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  1. Read about this in my Danish daily “Information” and had a great laugh. I am spreading the good site to my colleagues. Looking forward to more.

    Yours Annette

  2. eenauk says:

    “it’s a bit of a sore topic” lol

  3. Albert Ross says:

    I just looked up what a PA actually is.

    Hell’s bells. I’d rather go to church every day for 6 weeks (average heal time) than have one of those.

  4. Hobbes says:

    Hey, I’m think of suing! This cartoon made me fall out of my chair laughing! This is another great one!

  5. yelinna says:

    Poor Jesus, he got really bad piercing 🙁

  6. I’ll bet the equipment wasn’t properly sterilized.

  7. sacredserenity says:

    crap… i just saw a picture of PA on wikipedia and just seeing it made my dick hurt

  8. Alen says:

    I wanna know why jesus is asian

  9. omsacras says:

    Holy mother of business!

    Another one that made me crack up!

  10. Bones'sDog says:

    I once tried to explain “Prince Albert” to my older sister.
    In the end I sent her a link to the Wikipedia entry.
    Without looking at it.
    Some things my squeamishness just won’t let me see. .


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