I’ve been using the internet for a few decades and I’ve seen so much stuff, but until today I never saw God naked. Surprisingly anticlimactic.

  25. J. Doe says:

    no more me?


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