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  1. r00db00y says:

    That’s true actually. The difference in the old Hebrew between “virgin” and “young woman” is only one letter, or something.
    Mind you, Lutherans got around that by saying the Holy Spirit didnt impregnate Mary, but rather entered the unborn child after Jospeph knocked her up…..

    ….which makes much more sense :-p ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. biocs_nerd says:

    Woah. I didn’t realize this! The story is clearly bunk, but I didn’t realize there was actual evidence *within* the bible itself. Got some links for us?

  3. TB says:

    Why is everything about Christianity so badly wrong and intentionally mistranslated and people keep worshipping it?

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  5. Noga says:

    r00db00y is wrong. The Isaiah prophesy says: Here the maiden lady will give birth to a son…

    The “maiden lady” is a translation of “Ha-gvira Ha-alma”.

    “Ha-gvira” means a high born lady; “ha-alma” means a young unmarried woman. The original Hebrew points to a young unmarried woman of an aristocratic family.

  6. r00db00y says:


    That’s just the intention; to keep people worshipping it. Gone are the lessons of good-will to all, do unto others and thou shalt not do (lets be honest) bad things like kill, steal, lie and give one to your best mates missus, all replaced with “this is the word of the Lord”, an eye for an eye (actually, these days it’s more like “an eye for a tooth, a tooth for an eye”), guilt, fear and celibacy.
    It’s no secret that the original texts have not only been severely mistranslated, but edited so as to be unrecognisable as what was originally scribed. All to keep various churches (namely the Catholics) in positions of power through PR.

    I stand corrected, thanx.

  7. So (according to Lutherans) did Junior have two souls?

  8. huh says:

    Out of curiosity, how does the Trinity thing interact with the possibility of an Oedipus complex?

  9. peterNW1 says:

    In the Greek translation of the Old Testament, made by Jews in Egypt in the 2nd century BC, Isaiah 7:14 reads “virgin”, not “young woman.”

    This suggests that the original Jewish understanding long before Christianity even existed was that a “virgin” would conceive.

    In the Bible a “sign” means a miracle (Jesus was often asked by doubters for a “sign” so that they could believe.) A young woman conceiving is hardly a “sign”, a miracle. This happens every minute of the day. A virgin conceiving would however be a “sign”.

    It seems that Jews originally believed that a virgin would miraculously conceive. Then, after Christains claimed Jesus was born of a virgin, Jews changed their story and claimed that the 200 BC translation was in error.

  10. Paper Hand says:

    Roodboy – What are you talking about? I grew up Lutheran, in a relatively liberal branch of the church, and the virgin birth was believed there. Which branch(es) of Lutheranism believe that?

  11. 't Zaller says:

    You’ve got it all wrong, infidels. Now keep this to yourselves, but word on the street is that Mary had the medical condition known as an anal fistula – that is: a hole between the anal and the vaginal tubes, don’t look it up on google images – which can cause women visited through the back door to become miraculously impregnated. Bad birth-control tactic, but what were Mary and Joseph to do in those olden days?


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