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  1. carolita says:

    How true. Or one could be like my dad, who has all bases covered by going to church “as if,” and enjoying the idea of God like a kid enjoys the idea of Santa, but not really totally believing it. He figures if it turns out God exists, he’ll be covered by his good attendance. Very practical. Not likely to help, though. But he might get points for initiative.

  2. Is your father’s name Pascal by any chance?

  3. shaker says:

    carolita: He figures if it turns out God exists, he’ll be covered by his good attendance.

    But what if, like Homer Simpson says, you are just making god more angry by praying to the wrong god every Sunday?

  4. Souldier says:

    Shaker is right in a sense. It depends onthe situation. If a person has true faith in a god there should be no fear that they are doing wrong. On the other hand, if they are not sure of their god it is likely that they may have a paranoia caused by the following of the religon.

  5. fenchurch says:

    Wow, I guess these “omniscient” gods can’t see through this scam.
    Problem with Souldier’s take is that a mere belief in a god is not the way to be saved, according to the doctrines of many world religions: there are specific steps to get there which the followers of said god can’t agree upon, which explains the thousands of sects in, say, Christ-inanity.

  6. Cephas Atheos says:

    Can you imagine fronting up at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and trying to convince the Hasidic fundamentalists there that they’ve been wearing the silly hats, with the nonsensical sideburns, and the little boxes (I is d to know what they were called, but it doesn’t matter), and the insane black clothes, all because the post-exile priests wanted all the power they lost when they visited the beautiful rivers of. Babylon, so they made everything up?

    That their thousands of years of rabbiting on in the Mishnah, their midrash, and their entire history was all a pack of lies?

    Oh, that would be so sweet. Just before they ripped out your jugular, stamped your body into the cracked stones underfoot, and spat on your remains.

    I’m not saying it would’ve been fun being Jewish – there are a lot of things the Christians are horribly responsible for doing to the Jews over the years, not least of which is the Holocaust – but if you insist on believing in a book that tells you that light and dark were invented before the sun, moon, and stars, well, you get what you pay for.

    Sorry about the ramble. It’s late and my pain meds have just kicked in…


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