Rushdie knighthood sparks outrage

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  1. Rob says:

    Amazing that Blair let Rushdie on to the list!

    Let’s hope Charles is not doing the knighting: I wouldn’t put a sword, Salman Rushdie and the self-titled ‘defender of faith’ in the same room.

  2. Rich says:

    How true. I hadn’t heard of Rushdie until ‘The Satanic Verses’ and all the Iranian death threats started. Ironic to think that the fatwah is in all probability a major influence in his popularity as an author and thereby has contributed to his getting a knighthood.

  3. sean says:

    Personally I don’t see how anyone being given a knighthood by this pointless monarchy of ours has even the slightest bit of importance to do with anything =\

  4. Christine says:

    I think effigy burning is a national passtime in Pakistan , there is no international cricket being played at the moment , so they gotta burn something !!!

  5. Christine says:

    or should that be burn “someone”

  6. Markk says:

    The free publicity thing is so true. No doubt The Satanic Verses sales will skyrocket because of this knighthood controversy.

  7. carolita says:

    Hey, I read that book, and my only objection to Rushdie getting any honors at all is that he isn’t a good writer! I don’t remember a thing about anything I’ve read of his, which is really saying something. I mean, I’ve read books in latin and ancient french which have impressed me more. I think Rushdie is the Forrest Gump of literature. (I hated that movie, too! I always said it predicted George Bush and the decline of western civilisation!)

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  9. Lewy says:

    Well, I would have to say I couldnt disagree more – I thought the book was brilliant – its symbolically interwoven sideplots are etched into my mind forever – it was a somewhat painful process (the etching) in which I went blind for a short while, but it was worth it.
    Seriously though, its a great introduction to the genre of magical realism — I’d highly recommend it for anyone who has the attention span to deal with a 900 page book.
    And yes, its true, a thank you to the advertisers is neccessary, without their publicising I might never have read it.

  10. carolita says:

    Well, I still think it was a stinker. I like magical realism, when it’s Marquez, but I did not like Rushdie. Just a matter of taste, I guess. I still can’t remember a darned thing about any of the books I’ve read of his. Which surprises even me. I draw a total blank, and only remember being annoyed that I spent so much time reading them by the time I reached the last page and threw them in the trash or gave them to models I roomed with.

  11. Brian says:

    Somebody explain this to me. How do you carry out a fatwah with bamboo, straw and an old Armani suit. I just dont get it, I’m afraid.

  12. Dan Kauffman says:

    “Somebody explain this to me. How do you carry out a fatwah with bamboo, straw and an old Armani suit. I just dont get it, I’m afraid.”

    By burning an effigy?


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